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About Wales Co-operative Centre, Business Support

The Wales Co-operative Centre is Cardiff, UK based organisation, conceptualized 30 years back to help co-operatives, social enterprises, community groups and voluntary organisations. Since their inception, they have given a guiding hand to emerging and established organisations by providing responsive, reliable and flexible support.

The Wales Co-operative Centre (WCC) helps communities develop businesses or projects that value people and the environment as much as profit. Mainly funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Welsh Government, they are dedicated to working with organisations and communities to tackle social, digital and financial exclusion in Wales.

WCC is a business support agency funded by the Welsh Government and the Welsh European Funding Office, therefore security is at the forefront of their agenda to ensure compliance with the funder contracts.

Rhys Davies
IT Manager
Wales Co-operative Centre

WCC is a business support agency funded by the Welsh Government and the Welsh European Funding Office; therefore, they have to prove that security is at the forefront of their agenda to ensure compliance with the funder contracts. Rhys Davies, the IT Manager, outlined the need of Internet security.

Apart from the Firewall and Gateway level antivirus, the prime business challenges that needed Internet Security in WCC were as follows:

Spam Trouble

Spam was a menace that needed mitigation. No Spam ought to trickle down to the employees inboxes. If the Spam would not be downloaded from the ISP altogether, it would also save a lot of bandwidth.

Manual Intervention needed for Anti-Spam Solution

The administrator found MessageLabs - the Anti-Spam solution that WCC was using, excessively cumbersome and not very efficient. MessageLabs could not block more than 300 Spam mails per day. The flood would then descend to the users' Inboxes. The users would then send the mails to the administrator, who in turn would send them to MessageLabs for analysis and action. To block a single Spam mail, the administrator's manual intervention was mandatory and still, the time gap between reporting of Spam and action to block it would span over a few days. By the time the appropriate mechanism is in place, the Spam would have evolved, to nullify all the hard work that the administrator put in. The situation was very frustrating for Mr. Davies.

Malware Menace

The employees ought to have a safe and secure environment while surfing from the organisation's premises. Malware should be blocked at the gateway level. All possible Malware entry points like Internet surfing downloads and mails needed to be strictly audited and the traffic ought to be made malware free. WCC owed this level of Internet security to their staff.

The Challenge of the Thin Client

The WCC staff logged into the Citrix based Virtual environment from all across the Wales. In other words, the security solution ought to be compliant with Citrix XenApp environment and remotely manageable.

Too Many Bucks, but No Bang

The Spam detection rate of an expensive solution like Messagelabs, was very low. "Censornet - the Web content filtering solution just did not have the infrastructure required to provide WCC with reliable web content filtering via their cloud based solution," Said Mr. Davies.

The Cyberoam Solution

Once bitten and twice shy, Mr. Davies set out to scour the market for an Internet security solution that would help him with his prime concerns as mentioned above. He ran into solutions like Barracuda and SpamTitan, but none measured up to his high standards. The trusted reseller advised him to buy Cyberoam, the Next Generation Security Appliance.

  • The Power of Plug and Play

    When the newly bought CR100iNG appliance was fully functional in route mode in a day, Mr. Davies's was pleasantly surprised.

  • Securing the Internet

    The Layer 8 - Identity, powered Cyberoam firewall secured the perimeter for WCC. All the incoming and outgoing traffic is now monitored and appropriate action is taken to ensure that the organization and its employees have safe Internet usage.

  • All-in-One-Box Solution

    Cyberoam proved to be a One-box solution that solved all the concerns of Mr. Davies. Apart from Firewall, Cyberoam also gave Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, Gateway Anti- Spam and Anti-Virus, Secure Remote Access using SSL or IPSec VPN, external Authentication support and seamless integration with Thin Client environment features.

  • Seamless Integration with Thin Client Environments

    In Mr. Davies' words, "Cyberoam reduced IT administrator's involvement. We now only had to install the agents on three (3) Citrix servers and it monitors all the Internet traffic that flows through Citrix. Previously, I had to install an agent on all the devices that were spread across Wales - this was very onerous and time consuming."

  • All Internet Activities Audited

    With seamless Thin Client Authentication support, Cyberoam provides granular insight into the end users internet activities. With Userbased reports and logging all major search engines for searched keywords, Cyberoam ensures total security compliance.

    "We run monthly Web content reports for managers and highlight any discrepancies in line with our acceptable use policy. The ability to see what users have searched in Google is truly excellent and we can also let managers know if staff is searching for personal items during work hours (excluding lunch time)."

  • The Spam Antidote

    As soon as Cyberoam was deployed, Spam disappeared, "And I did not have to do a thing!" said Mr. Davies. Not only were the users' Inboxes squeaking clean, but also the Reputation Filter ensured that the Spam was not downloaded to the organisation's mail server from the ISP. This saves a lot of bandwidth.

    Powered by features like Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) and Virus Outbreak Detection (VoD), Cyberoam's Anti-Spam feature started Spam filtering almost instantly and that too with almost 100% precision. Not just Spam, but malicious mails were also weeded out.

  • Malware Menace Conquered

    Cyberoam is powered by best of breed Gateway Anti-Virus. This ensures that the users are always secured while surfing, downloading or mailing. Even the VPN communications are scanned for Malware.