Securing the corridors of knowledgeEducation

Cyberoam security enables educational institutions to maintain network security while keeping security investments low and protecting students from malware and inappropriate content. The solution range enhances productivity and minimizes bandwidth consumption by controlling unproductive surfing, music-video downloads, gaming, chat and social networking.

Key Highlights

CIPA Compliance – Controls Indiscriminate Surfing
Cyberoam’s Web Filtering and Application Visibility & Control prevent indiscriminate surfing by blocking direct access to inappropriate websites like violence, pornography and indirect access to these sites through proxies in addition to controlling multimedia downloads and file-sharing applications like IM and P2P.

WebCat – Cyberoam’s automated web categorization engine – WebCat, has the most comprehensive URL database that enables educational institutions to enforce an Internet Safety Policy that filters inappropriate Internet usage helping compliance with federal CIPA requirements, making the institutions eligible for E-Rate funding.

Shared Computing Environment – User Identification & Control Cyberoam’s unique Layer 8 Technology with identity-based security identifies the username despite the dynamic Wi-Fi and shared endpoint environment in educational institutions. This allows the institutions to enforce flexible, yet effective controls based on the type of user, study requirements, level of access required and time of the day.

Layer 8 Identity-Based Reporting – Cyberoam offers Layer 8 Identity-based reporting, offering visibility into the institution’s surfing trends, bandwidth and system utilization, Internet usage in addition to intrusion alerts and more. Cyberoam enables the creation of virtual zones with granular network and application controls based on grade levels, departments, dorms or sectors.

Administrator alerts regarding student attempt to access blocked websites and applications offer insights into student activity. This visibility into user identity results in effective audit and forensics to fight insider or user-targeted threats, delivering highly granular security.

Committed Bandwidth to Users – Cyberoam’s user identity-based bandwidth management assigns committed bandwidth based on users, user groups, web category and applications with bandwidth allocation based on study requirement and time of the day, ensuring optimum bandwidth utilization.

Secure Wi-Fi Access – Cyberoam’s unique Layer 8 Technology identifies internal source and destination of WLAN traffic by username, preventing rogue users from connecting to the institutional Wi-Fi network and avoiding detection.