Training Programs for Professionals and AcademiaNetwork Security

Cyberoam understands the importance of ‘real-world’ skills to utilize network security technology as a business enabler. With a presence in more than 125 countries, Cyberoam facilitates industry-ready skills through its training and certification programs based on its depth of experience in the network security industry.

Professional Training

The Cyberoam Training programs are for Cyberoam partners, customers, IT professionals, training institutes, and more, to equip them with competent network security skills and certifications and help them get the most out of Cyberoam’s security features.


Cyberoam Academy

The Cyberoam Academy bridges the demand-supply gap for competent network security professionals in industries and governments by supporting educational institutions to launch a network security course with ready –to-use courseware.

The Academy facilitates industry-ready courseware, hands-on learning methodology, qualified instructors and novice-to-professional training and certification programs at academic campuses.