Cyberoam Extensible Security Architecture

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Organizations are today under attack from new and more sophisticated threats. With these come additional products, feature enhancements and technology that increase the complexity of the security system, bringing down the overall performance.

Basically, most enterprise-class security products are based on closed systems, running on hard-coded architecture of the legacy appliance which cannot cope with evolving security requirements. This leads to unnecessary hardware upgrade costs.

In fact, these appliances lose their performance value with time because they cannot be upgraded in field to counter new threats; such systems deliver slow performance from the very next day the system was designed. Any fresh attack deteriorates the system speed further. Hence, the user will have to make a tough choice between declining system performance and protection against new attacks.

To address this problem, Cyberoam Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) over its network security appliances (UTM, NGFW) is built on an extensible platform which can organically grow with future security needs of an organization. This means the network security solution rapidly adapts itself to mitigate newly-evolving threats from sources such as Web 2.0, VoIP, streaming media, IM, P2P etc. without degrading system performance.

Also, the ESA has the ability to prolong the life and performance of the legacy network security appliance by supporting future feature enhancements, for which the development can be done very rapidly and with minimum deployment effort. This is a vast improvement over fixed configuration ASIC architecture and hard-coded custom chips whose capability cannot be upgraded as quickly.

Cyberoam’s extensible architecture works in tandem with its Multi-core technology that accelerates parallel processing of multiple security features in Cyberoam security appliances to ensure security is not achieved at the cost of performance.


  • Security scalable as per organization needs: ESA gives a scalable platform for organizations to address their future security needs by allowing easy integration of newer features with legacy hardware.
  • Optimal design: The ESA design ensures organizations can deal with the conflicting goals of performance, flexibility and security without compromising on any of them.
  • High performance: Since Cyberoam’s ESA platform runs on a multicore-aware software architecture, it delivers significant performance and security advantages.
  • Optimizing the investment made on hardware: Cyberoam network security appliances have been designed to remove the need to purchase separate, costly and specialized hardware upgrades, therefore lowering capital and operational expenses.