Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Saudi Arabia, Middle East
Cyberoam Replaces Multiple Appliances to Provide Reliable Email and Content Security to WARAQ
About Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Manufacturing

Envisioning the immense need and potential of Corrugated Packaging in the Saudi Arabia, 50 Saudi investors joined hands to incorporate Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd (WARAQ) in 1994.

WARAQ's promoters created a commercial enterprise that would not only be a source of profit for them but also contribute to the nation's economic growth by providing gainful learning & employment opportunity to the locals, meanwhile providing a quality raw material solution to the corrugated carton industry.

The comprehensive set of features Cyberoam provides at a reasonable price makes it a true All-in-one solution. We strongly believe that the product delivers the maximum ROI.

Mr. Suneer NP
ICT Infrastructure Supervisor
Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Highlighting the need for a total security solution, Mr. Suneer NP, the ICT Infrastructure Supervisor at WARAQ said, “We were looking for a reliable, high performing and affordable 1-Box security solution that could help us tackle concerns related to Email and Content Security and business continuity”.

According to Mr. Suneer, the issues that they faced were:

Email Continuity and Security Concerns

For any organization that is heavily dependent on the Email for business communication, downtime of even a single minute can lead to a great deal of business loss. Not to forget the bad effect it leaves on the reputation of the organization. Mr. Suneer quoted, “Providing redundancy and security for our published email server was the biggest challenge for us”.

Need for a Total Security Solution

“The maintenance of separate appliances and applications for perimeter Firewall, Proxy and IPS system was one of the prime challenges”, said Mr. Suneer. He added, “What we needed was a total security solution that was feature -rich yet affordable, scalable, and reliable”.

The Cyberoam Solution

Before Cyberoam deployment, WARAQ had multiple appliances in place. According to Mr. Suneer, maintaining separate appliances and applications for perimeter firewall, proxy and IPS system was a headache. Hence, they decided to replace multiple appliances with a feature-rich, reliable and affordable UTM appliance. Cyberoam, with its competitive pricing and the comprehensive set of UTM features, caught their attention. They purchased Three (3) appliances in total, including One (1) CR200iNG, One (1) CR100ia and One (1) CR25ia. They deployed all the appliances in Gateway Mode.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Perimeter Level Protection

    Cyberoam’s Checkmark and ICSA certified Layer-8 Identity-based firewall enables work-profile based policies and a single interface for policy creation across all networking and security features, providing ease of management and high security with flexibility. Cyberoam’s signature-based Intrusion Prevention System carries thousands of automatically updated signatures, enabling protection against the latest vulnerabilities, network and application-level attacks, intrusion attempts, malware, Trojans, DoS and DDoS attacks, malicious code transmission, backdoor activity and blended threats.

    In addition, it also acts as an Application Firewall, supplementing organizational efforts to curb business data leakage through open proxies, Instant Messengers or P2P applications.

  • Cyberoam UTM – The Security That Secure YOU

    Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliances offer comprehensive security to organizations at an affordable price. Multiple security features integrated over a single platform make security simple, yet highly effective. Cyberoam, with its Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) and multi-core technology carries the ability to combat future threats to organizations’ security. As a product, it is unique among UTM appliances worldwide with its Identity-based security, which links user identity to security right from authentication to policy setting, controls and reporting.

    Mr. Suneer said, “Cyberoam has engineered an innovative UTM product. It has helped us tackle most of our network security concerns, saving us a lot of time, money and efforts”.

  • Email Security

    Cyberoam offers comprehensive email security, covering all email protocols – SMTP, POP3 and IMAP – and eliminating the need for investment in expensive best-of-breed email security solutions. Cyberoam simplifies email management by re-routing or copying incoming email messages containing specific keywords about a project, workgroup or topic to the manager or other specified authorities. Its Data Leakage Prevention feature blocks email attachments based on Layer 8 identity-based policies with pre-specified file extensions, to prevent leakage of critical business, financial or design data.

    Moreover, Cyberoam’s on-appliance reporting allows real-time visibility into email traffic with reports that include top mail users, hosts, applications, senders and recipients, in addition to simplifying audit requests through mail archival. Mr. Suneer said, “Cyberoam’s Email Security coverage is quite comprehensive, including protection against blended threats and data leakage over emails”.

  • Multi-link Management

    Cyberoam provides best-in-class Multi Link Management feature, ensuring uninterrupted Email communication activities for WARAQ. In addition, Cyberoam’s Multiple ISP Load Balancing feature, backed by weighted round robin algorithm helps Mr. Suneer in optimal usage of the multiple ISPs. He happily quoted, “Cyberoam’s Multiple ISP links management feature helped us solve our biggest challenge -providing high reach-ability for our exchange server”.

  • Network Bandwidth Managed

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management feature offers Identity-based bandwidth controls, preventing congestion and bandwidth abuse, optimizing bandwidth and delivering higher ROI. The solution prioritizes business-critical applications and users with granular Layer 7 and Layer 8 controls. In addition, Cyberoam’s QoS feature allows the flexibility to implement bandwidth management policies on a number of criteria including User, Firewall Policy, Website, Web Category, Application or Application Category.

    Mr. Suneer says, “Cyberoam’s bandwidth management feature provides us the chance to allocate more bandwidth for mission critical services”.

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Suneer happily quoted, “The comprehensive set of features Cyberoam provides at a reasonable price makes it a true All-in-one solution. We strongly believe that the product delivers the maximum ROI”