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Cyberoam – The Spam Killer Gives 25,000 Clean Mail Boxes to Space2Host
About Space2 Host, Web Hosting Services & Mail Solutions Provider

Space2host Web Services Private Limited is a Chennai (India) based privately held web hosting company established in the year 2001 with 5000 satisfied clients. With a firm commitment to provide the best server performance, unmatched support and pricing, Space2Host focuses on Shared Web hosting in both windows and Linux platforms, mailing solutions, FTP services and domain name registration services.

Space2host has co-located all its servers at the Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited Data Center - Chennai with 100mbps backbone. Its support center is rated one of the best in India.

Every day we process in excess of 500,000 emails. More than 80% of them are spam mail. 10% Mails are also malware

Mr. Krishna Kumar

Space2Host supports more than 25,000 Mail Boxes and 3,500 sites and virus and spam protection is the primary business need.

Space2Host sought a strong anti-virus and anti-spam solution to mitigate viruses and spam. Explaining the criticality of the security features, Mr. Krishna Kumar, CEO of Space2Host said, “Saying that we process more than half a million (500,000) mails every day, can help you understand the volume of mail traffic we deal with. So we have two requirements: spam filtering, virus filtering for our mail traffic. The solutions ought to be aggressively strong to block any harmful and unwanted content and yet be flexible and subtle enough to give NO False Positive. No customer can afford to lose a single mail-based business opportunity.”

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Kumar evaluated a few best-of-breed solutions that lead the mail security segment and a few known Unified Threat Management solutions. After careful consideration, Space2Host decided to deploy Cyberoam’s CR1000i appliance in their VSNL Data Centre in Chennai.

Elucidating the prime reason for the deployment, Mr. Kumar said, “Cyberoam is a perfect balance of performance, robustness, stability, technical assistance and price. It fit in well in our existing setup. Most other players have an exorbitant per user licensing structure. At the same time, we were not happy with their technical support. These two factors swung the scales in favor of Cyberoam.”

Out of the 500,000 spam mails hitting the mail-boxes, Cyberoam filters out almost 400,000 spam mails with near 100% accuracy. That is, out of the total mail traffic,
almost 80% is spam that hits Cyberoam.” On deployment, Cyberoam started working almost instantaneously; without extensive human intervention, or training. Unlike some leading solutions that need to be trained in spam identification, Cyberoam started working at a peak performance level and has remained there since.
Cyberoam’s content agnostic and language independent RPD™ technology enhances deeper penetration and wider scope in the fight against spam.

“Since Cyberoam deployment, not a single customer has complained that a mail was wrongly classified and that he or she has lost a business opportunity because of us. Simultaneously they are very happy to see that all the spam has vanished into thin air.” Mr. Kumar said.

Thanks to Cyberoam, out of the 500,000 mails, almost 10% of the mails which are malware infected are weeded out. Since Cyberoam deployment, there has not been a single mail-based malware infiltration incident reported.

The technical support of Cyberoam aims at empowering the end customer. The knowledge transfer efforts are well-directed and have made Space2Host totally selfreliant in handling and administering Cyberoam to gain maximum mileage from the security solution.

Summarizing his Cyberoam experience, Mr. Kumar said, “Cyberoam is a solid security product that ensures complete business continuity. Cyberoam delivers exceptionally high performance like the best-of-the-breed solutions, but at a fraction of their cost. I would strongly endorse it as - dependable security.”