Cyberoam FleXi Ports (XP)

Flexible network connectivityFleXi Ports

Cyberoam FleXi Ports (XP) offer flexible network connectivity options and configuration freedom with I/O slots allowing additional Copper 1G, Fiber 1G/10G ports in a single security appliance

Cyberoam FleXi Ports (XP) are available in Cyberoam’s NG series FleXi Port security appliances (UTM, Next Generation Firewalls) starting CR200iNG-XP appliance model. As new technologies enter organizational networks, the limited I/O interfaces in security appliances result in connectivity options becoming a bottleneck in network upgrades. Organizations are either forced to design their networks around their existing security appliance or spend huge amount as security cost to adopt new connectivity options. Cyberoam’s FleXi Ports offer flexible network connectivity with I/O slots that allow additional Copper/Fiber 1G/10G ports on the same security appliance, allowing organizations to upgrade to new technologies easily and cost-effectively, making them future-ready.The FleXi Ports consolidate number of devices in a network, offering benefits of power efficiency, reduced network complexity and reduced operational costs and ensure investment protection in future for organizations.

  • 8-port 1 GbE Copper Module
  • 4-port 1GbE Copper Module with LAN Bypass*
  • 4-port 10 GbE Fiber Module
  • 8-port 1 GbE Fiber Module

Click on a FleXi Ports Module to view its placement on the appliance.
* Available on CR1000iNG-XP, CR1500iNG-XP, CR2500iNG-XP appliances

SMEs who want to shift to Fiber 1GbE/10GbE connectivity get freedom from forced purchase of higher end security appliances to get the desired network interface modules, with Cyberoam’s FleXi Port. Enterprises get the freedom to choose Copper, Fiber 1G/10G network interfaces and design their networks based on their requirements, not getting restricted by the lack of I/O interface options in their security appliances, with Cyberoam’s flexible I/O interfaces. The 4-port 1GbE Copper FleXi Port Module offers LAN bypass support to enterprises buying CR1000iNG-XP, CR1500iNG-XP and CR2500iNG-XP appliances.

Business Benefits

  • Flexible network connectivity with I/O slots and Flexi Ports
  • Supports Copper, Fiber 1GbE/10GbE connectivity options
  • Easy, cost-effective upgrade to new technologies
  • Consolidates number of network devices, offering reduced complexity, power efficiency, less operational costs
  • Flexibility to choose network connectivity options ensures lower costs today and investment protection in future