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Ventura Deployed Cyberoam UTM to Simplify Network Infrastructure and Reduce Costs
About Ventura Securities Ltd., BFSI

Ventura Securities Ltd. (Ventura) commenced operations in 1994 as a stock broking house. On its journey from then to now, Ventura has seen the capital markets mature and investors' requirements become more diverse. It has kept up with the times and today, it offers a whole range of investment products and services. They have been appointed as a national level distributor for all mutual funds and have been enlisted as a corporate agency for life insurance. Also being a corporate member of both the BSE and the NSE, they trade in equities, derivatives, currency products and offer depository services. Ventura Commodities Pvt. Ltd., an associate company, is a trading member of MCX and NCDEX.

The company contains the client sensitive information and data that can be possibly targeted by attacks from external entities and outside access attempts. Thus they needed a strong Firewall solution.

Mr. Intikhab Alam Ganai
Sr. Network Specialist
Ventura Securities Ltd.

Elucidating about the organization’s Internet security requirements Mr. Intikhab Alam Ganai, the Sr. Network Specialist at Ventura said, “We needed a solution that would control unproductive and harmful surfing.”

In summary, Ventura was looking for a single box solution that would offer:

Securing the Periphery

Locked offices and buildings cannot protect information if the computers holding it are open to everyone on the network. Ventura contains public servers, such as e-mail and web, which are exposed to the outside world in order to perform their function. Mr. Alam wanted a solution that would control the entire Internet traffic and establish clear-cut boundaries between the internal networks and the outside world. Therefore, they needed a strong Firewall solution which would be capable in retorting these threats.

Control over Internet-Based Applications

In the absence of a Web content filtering solution, the employees wasted precious productive time in unproductive surfing and chatting. In many instances, unbridled and un-audited surfing, downloads, P2P usage and Instant Messaging applications ate into the precious bandwidth that powered the business critical applications. The organization needed to know who was accessing what sites and as such needed a content filtering solution that could provide audit data for users’ online behaviour. Ventura sought an Internet filtering solution that would not only save bandwidth, but also help increase productivity and best serve the company’s bottom line. “We needed a solution that would enable us to cut back on bandwidth usage and costs, rather than create new expenses” adds Mr. Alam.

Business Continuity Concerns

One major issue was the connectivity problem. "If Internet was down our business activities would come to a halt," Mr. Alam said. To avoid a single point of failure, multiple locations had multiple ISP links. So, multiple ISP links load balancing, and failover is also a critical need.

The Cyberoam Solution

After scouring the market for the correct solution, Ventura purchased a Cyberoam CR500ia UTM appliance which was deployed in Gateway mode at their head office in Mumbai. One (1) CR35ia and Three (3) CR15i were deployed at their branch offices in Bridge mode.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Firewall

    Ventura operates Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark Certified Perimeter Firewall between the Internet and the organization’s network to establish a secure environment for the organization’s computer and network resources. The Perimeter Firewall is a key component of the Ventura’s network security architecture. This Perimeter Firewall policy governs how the Perimeter firewall will filter Internet traffic to mitigate the risks and losses associated with security threats to the Ventura’s network.

    This policy is designed to protect employee computers from hacking and virus attacks by restricting access to computers on the Ventura’s network and provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources.

  • Web Content Filtering

    Cyberoam’s 82+ category tough Web Content filtering technology kept the organization’s internet resources effectively focused. The Content filtering features makes sure that all P2P and Instant Messengers are blocked and that there is no breach of data.

    As soon as the appliance was in the network, the uncontrolled surfing stopped. Cyberoam ensures that all unproductive and potentially dangerous surfing is denied. Malware laced sites are all blocked and no unauthorized downloads are permitted.

  • Round the Clock Connectivity

    Cyberoam’s Multilink manager increases the overall network performance by load balancing the network traffic between their two (2) ISP links terminating on them, delivering continuity in security. In case of failure, the load is automatically transferred to the other ISP link, which leads to 100% Internet uptime, and round the clock connectivity to their employees.

  • The Results

    Mr. Alam says, “Cyberoam exceeded my expectations. Cyberoam helped Ventura to install a secure appliance to manage multiple security functions and educated me and my organization on these vital security measures to protect our customers.”