Youth With A Mission Perth, Australia
Christian Missionary Organisation Leans on Cyberoam for Total Internet Security
About Youth With A Mission, Perth, NGO/Missionary Organization

Youth With A Mission International is an international movement of Christians of many denominations dedicated to presenting Christ’s message to this generation, to mobilising as many as possible to help in this task, and to the training and equipping of believers.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) at Perth is part of the international community to make Jesus Christ known through evangelism, training and mercy ministries.

Internet is the most important resource used to secure information about prospective communities and then to spread awareness. As internet is extensively used YWAM was looking for a firewall to secure their perimeter; a complete gateway anti virus, anti spam and Web filtering solution. While they had multiple requirements, the organisation was looking for a single box solution.

“In YWAM - a missionary organisation our base requirement was a simple solution that would cater to or security needs.”

Mr. Richard Blake
System Administrator
Youth With A Mission

Mr. Richard Blake, the System Administrator of YWAM-Perth, in explaining the scenario and their needs said, “We are a missionary organisation. Our system dynamics are very different from that of any profit oriented organisation. Our base requirement was a simple solution that would cater to our security needs.”

Outlining the YWAM’s security needs Mr. Blake pointed out their current requirements and the issues of their previous solution:

Perimeter Defence

YWAM had a Linux based firewall. This firewall did not afford any granular controls or detailed logs. The lack of configuration and fine tuning in turn, cramped the administrator. They needed a perimeter defence to thwart the attack at the perimeter. A Barracuda Spam Firewall was deployed in front of the mail server. This setup mandatorily needed a firewall protection.

Web URL Filter

YWAM is a Christian Missionary organisation. They primarily use Internet to gather information about different parts of the world to spread the religious message, charity and humanitarian aid. The organisation mostly depends on voluntary workers. They needed strong web filtering solutions which could give them informative reports on internet usage.

Gateway Anti Virus and Anti Spam

YWAM already had a desktop anti virus solution, but the network was often crippled by spyware, malware and viruses. Mr. Wasem realised that a gateway level anti virus solution watching over the entire internet spectrum would solve the problem. While Barracuda’s Anti Spam did the spam filtering, it still required a lot of configuration and it was only partially effective against mail based zero day exploits and malware.

Behavioural Audit

The Linux firewall did not give much in terms of logs and reports. The organisation needed a solution that would provide them detailed logs of all Internet activities.

The Cyberoam Solution

After a careful market study, Mr. Blake chose Cyberoam’s CR 250i fully bundled Unified Threat Management appliance based solution. He deployed it in Gateway mode, directly facing the Internet.

For user authentication, Cyberoam was integrated with YWAM’s Active Directory. This integration ensures that all the users are imported by Cyberoam from AD server and the administrator is saved of the hassles of actually creating them on Cyberoam.

Identity is used in Cyberoam to encapsulate the user in a security policy that follows him wherever he or she logs into the network. The identity of a user is used as a decision parameter in Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Web Content Filtering and Bandwidth Management. This ensures total policy compliance.

Cyberoam firewall is ICSA and Checkmark certified. It uses user’s identity, IP address, MAC address, service and time as decision parameters. This matrix provides unparalleled flexibility to the administrator to create firewall rules for access control to various network resources. Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam UTM can counter any Denial of Service attack. Mr. Blake now felt the network was secured.

The Web filtering solution controlled all the Internet access. As per the organisation’s rules, certain sites are strictly out of bounds. All spyware and malware laced sites are blocked. Phishing and pharming sites are also strictly blocked. With a database powered with 82 categories and more that 44 million sites, the administrator has matchless flexibility to configure security policies.

Gateway anti virus and anti spam solutions, watch over all the web (HTTP, FTP) and mail (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP) transactions. This ensures that the network is sanitized and all the inboxes are clean. As per Mr. Blake, “We were particularly concerned about malware sneaking through the mail traffic. With Cyberoam, we can now feel safe.”

The On-Appliance comprehensive reporting module had many pleasant surprises for Mr. Blake. Apart from the fact that all the reports were identity based there was a special report – Traffic Discovery, where the administrator could see the actual bandwidth usage per service; the Google and Yahoo search reports were termed

In Mr. Blake’s opinion, “Cyberoam proved to be a one box total solution for us. It provided us hassle-free security with optimum performance.”