IPv6 Ready

Ready for the new InternetIPv6 Ready

Cyberoam is “IPv6 Ready” Gold logo certified, making it future-ready when the current IPv4 Internet addressing system moves to IPv6 to meet the high demand for IP addresses.

Cyberoam supports organizations’ preparedness for the transition, with its IPv6-ready security solutions.

  • Cyberoam has been certified with “IPv6 Ready” Gold logo by the IPv6 Forum.
  • The Gold logo assures organizations of a smooth transition to IPv6 with Cyberoam’s ability to identify and process IPv6 traffic.
  • Cyberoam’s Gold logo is a result of 3000+ rigorous test cases which are part of an International Testing Program by the IPv6 Forum.

Recognizing customer concerns related to IPv6 readiness claims by network equipment vendors, the IPv6 Forum has been established to offer assurance of a product’s IPv6-readiness.