ISPs & Email Service Providers

Securing the service provider networksISP

Cyberoam offers Layer 8 identity-based security to service providers with centralized visibility and controls over their own and client networks. Service providers include ISPs, email & web hosting providers, SaaS providers and free email service providers. Cyberoam security appliances, with its versatile features-set, secures against outbound spam, malware, phishing, pharming, DoS attacks, botnets, and more. It ensures continuous network uptime and also helps control indiscriminate surfing by users, bandwidth wastage and unrestricted use of non-productive applications.

Key Highlights

Protection against Outbound Spam – Outbound spam is becoming a rapidly growing problem for service providers, who become unwilling hosts of such content. Consequences of Outbound Spam for service providers include higher cost of providing service, wastage of operations / IT time, inability to meet SLAs, blacklisted IP addresses and more.

Cyberoam’s outbound spam protection service, available over its network security appliances, allows ISPs and service providers to protect their service reputation. Its content-agnostic RPDTM technology offers real-time classification for fast detection and blocking of outbound spam and detects both – locally generated outbound spam and outbound spam that is a part of global outbreak.

Detecting locally generated outbound spam involves having a spotlight on regional email traffic to detect local patterns even for smaller email volumes and ensuring low false positive rates. Cyberoam also identifies the spammers and provides spammer email address and samples of blocked emails to deal with the root cause.

Security against malware and intrusions – Cyberoam’s Checkmark-certified security appliances scan email and web traffic at the gateway to prevent malware, spyware, Trojans, DDoS attacks and intrusion attempts from entering service provider networks, enabling them to block attacks over HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.

Centralized security – Cyberoam offers centralized policy implementation, control and visibility across multiple customer networks and distributed locations with Cyberoam Central Console and Cyberoam View logging and reporting.