Wi-Fi Modem Router for Home

A genie to protect your family and devices from Internet risksWi-Fi Modem Router for Home

Cyberoam NetGenie is a wireless modem router offering safe Internet surfing to home users. It offers Internet access over devices like desktop, laptop, PDA, smart phone, iPAD and more. Internet connectivity can be shared among family members along with the ease of connecting Wi-Fi enabled devices like printer, gaming consoles and more, across the home networks.

Key Highlights

Parental Controls – NetGenie blocks unsafe/adult Internet content and offers flexible controls to enable parents to set age-appropriate Internet access for kids. Pre-categorized list of websites and applications in NetGenie remove the inconvenience for parents to manually enter websites and applications they want to block for kids. Read More

Security – NetGenie gives protection against intruders, hackers and botnets with security features like Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System. Read More

Threat-free Wi-Fi – NetGenie offers pre-set Wi-Fi security settings for a secure Wi-Fi connection without the need to manually configure complex security settings before going online. Read More

3G Ready – NetGenie enables home users to plug in USB broadband or 3G modem and share 3G Internet connection with multiple users at home at the same time, eliminating the need for multiple 3G subscriptions for homes. Read More

Reports – NetGenie offers Internet activity reports of users and security reports on intrusion attacks on home networks. Read More

Supports VDSL2,ADSL2+, Cable Internet, 3G USB modem – Next time when you switch your Internet connectivity, you don’t need to worry about changing your router. Read More

Excellent Wireless Range & High Performance – Enjoy Internet browsing at your home from laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. Read More