UAB ICECO, Lithuania, Europe
INCM Deploys Cyberoam NGFW to Sieve Internet Traffic and Establish Secure VPN Tunnels
About UAB ICECO, Food Processing and Manufacturing

Formerly known as "Kraitene", UAB ICECO was formulated in Marijampole, Lithuania in the year 1995. It has now established a strong footing in the production and processing of Ice Cream and Fish products and has its clientele spread all over the globe.

UAB ICECO quite remarkably manages the entire market with the help of close to a hundred motivated employees that work from the Head Office at Marijampole and Branch Office at Kaunas.


Our network perimeter was very vulnerable to Internet threats as there wasn't a Firewall to mitigate them. Cyberoam helped us mitigate attacks over the Internet. Also, Customers and employees can leverage from the secure VPN connections facilitated by Cyberoam."

Mr. Ramunas Vosylius
IT Administrator

The conversation with Mr. Ramunas Vosylius, IT Administrator, UAB ICECO threw light on some pressing network security issues in the company premises. “The ever-increasing Network attacks took a heavy toll on our productivity. The absence of a Firewall in our Network, made it susceptible to malicious attacks. Due to expansion, a secure VPN connection between Head and Branch Office was also required. We also needed to cater to the resource access need of certain customers."

A condensate of the requirement being, UAB ICECO was looking for a one-stop solution that would:

Galvanize Network Periphery and Keep Malicious Attacks at Bay

ICECO has grown leaps and bounds since its establishment in 1995. A group of close to a hundred employees manage this massive enterprise. Each of these brilliant minds sit behind machines that hold an abundance of business critical information in electronic form. Locked offices and buildings don't make the enterprise impermeable to information theft. Computers held open to the network are sitting ducks to malicious attacks and threats over the Internet. Public servers, such as Email and web, are very vulnerable to such attacks, be it the Head or Branch office. Mr. Vosylius wanted a solution that could control and monitor the entire Internet traffic between the internal network and the outside world in order to pre-empt such attacks and prevent internal network corrosion.

VPN Woes

With a Branch Office in place, there is always a need to access the resources configured at the Head Office. Moreover, employees need to access internal resources on the fly. Security is very critical in such cases as non-secure flow of data could easily be tapped by a curious intruder. This needs a secure VPN connection that caters to internal communication and application access over Internet.

The Cyberoam’s On-Cloud Management Service Solution

After sieving the market for the correct solution, UAB ICECO removed the existing network framework and installed 1 (One) Cyberoam CR50iNG UTM appliance at the Head office at Marijampolė and 1 (One) Cyberoam CR35iNG UTM appliance at the Branch office at Kaunas, both deployed in Gateway mode. The business benefits were as follows:

  • Firewall

    UAB ICECO operates Cyberoam's ICSA and Checkmark Certified Perimeter Firewall between the Internet and the organization's network to establish a secure environment for organizational resources. The Perimeter Firewall is a key component of the UAB ICECO network security architecture and its policy governs the movement of Internet traffic to abate the risks and losses associated with security threats.

  • Reporting Solution

    Cyberoam offers On-Appliance Reporting with real-time logs and reports, saving the cost of deploying a dedicated reporting solution. The 1,200+ in-depth reports offer real-time visibility into user and network activities, helping organizations to manage security, display compliance and forensic analysis, unmatched by any network security vendor till date. Cyberoam reports include dynamic and animated reports, in-line graphs, and also country maps.

    The feature, despite providing thousands of Onappliances reports, it does not affect the performance of the appliance. Mr. Vosylius also complemented this feature and said “I am really impressed by the in-depth analysis of the Reporting feature. User statistics are logged, it gives the management a crystal clear picture

  • Identity Based Security and Seamless Active Directory Integration

    With Identity-based Security as an additional parameter, departments could be segregated on the basis of their productive bandwidth usage. The organization could then judiciously allot the required bandwidth to the classified identities which were linked to an active directory for authentication. “In addition, we're able to set up department-specific policies. Cyberoam makes it easy for us to set up policies based on specific roles within our organization. Cyberoam integrates smoothly with the AD Server and Identity based policies based on usage and requirement can be assigned easily." Mr. Vosylius added

  • Establishing a Secure VPN Tunnel

    Employees sitting at the Branch Office often need to access Head Office resources from outside the network perimeter. Cyberoam allows UAB ICECO employees to establish secure Site to Site IPSec VPN connection and seamlessly access Head Office resources.

    UAB ICECO also provides access to its local network resources for its mobile customers. Cyberoam facilitates a VPN connection for such customers.

  • To Conclude

    A contended Mr. Vosylius says, “Cyberoam surpasses our ROI expectation. It helped our organization to install a secure appliance to effectively reduce threats over the Internet. Secure VPN connections between the Head Office and Branch Office and between Head Office and customers are smoothly established. Integration with the Active Directory was smooth and Identity based bandwidth management was implemented successfully."