W.J Meade, London United Kingdom
Cyberoam Security Helps W.J. Meade to Future Proof Their Real Estate Business
About W.J Meade, Real Estate Agents

Originally formed in 1953, W.J. Meade Estate Agents have been a strong driving force for house and business property sales in the North & East London. The company has witnessed many changes in the housing market, and their friendly approach, dedicated staff and professionalism has made WJ Meade a burgeoning company and a household name in North and East London.

W.J. Meade provides services in:
I. Sales Property Search
II. Lettings Property Search
III. Mortgage Advice
IV. Surveying Services

With over sixteen (16) sales offices and departments across London, all of which are interlinked with the latest technology and IT marketing tools, W.J. Meade is able to offer far more than a traditional estate agency.

We required a Unified solution that met our business security, productivity and connectivity requirements.

Unified, because we want a solution that meets our expectations and is easy to configure and affordable to maintain.

Ms. Jackie Edney
Head of Management Services
W.J Meade

W.J. Meade wished to take a step up the modernisation ladder. They decided to implement organisation wide policy of one machine per desk. Apart from the head office situated in Enfield, they have fifteen branch offices spread across North and East London. The organisation wanted to get connected to all the branch offices over the Internet using VPN to take timely and quick decisions to keep pace in a fast moving market.

Internet access to all the employees entailed that their Web surfing was productively focused and a strong perimeter defence was in place to curtail intentional and unintentional malicious surfing. Ms. Jackie Edney, the Head of Management Services at W. J. Mead pointed out, “Internet can be a source of major distraction. We were concerned with downloading of gadget programs, spyware and malware from the internet. Connecting to the branch offices is also an imperative business requirement.” Talking about a consolidated solution, she added, “We required a Unified solution that met our business security, productivity and connectivity requirements. Unified, because we want a solution that meets our expectations and is easy to configure and affordable to maintain.”

The Cyberoam Solution

Ms. Edney turned to Standley Solutions a long time associate, for a viable solution. Mr. Derek Standley, the Director of Standley Technical Services, after scouring the market carefully and evaluating multiple products on multiple parameters, advised Ms. Edney to deploy Cyberoam UTM.

Briefing about the initial reasons why he suggested Cyberoam UTM, Mr. Standley said, “We evaluated at least three (3) solutions apart from Cyberoam. Most solutions provided technical assistance only during thenormal office hours and at times the configuration access to the appliance was restricted to the vendor employees only. We needed a solution that gives us transparent technical assistance and knowledge transfer empowering us to tweak it on our own. Cyberoam has a robust architecture, purpose built hardware and round the clock technical assistance.”

W.J. Meade deployed one (1) CR50i at their Head Office and fifteen (15) CR25i appliances at their branch offices. All the appliances are deployed in the gateway mode. All the locations are connected by Cyberoam’s Checkmark certified Site-to-Site VPN over the Internet. VPN Failover feature of Cyberoam keeps all the sites connected to guarantee total business connectivity. On-board VPN Accelerator Chip in Cyberoam ensures quick and stable VPN tunnels, while best encryption algorithms maximise security. (Please refer to the last page to see the deployment diagram)

Driven by business need of inter-office connectivity over Internet, the headquarters has two ISP links. Cyberoam’s Multi-Link Manager intelligently load balances the traffic and manages link failover between the ADSL and CABLE WAN link. The Bandwidth Management feature provides policy based control over the bandwidth.

Cyberoam’s Checkmark and ICSA Certified firewall secures the perimeter for the organization. Further, it protects the database servers at all the Branch Offices and the multiple servers at the Head Office.

Talking about the major business benefit of Cyberoam, Ms. Edney said,“Cyberoam prevents loss of productivity, by allowing us to monitor the staff surfing habits and prevents them from accessing chat portals and social networking sites.” It protects the staff from accidental or intentional access to offensive material over the Internet.

The most appealing feature of Cyberoam UTM is its Identity-based security. Cyberoam is integrated with the organisation’s Active Directory Servers. This enables Ms. Edney to design filtering policies directly from the firewall page. The prowess of granular control empowered her to create security and filtering policies based on a user’s identity and behaviour and the type of content.

Prior to Cyberoam, whenever an Internet connected machine got too slow to work effectively due to malware infection, the organisation would get it reinstalled or replaced. This repetitive requirement disappeared as Cyberoam’s Checkmark certified, the industry best gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware features now ensure that no malware infiltrates the organization’s network.

Cyberoam’s On-Appliance comprehensive reporting feature provides access to the information related to, who is using what and when in the network. The Internet search reports help Ms. Edney to understand the users’ behaviour and usage trends. Mail alerts configured in all the Cyberoam appliances, being delivered to Ms. Edney’s mailbox, helps her keep track of all the Cyberoam appliances and the internet usage trends over them.

“The technical assistance provided by Cyberoam has been impressive,” Ms. Edney opined. W.J. Meade is provided with all the necessary technical assistance to enable the local security personnel to transparently integrate security with the infrastructure. Unlike other vendors whose support was limited to regular office hours only, Cyberoam’s provided technical assistance round the clock. This proved to be a business enabler for W.J. Meade.

In their concluding remark about the trustworthiness of Cyberoam, Ms. Edney and Mr. Standley commented unanimously, “A few leading solutions do not exactly deliver what they profess. The tall claims are seldom fulfilled. Cyberoam does what it says. It is like *Ronseal™ – ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin™’” against denial of service attack or any hostile intrusion aimed to compromise confidentiality or cause data corruption.