Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program

Cyberoam is committed to working with leading contributors in network security to build a more secure ecosystem of complementary and collaborative security technologies. With Technology Alliance Partner Program, Cyberoam shares its focus for interoperable and flexible network security with partners that bring a forward-looking vision to simplify and transform security experience for customers.

Existing Partners
Partner Benefits

The Technology Alliance Partner Program explains how we team up with our partners, provides an environment for partner solutions and offers a context for linking our products and services with those of our partners. Our technology partners recognize the significance of interoperable solutions designed to enhance security, simplify enterprise provisioning, improve overall enterprise networking and reduce support costs. With complementary technology, deep integration and a shared focus on delivering greater customer value, Cyberoam and its partners deliver unmatched value for evolving enterprise networks.

At present, major thrust areas under Cyberoam Technology Alliance Program include:

  • Collaboration with Wireless Technology providers to enable seamless, transparent and simplified Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication platform for securing networks and applications using Cyberoam’s UTM API & 802.1x authentication functionality.

  • Simplifying Captive Portal authentication and delivering consumer-friendly Hotspot experience using Cyberoam’s UTM API.

  • Teaming up with 2FA (two-factor authentication) vendors for secure authentication using Cyberoam’s RADIUS Challenge Response technology.

  • Augmenting managed security services delivery by enabling deeper integration with Ticketing Solutions/Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems used by MSP/MSSPs using Cyberoam’s Central Console API.

  • Supporting integration with third-party access management systems.

  • Integration support for Reporting & Monitoring solutions using Cyberoam’s SYSLOG/SNMP.

  • Integration with third-party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms to help enterprises streamline security management, gain actionable security intelligence and improve threat response.

Many of Cyberoam’s partners benefit from open API support from Cyberoam for deeper integration into products. Come, join the growing team of partners, resellers, systems integrators, and managed security service providers.

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To join Cyberoam Technology Alliance Program, contact us.

  • Integration of Cyberoam network security appliances (UTMs and NGFWs) with RSA SecurID and RSA Envision to deliver enhanced security based on two-factor authentication and SIEM capabilities respectively.

  • ESET Secure Authentication integrated with Cyberoam network security appliances (UTMs and NGFWs) to strengthen secure remote access for external users, meeting growing demand for strong authentication for VPNs.

  • Deeper integration between ConnectWise PSA and Cyberoam Central Console using a rich API, enabling accelerated delivery of managed security services for MSSP partners.

  • Integration with HP’s proven SIEM platform, delivering real-time actionable security intelligence live analysis of security alerts and network events, generated by Cyberoam security appliances and third-party network hardware and applications.

Join and avail exclusive partner-only benefits:

Support Benefits

  • Access to Cyberoam Network Security solutions
  • Leverage API integration for Cyberoam security appliances (UTMs, NGFWs) and Cyberoam Central Console (CCC)
  • Dedicated managers for Technology Alliance Program partners
  • Step-by-Step integration assistance
  • Access to comprehensive training and certification resources

Business Benefits

  • Regular marketing assistance
  • Exclusive and on-demand webinars for partners
  • Listing in Cyberoam Partner Database
  • Use of Cyberoam intellectual assets for co-branding and promotions – logo, trademarks etc.