YKK Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Asia
Cyberoam UTM Provides Total Internet Security to YKK Vietnam
About YKK Ho Chi Minh, Manufacturing

When you see YKK, you may think of zippers or fastening products. But there is more to it than meets the eye. YKK is a brand that has been built over the past 70 years and is now the leader of its pack. This is why the brand means much more than fastening. The brand is the de facto standard in quality. Consumers and purchasers of fastening products all over the world have come to rely on this quality each day.

YKK Vietnam Co Ltd was established in 1998, as the 10th largest Fastening Company in the ASAO (Asean South Asia & Oceania) Region.

Internet is a business enabler as it provides a communication channel for the customer facing business end and the backend - office administration.

We needed a good firewall, anti spam, and virus, and a content filtering solution. Internet is the primary business enabler as it is used for back-office administration, mailing and maintaining the contact with the outside world.

Mr. Le Minh Long
IT Sup,
YKK Vietnam

Briefing about the Internet security requirements Mr.Le Minh Long, the IT Supervisor pointed out: “We have multiple sites and we required a solution that would provide us a robust perimeter defense, total business continuity while enhancing the productivity of our employees.”

Internet Security

The organization needed a strong perimeter defense that could control the access to the network resources internally and externally. All the Web and mail traffic needed to be sanitized. Malware spreading through both these vectors needed to be cleaned. Spam mails needed to be pruned. Harmful sites that injected drive-by downloads or hosted malware infested downloads or were pharming and phishing sites ought to be blocked. All harmful content exchanged over the Internet should be blocked.

Employee Productivity

Employees having unbridled internet access had a negative effect on the productivity. Hence Mr. Long needed a solution to filter and control Who accessed What and When over the Internet. All unauthorized downloads and file transfers should be blocked. Unproductive surfing ought to be curbed. No P2P and Instant Messenger sites should be accessible.

The Cyberoam Solution

The organization was cautious and did an extensive market survey and a few Proof-of-Concept tests with Cisco and Juniper to find out the most appropriate solution to fulfill their demands. In the process, they approached the Cyberoam distributor in Vietnam, for suggestions. Mr. Long was advised to try out Cyberoam UTM.

  • Deployment and Authentication

    Today YKK Vietnam has one (1) CR100i in the Bien Hoa Factory, (2) CR50i appliances at Ho Chi Minh Office and Ha Noi Branch office each, and one (1) CR 25i at the representative office in Cambodia. All the appliances are subscribed for Web Filtering, Anti Virus and Anti Spam subscriptions too. To gain the maximum advantage from Cyberoam’s Identity aware features, Mr. Long integrated it with the organization’s LDAP authentication server and implemented Automated Single Sign-On. The hassle-free login and authentication process are totally transparent to the end user.

  • Firewall Protection

    Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark-certified Enterprise class firewall has a unique feature: Layer 8. This technology enables unified, identity-based control over virus and spam scanning, and content filtering policies. Cyberoam’s Identity-based firewall also takes the user’s identity in its ambit. So now Mr. Long designs policies keeping real employee groups in focus, rather than inflexible IP Address-based policies. “Unified control over the appliance and the use of identity in Cyberoam are responsible for swinging the final purchase decision in its favour,” Mr. Long commented.

  • Content Filtering

    Cyberoam’s Checkmark-certified identity-aware Content Filtering solution enables the administrator to reign in all unproductive and harmful Internet surfing. He is able to assign surfing rights to match the professional profile of the employee. Whenever needed, Cyberoam’s report module provided him with the user’s identity. The information about the actual person using an IP Address can be easily gleaned from the reports.

    The comprehensive content filtering capacity of Cyberoam is powered by 82+ categories which store a strong database of 44 million URLs. It can also control video and audio streaming and HTTPS-based websites, thus eliminating any security loopholes. Cyberoam allows customizable messages for YKK to create company-specific messages for blocked pages. This helps the organization in educating the end user about the company’s Internet policy. Top 10, Web Surfing and Data Transfer categories of reports help Mr. Long to quickly zero-in on potential policy violators.

  • Anti Virus and Anti Spam

    Checkmark-certified Cyberoam’s anti-virus and anti-spam features are also Identity-aware. Cyberoam’s Anti Virus solution, with the industry’s best malware detection rates, secures the Web browsing and files transferred over Internet. Similarly, Cyberoam’s Anti Spam feature blocks all spam mails from entering YKK’s network. Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) powered signature-less anti-spam technology works instantly on deployment, with the least human intervention and is language independent. The spam filter does not require any training or learning mode unlike other filters - It blocks spam in any language regardless of the content, e.g. image, audio, video or zip-based spam. On top of it, Virus Outbreak Detection feature secures the YKK network against any Zero-Day mail-based attack.

  • Secure Business Connectivity

    The factory and the office sites have multiple ISP links. Cyberoam’s Multilink Manager feature load balances the traffic and takes care of link failover. This ensures that the network is up and truly utilized for true business use.

    All the sites are securely connected using Cyberoam’s site-to-site IPSec VPN feature. Mobile workers too are able to securely access the organization’s internal resources using the road warrior clients.

    “We find Cyberoam UTM a dependable solution. It amply takes care of our primary security need. En route, it also bridges our connectivity and productivity requirements. Cyberoam gives us productivity-promoting, business-friendly security,” Mr. Long concluded.