Steelmakers Zimbabwe Pvt. Ltd., Zimbabwe, Africa
Steelmakers Zimbabwe Pvt. Ltd. Relies on Cyberoam for Bandwidth Management and Internet Security
About Steelmakers Zimbabwe Pvt. Ltd., Manufacturing

Steelmakers Zimbabwe Pvt. Ltd. (SMZPL) was established in 1996. It is based in Redcliff, Zimbabwe. It is engaged in manufacturing mild steel angles, window sections, flat bars, round bars, square bars, deformed bars, DV standards, plough beams, plough shares, forged steel balls and other foundry products.

Being in the manufacturing industry, SMZPL depends on Internet for most of their activities like communication, maintaining their documents, general surfing and other administrative purposes.

Internet is one of the basic necessities for us.

Mr. Alexander Johnson.
Group General Manager
Steelmakers Zimbabwe Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Alexander Johnson, the Group General Manager at SMZPL said, “Internet is one of the basic necessities for us. Hence, its wise utilization and secured connectivity was a matter of concern for us’.

The challenges faced were:

No Management of Bandwidth

Employees often downloaded videos, songs and played games on the Internet. These bandwidth-hungry websites made the legitimate websites or applications almost inaccessible. Hence, Mr. Johnson wanted to manage the available bandwidth wisely among all the users. He said, “We did not have QoS facility through which the bandwidth could be assigned to users based on a certain criteria.’

Spam Mail – Trouble for All

Mr. Johnson was concerned about the amount of Spam mails choking the bandwidth and creating troubles for all. He said, “Our employees were frustrated with the Spam mails as they had to repeatedly look into each Email and delete them. Sometimes, even legitimate Emails got deleted by mistake.’ As a result, productivit y and business was affected.

The Cyberoam Solution

SMZPL searched the market for a solution that could meet their above concerns. During their hunt, they found Cyberoam to be the one, capable of providing answers to all their questions. They deployed One (1) CR25ia at Redcliff, One (1) CR35wi at Harare in Bridge Mode and Five (5) NetGenie appliances.

The benefits found after deploying Cyberoam are:

  • Firewall – A Wall Protecting the Network

    Cyberoam’s Firewall, Checkmark and ICSA certified, ensures that their network is safe from attacks like DoS, DDoS, IP Spoofing and other attacks. It also provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and network resources. Its Fusion Technology blends security, connectivity and productivity by enabling the administrators to create policies for multiple features through a single interface. Thus, it simplifies the administration.

  • Wise and Efficient Management of Bandwidth

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management wisely distributes the bandwidth among the employees and provides QoS for business-critical applications on the basis of a certain criteria. It offers identity-based bandwidth controls, preventing blockage and optimizing bandwidth. Thus, each employee is granted bandwidth only as much as needed so that the blockage is avoided.

    Mr. Johnson said, “Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management wisely distributes the bandwidth among all, making business- critical applications accessible.’

  • No Spam, Squeaking Clean Inboxes

    Cyberoam’s Checkmark certified Anti-Spam solution ensures the safe arrival of genuine Emails to employee’s inboxes by providing Spam detection rate of over 98% and false positive rate of 1 in 1.5 million. Thus, it keeps the Spam at the shore, leading to reduced business loss. In addition, the Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology which is content and language agnostic, offers real-time protection from the very first moment a new outbreak emerges. Moreover it provides protection against foreign characters and image-based Spam with almost no cases of false positives. Finally, its Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD) feature protects the network against real-time massive virus outbreaks.

    After deploying Cyberoam, Mr. Johnson said, “Cyberoam has blocked huge amount of Spams for us, relieving our employees from unnecessary time waste.’

  • Secured and Easy Remote Connectivity

    Cyberoam’s On-Appliance SSL VPN solution provides Anywhere, Any Time and Any Device VPN connectivity. Hence, it provides a secure and stable connectivity between the organization and its remote users. Cyberoam ensures that with less configurations and easy setup, the General Managers, internal auditors and users can easily and securely connect and access their desks and other local network resources from any location.

    Mr. Johnson said, “Cyberoam’s SSL VPN feature reduces the dependency of working in the office premises and helps to easily access the office’s internal resources from anywhere and anytime."

  • Monitored Internet Activities

    Cyberoam’s On-Appliance Reporting feature enables the organization to know “Who is doing What?’ across the network. It includes features like Traffic Discovery, Internet Bandwidth Usage Monitors, Top Accessed Categories and Google Search Reports, which enhance the visibility of a user’s online behaviour. Additionally, this feature comes absolutely free without any extra cost. Having 1000+ granular reports at their service, the organization can keep a track of each employee to know the surfing trend. Hence, based on the tendency, the organization can also twist the policies to stop the surfing habits of the employees.

    Mr. Johnson said, “Cyberoam’s Reporting feature has helped us to get a clear picture of the Internet activities going on in the network and taking actions accordingly’.

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Johnson said, “Cyberoam has helped us to achieve RoI and even secured the network, proving itself to be a good UTM solution.’