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Understanding Cryptography

Simple and old-fashioned cyber crime is now a thing of past. Today's CIOs and enterprise security executives always remain wary of what lurks in their organizational networks. As today's business networks become more open, internet-driven and grow disruptive, organizations demand enhanced security to address concerns arising from evolved cyber attacks, hacking and undetectable snooping attempts. This is where enterprises have come to leverage Cryptography for network and information security. Encryption algorithms are already widely used in securing communications, networks and applications. Now, with evolving needs for security, cryptography is being applied with more advanced methods to ensure greater protection, confidentiality, integrity and availability of mission-critical enterprise networks and applications. This webinar from Cyberoam brings useful insights into ongoing trends involving application of cryptography and encryption.

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Measuring Security ROI

The term ROI continues to heat the debates across boardrooms vis-a-vis spends on IT and network security. As most investments allocated towards security focus on risk avoidance, it has become a challenge for CIOs and CSOs to quantify security ROI.

This on-demand webinar analyzes the IT security expenditure trends, measuring security ROI, risk analyses, and the benefits of having a right security solution in place. Also, get valuable insights into how Cyberoam can help maximize your ROI with its range of Affordable Next Generation IT and Network Security solutions.

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Optimizing Security for Azure Cloud services

The advent of cloud computing is forcing companies to re-evaluate their IT strategy. Not being assured with the benefits that cloud offers, many enterprises are leery of migrating critical enterprise applications to the cloud due to security concerns and business continuity.

Attend this webinar to understand the benefits of Azure cloud with its multitude of features, apart from the challenges CIOs perceive in moving to a cloud. The presenters also discuss, how Cyberoam can help leverage and optimize your Azure cloud infrastructure with its secure cloud access services.

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Threat Modeling - Identifying Threats to Network Security

New threat actors are emerging everyday with the explosion of social media, cloud computing and an endless pool of mobile devices. Evolving threat landscape and security trends require a proactive risk mitigation method to defend networks, information assets and users.

Do not miss this informative webinar that introduces you to the concepts of 'Threat Modeling' and how to engage threat modeling as a defensive measure against security threats. The session also provides you with knowledge on counter-measures and ways to harden security that help you stay ahead of the threat curve.

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Securing Virtual Infrastructure

Virtualization is among the fastest growing IT trends and has delivered undeniable benefits to enterprise computing. However, security often emerges as one of the key concerns with the CIOs, as enterprises look to eliminate their network bottlenecks.

In this Webinar, we discuss how virtual computing environment differs from the physical, and how virtualization challenges the networks with security vulnerabilities. Also, get to know how Cyberoam protects virtual networks with its suite of next generation security appliances.

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10 worst IT security failures

The technology landscape appears forever vulnerable to cyber threats and network attacks. Many of these attacks have taken advantage of basic security vulnerabilities, such as poor patch management procedures, weak passwords, Web-based personal email services, and the lack of end-user education and sound security policies.

This technology webinar probes 10 worst IT security failures, how their security breaches are investigated, and the impact of security compromise. The experts also discuss the best practices of designing a security policy and how Cyberoam's network security can help companies bridge their security gaps.

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PKI for SMBs

As eCommerce and Internet transactions grow, the need for secure methods of transacting online has become imminent. Moreover, strengthening online collaboration with employees, vendors, customers and partners requires reliable security that facilitates value exchange with trust.

Watch this on-demand webinar that introduces you to the PKI Technology, a secure approach to transacting in the digital world. Gain insights into the challenges perceived by the SMBs to adopt PKI and how PKI benefits organizations, enabling them conduct business with trust, security and confidence.

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Implemented, Secured – Now, Let's Audit Firewall

Firewalls continue to remain as the first line of defense against known cyber-attacks and network risks. However, with the proliferation of sophisticated network threats, enterprises have been challenged to narrow their focus on improving network security by evaluating their existing firewall technology.

Join us for this webinar to understand the evolution of Firewalls and how to benchmark firewalls against security best practices. Get a fresh perspective on effective security management supported by inputs on how to deploy and manage firewalls.

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Securing the Corridors of Knowledge

Device and internet explosion, cloud based learning are the norms of today's educational campuses worldwide. With multiple endpoints, cyber threats loom large in the form of targeted attacks and malware threats. Knowledge corridors must have a right security approach to protect their networks.

In this interesting webinar, you get to understand the importance of security in educational institutions and common challenges faced by the campuses in adopting the right security framework. The presenters will also discuss how Cyberoam's Layer 8 defense mechanism helps educational institutions adhere to compliance and evade data breaches.

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Link Aggregation

Do you want to extend your network? Would you like to optimize your network's performance? Link Aggregation comes handy as a skillful networking method to achieve network scalability, improved bandwidth management and more. Get a peek into what the Link Aggregator Cyberoam says further.

In this short but highly informative webinar, watch our experts help you understand the different concepts of Link Aggregation and how it benefits your network upon its implementation. Get a clear picture of how Cyberoam, with its intelligent firmware CyberoamOS helps customers implement secure Link Aggregation through a live demo.

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Live Demo - Deploying Cyberoam Virtual UTM on VMware Platform

Virtualization has posed greater threat challenges to the networks of enterprises. With multiple connectivity devices complemented by internet explosion, the world of cloud is like a ball ready to burst anytime. Hence, the need to deploy effective network security is felt harder than ever before.

Look out for the virtualization challenges you missed out if any, and Cyberoam's virtual security appliance range that is VMware Ready. This engaging webinar walks you through the deployment and configuration scenarios of Cyberoam Virtual UTM appliances on VMware and how that helps in optimizing your network performance.

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Implement Single Sign On (SSO) with Cyberoam

Single Sign On (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to submit one time log-in credentials in order to access multiple enterprise applications. SSO streamlines the workflow and helps enterprises improvise on compliance and maximize their productivity.

This on-demand webinar explains, how Cyberoam can help enterprises implement SSO with ease, and how Cyberoam Transparent Authentication Suite (CTAS) helps integrate with Microsoft Active Directory to simplify user access and strengthen administrator's manageability and control.

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