Securing health records & patient’s privacyHealthcare

Cyberoam’s range of security solutions deliver comprehensive protection to healthcare organizations, ensuring centralized network and data security across distributed locations and for telemedicine with secure transmission of medical records anywhere in the world.

Key Highlights

Centralized Security – Cyberoam offers centralized security control and visibility through Cyberoam Central Console and Cyberoam iView logging and reporting solutions. Cyberoam network security appliances deliver easy-to-manage, yet highly effective security in a single appliance at central and remote healthcare locations. Healthcare institutions gain secure remote access for telemedicine between remote centers and the central healthcare locations with the presence of specialists.

Identity-based Secure Authentication – Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Identity-based security offers identification and access controls by the username, ensuring high levels of data and network security despite the dynamic Wi-Fi and shared endpoint environment with shared nursing stations and common endpoints for doctors or other medical staff. VPN over Cyberoam security appliances ensure identification and access control of doctors logging in from home or other remote locations in addition to preventing malware entry from these remote endpoints into the central location.

HIPAA Compliance – Cyberoam’s identity-based controls enable healthcare institutions to meet the requirements of HIPAA compliance with data security of patient medical records and employee information. On-appliance reporting over Cyberoam security appliances and Cyberoam iView solutions deliver comprehensive visibility into network and user activity at multiple locations across the globe. Real-time identity-based security reports with Web Usage, Mail Usage, Blocked Web Attempts, Top Applications, and more provide visibility and historic data of user activity, ensuring rapid response, quick audits and forensics.