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Hotel Protects Business Continuity and Improves Productivity through Cyberoam
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White Sands Hotel is located on the Jangwani Beach Road north of the City Center off the Bagamoyo road. The hotel is located right on the beach cushioned among tall coconut palm fronds.

The resort consists of 118 Standard Superior Rooms and 28 Luxury Studios; One & Two Bedroom Self contained Apartments. Their 16 world class Conference rooms which can accommodate 4-300 delegates are some of the best in East Africa, with resources and technology equaling those of European Conference Centres. Their multimedia auditorium has a large screen and the finest sound equipment. It seats 60 delegates and is the perfect venue for corporate presentations.

White Sands confidential data are under constant threat from spyware, and DoS attacks. So they were in need of Gateway firewall and Intrusion Prevention solution for protection of their entire network.

Mr. Bhavesh Arun Patadia
IT Manager,
White Sands

The security picture in White Sands roots from extensive use of Internet for managing their daily business activities.

  • Surfing the Website – Online Reservation

    Converting lookers into bookers is the site's primary job. So they always need to keep the site up to drive online reservations.

  • Guest’s access to Internet

    For business travellers, having access to the internet when they are out of town is a must. For that reason, White Sands hotels offer high speed internet for their guests. By having internet access in the hotel, business travellers would not face the difficulty of missing web conferences.

  • Browsing, Downloading, Uploading and Streaming

    With fast internet, the Web pages will load much quicker. Customers and Guests don't have to worry about screen freezing as a result of number of open windows and tabs.

    Quick and easy downloading and uploading of audio and visual files, programs, and software updates is essential to an internet user.

  • Telephone Access

    White Sands need to provide a high speed service; so that guests can join the rest of the 21st century that talks on the phone while using the Internet at the same time, without needing a second phone line.

Firewall and IPS

Due to multitude of personal data held in hotel IT systems ranging from guest addresses, staff payrolls to customer credit card and bank details; it is vital that White Sands guarantees the hotels and their guests 100% security for this data. Security breaches cannot be tolerated. The lack of perimeter defense made the network vulnerable to external threats such as Denial-of-service attacks and IP spoofing. Consequently, Mr. Bhavesh Arun Patadia, the IT Manager at White Sands Hotel wanted a gateway firewall and an intrusion prevention solution for first layer protection of the entire network.

Content Filtering

The hotel wanted to monitor and restrict its employees from accessing unproductive sites such as Music, Video, Social networking & Streaming media during Work Hours. Phishing, Pharming and nasty Websites also needed to be plugged away. Content filtering was needed to protect the employees from accessing futile or deceitful websites. In case of blended threats, the Mr. Patadia was looking for a solution that could block all illicit download over the Internet.

The Cyberoam Solution

Before zeroing in on Cyberoam, White Sands had done groundwork on other solutions. They purchased one (1) unit of Cyberoam CR300i appliance after it met their desired requirements, later deploying it in gateway mode at their head office.

It led to immediate benefits for the resort as discussed under:

  • The Barricade of Firewall

    The Cyberoam firewall acts as a filter between the hotels gateway and the Internet in order to block malicious attempts to access the network, and allow only legitimate traffic.

    ICSA and Checkmark - dual certified Cyberoam’s stateful inspection firewall and Intrusion Prevention solution now cordons off the hotel’s network and guards it against any unauthorized access. Also, customers and guests were able to seamlessly continue to access Internet resources, while hackers on the Internet are kept at bay.

  • Web Content Filtering

    Cyberoam’s 82+ category tough Web Content filtering technology kept the hotel’s internet resources effectively focused. The Content filtering feature makes sure that all P2P and Instant Messengers are blocked and that there is no breach of data. Cyberoam helps manage employee access to websites, minimizing lost time on the internet, and lowering operating costs. It also helps enforce internet usage policies based on bandwidth needs to prevent business losses and other issues that result from limited access to mission-critical applications.

  • To round it off

    “Hotel internet connections are just as unsafe as an unsecured wireless hotspot. Cyberoam has proved very useful for our hotel by helping us to achieve what we desired i.e Security and Productivity. I'm comfortable with it because I can see who's using what.” Mr. Patadia concluded.