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Triangle Group Relies on Cyberoam for Publishing DMZ Servers Securely and Safely
About Triangle Group, Conglomerate

Triangle Group, a family business started in 1810 was nationalized in 1962 and then re-established in 1970. From its early beginning, in the 1800s, Triangle has evolved into a modern and dynamic corporation, managing a solid portfolio of leading businesses in sectors like spanning technology, aviation, transportation, oil and gas. Today, it is one of the large private sector groups in Egypt.

Being in a diversified industrial sector, Triangle Group requires Internet for communication, research and general surfing.

Network security and Spam had become a matter of concern for us

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Nour,
IT Manager,
Triangle Group

Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Nour, the IT Manager, at Triangle Group, was looking for a reliable network security platform that could control the unwanted mails and secure the network. He said, “Network security and Spam had become a matter of concern for us”.

The security issues faced by the company were:

Unnecessary Spam Mails

Mr. Ahmed Nour said, “Out of the total traffic received a substantial amount of traffic was Spam. This was annoying!” These unnecessary mails overflowed the inbox of employees and led them to read and delete individually. This resulted in a severe loss of productivity, time and energy. Moreover, it also increased the load on the server as well as the inbox.

Difficult DMZ Server Publishing

Triangle Group wanted to protect their DMZ servers from external attacks as the servers had public IP Address which could not be changed as it would affect the internal server settings. Mr. Ahmed Nour said, “Providing easy access to the mail server placed in the DMZ zone without changing any configurations was a major concern for us”.

The Cyberoam Solution

Triangle Group considered and had demos of many products like Fortigate, but they did not meet their requirements. Then after having a demo of Cyberoam they found it to be much better than others and purchased One (1) CR200i appliance. They deployed it at Dokki in Gateway Mode.

The benefits noticed are:

  • Impenetrable Network Periphery

    Cyberoam’s Firewall is Checkmark Level 5 and ICSA Certified. It provides stateful and deep packet inspection for network based security thereby protecting the organization from DoS, IP Spoofing and other network attacks. Mr. Ahmed Nour said, “Thanks to Cyberoam for making us tension-free from all sorts of network attacks”.

  • Spam Mails under Control

    Cyberoam’s Check Mark certified Anti-Spam solution provides Spam detection rate of over 98% and false positive rate of 1 in 1 million. This ensures that legitimate mails reach safely to employee’s inboxes while Spam is kept at bay leading to minimal business loss. In addition, the Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology offers real-time protection from the very first time a new outbreak emerges. It also offers the facility of managing Emails with message, attachment size and subject line thereby minimizing exposure to threats and legal implications.

    After deploying Cyberoam in our network, Mr. Ahmed Nour said, “Fortunately, Cyberoam has filtered a substantial amount of Spam mails, providing a clean mailbox”.

  • Easy DMZ Server Publishing

    Having deployed Cyberoam as a Proxy ARP, they are now able to access the Lotus Domino mail server securely and easily, without changing any configurations. Proxy ARP helps one host on a subnet to communicate with the remote host on a different subnet without the requirement of modifying any settings.

  • Secured Remote Access

    Cyberoam’s On-Appliance SSL VPN solution provides Anywhere, Any Time and Any Device VPN connectivity. Hence it provides a secure and stable connectivity between the head office and its remote workers. Cyberoam ensures that with less configuration and easy setup, the users can easily and securely connect and access the web applications and other resources from any location.

    Mr. Ahmed Nour said, “Cyberoam’s SSL VPN feature helps us to achieve flexibility, speedy access of resources and efficiency”.

  • To Conclude

    “Cyberoam is a good product fulfilling all our network security needs and I would recommend it to all”, said Mr. Ahmed Nour.