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Walchandnagar Industries Depends on Cyberoam for Internet Security
About Walchandnagar Industries Ltd., Manufacturing Industry

Walchandnagar Industries Limited, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, is a diversified high-tech heavy engineering project execution company. With a strong engineering, project management and manufacturing infrastructure, it undertakes projects and supply of machinery and equipment in the fields of nuclear power, aerospace, defence, steam generation plants, independent power projects, turnkey cement plants, EPC projects for mineral processing bulk material handling for heavy processes, industrial, planetary and marine gearboxes, turnkey sugar projects.

They have a research and development team that uses the internet for worldwide collaboration and to keep them updated with the latest technologies. With almost 150 internet users, the business need of internet is to converse, download and transmit information and emails. As internet is a business enabler resource, its access needs to be well regulated and logged.

We wanted to give Internet access to employees as per their working needs to fulfill their professional obligations. So we needed a solution to increase the productive usage of Internet.

Mr. Avadhani
Designation Pending
Walchandnagar Industries Ltd.

Talking about the need of Internet security, Mr. Avadhani (Designation?) pointed out that they had multiple concerns. They ranged from productive use of internet by employees, to optimal bandwidth usage and malware free network.

Easy to Manage Security and Surfing Controls

Walchandnagar had a Linux-based firewall. This software-based solution was complex and demanded a high level of maintenance. The Linux firewall did not give much in terms of logs and reports plus they were facing support issues too. The lack of support for configuration and fine tuning in turn, cramped the administrator. The firewall-only security architecture was not able to curb unauthorized Internet access. “We wanted to give Internet access to employees as per their working needs to fulfill their professional obligations. So we needed Web content filtering to increase the productivity of our employees,” Mr. Avadhani said. The organization needed a solution that would provide them detailed reports of all Internet activities.

Optimal Bandwidth Utilization

One of the main challenges faced was “unproductive” use of internet bandwidth. Opening up access to all sites for all users resulted in bandwidth getting “choked”. Hence selective blocking of sites was required. Lack of Internet usage accountability led to malicious sites being surfed, which in turn infected the organizations network. In the absence of web filtering and access accountability, the little bandwidth that was left was consumed by unrestricted surfing. All P2P applications, Instant Messengers and other unproductive application downloads and usage were to be curbed. Phishing and pharming sites were to be blocked and productive surfing and business critical applications were to be given priority in bandwidth usage. So they needed a good content filtering solution and bandwidth management solution too.

Malware Malaise

Walchandnagar already had a desktop anti virus solution, but the network was often crippled by spyware, malware and viruses. Although a NAC (Network Access Control) device or Desktop level Anti Virus can detect and prevent malware entering through local verticals like USB and CDs, to effectively plug malware entering through Internet, gateway protection became imperative. So Mr. Avadhani realized that a gateway level anti virus solution watching over the entire internet spectrum would solve the problem.

Identity Based Controls

One very important factor in Walchandnagar was they wanted user identity-based security and not just an IP Address-based traditional solution. The company needed a security solution which provides perfect security to the users and tracks user’s behaviors.

All-in-One Solution

Mr. Avadhani was looking for an appliance-based solution that was robust, well-blended and easy to maintain. He was looking for a comprehensive solution that would meet his above mentioned requirements and which would provide secure, seamless and costeffective business connectivity through VPN over Internet.

The Cyberoam Solution

In their quest for a total Internet security and access control solution, after a preliminary analysis of various competitors, Walchandnagar decided to deploy Cyberoam Unified Threat Management solution. After an initial successful deployment, the company acquired four more appliances.

The company chose three (3) CR250i appliances, one each for the Pune location, for its Baramati-based Factory location and one appliance has been retained for redundancy and One (1) CR50i appliance is placed at their – Mumbai based head office. Cyberoam is deployed as a gateway across all the locations. For user authentication, Cyberoam is integrated with Walchandnagar’s Active Directory.

  • Firewall

    Cyberoam’s Dual certified firewall – Checkmark and ICSA - provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. Mr. Avadhani also used default IPS policies to identify and prevent any potential DoS attacks. Stable Internet connectivity, unclogged network and reduced loss of data packets now prevent wastage of valuable working hours.

  • Filtering the Web

    Cyberoam is an identity-based UTM. This enabled Mr. Avadhani to create customized policies and he could now selectively provide Internet access and downloading rights to users according to their working needs. The users are grouped in 4 categories and provided access based on serviceable requirements.

    Human Resource personnel were allowed access to job related sites, for management personnel messengers were allowed and for the IT Manager group – Web mail was allowed. For normal users, illegal downloads are now out of bounds for all employees and the administrator can now create policies to allow controlled access to unproductive sites.

    Cyberoam's granular controls filter out bandwidth-intensive downloads such as streaming media and Internet video thus reducing unproductive burden on the bandwidth. This ensures that the employees were always productively focused.

  • Optimizing Bandwidth Usage

    Cyberoam UTM’s bandwidth management solution assigns downloading rights and priority to users according to their professional needs. Policy-based bandwidth management facilitates identity-based, time schedule-based bandwidth availability to specify the amount and the speed of downloads that a group of users or individual users are allowed, ensuring that business critical requirements had sufficient bandwidth at their disposal.

  • Neutralizing Malware

    “Cyberoam’s anti-virus solution is also very remarkable. Their success rate is very high. I personally feel that the mail scanning is very effective. The total number of virus calls has been reduced to a great extent. This is a very crucial feature for us,” Mr. Avadhani explained.

  • Who is doing What

    The Identity-based reporting feature gives him the in-depth details of an individual’s internet usage patterns and behavior. This helps him take timely measures to preempt any forthcoming trouble.

  • Virtual Private Network

    Cyberoam’s IPSec VPN solution bridged the geographical distances between the organization’s branch and head offices. This now ensures that the user can connect securely from any location and access the organization’s resources. Highly encrypted traffic guarantees security over the Internet and ensures that no malware sneaks through. IPSec VPN is being used at Pune, Baramati and Mumbai offices to connect branch offices and head office.

  • To Round it Off

    In short, “We are satisfied, completely with Cyberoam UTM,” Avadhani concluded.