The Sea Trucks Group Lagos Nigeria, Africa
Sea Trucks Group Trusts Cyberoam for Internet Security
About Sea Trucks Group, Marine Services

The Sea Trucks Group, an international group of companies offers marine services to the offshore Oil & Gas Industry worldwide, since the late 1970’s. With its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria the group has offices in West Africa, Middle East, Europe, Angola, SE Asia and Australia. The group owns and operates a large and versatile fleet of offshore construction vessels, accommodation hook-up and AHTS vessels as well as cargo barges and crew transportation vessels, enabling the group to offer clients a complete marine spread for their offshore field development projects.

Sea Trucks group offers its customers a wide range of services from sub-sea construction and SURF solutions to accommodation hook-up and fabrication supported by a multi-cultural workforce of more than 2,000 persons. Moreover, they are constantly adding new plants, machinery and equipment to their existing inventory and enhancing their support facilities. As Internet forms a vital communication link to unify and sync the group’s operations over land and in high seas too.

We need internet for back office administration, email, FTP, to monitor staff movements, ERP and VPN etc. We have multiple locations to secure and some of the locations are mobile On Ship. We were looking for a solution that was robust, flexible and still easy to manage. When the solution is deployed aboard a sea-bound vessel, we cannot expect a specialized person manning it.

Mr. Kiran Kumar Murari
Sea Trucks Group

The group was looking for one box, simple to manage perimeter defence. Mr. Kiran Kumar Murari, the IT Manager for the group while explaining about the need of Internet Security, said: “We need internet for back office administration, email, FTP, to monitor staff movements, ERP and VPN etc. We have multiple locations to secure and some of the locations are mobile – On Ship. We were looking for a solution that was robust, flexible and still easy to manage. When the solution is deployed aboard a sea-bound vessel, we cannot expect a specialized person manning it.”

Basic Perimeter Defence

A Deep Packet Inspection Firewall was needed to control the Internet access. They also wanted to regulate the exposure of the servers placed across all their networks in the DMZ, to the external world, in addition to auditing them.

Content Security

The group was looking for content security over the Internet which included intrusion prevention system, gateway anti-virus and anti-spam, and web content filtering
solution. They wanted a secure way to connect the branch offices spread over West Africa and the mobile deployments over the ships, to the Head Office in Lagos, Nigeria using a VPN solution which supports high levels of encryptions and security.

The Scourge of Spam and Malware

Drilling down to details, Mr. Murari clarified that the group was looking for a solution that would scan all the Internet traffic and sanctify from virus, Trojans, spyware and other malware. They also need a strong anti-spam solution. Bandwidth is a premium commodity when it comes to Internet access from ships. In such scenarios the group cannot permit spam mails to clog it up.

Uncontrolled Surfing

In absence of a Content Filtering solution that users could surf the Internet unbridled. This laid the company’s network bare to Internet based blended threats. It also hit the productivity of the company as the employees spent productive time, in unproductive surfing.

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Murari scoured the market for a solution to fit their security needs. While studying the market, he came across Cyberoam UTM. He had a previous experience with Cyberoam and it helped him take the final buying decision. The group purchased seven (7) Cyberoam UTM appliances. All the appliances were deployed in Gateway Mode. The deployment details are:

Location Model
Lees Road, Lagos (Head Office) CR 50ia
Thompson Road, Lagos CR 50i
ONNE CR 50ia
Jascon2 (Ship) CR 50i
Jascon 25 (Ship) CR 50ia
Standby CR 50ia

  • Total Perimeter Security

    Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark-certified firewall offers stateful and deep-packet inspection to provide granular access control over Internet and network resources. Mr. Murari used default IPS policies from the firewall rule itself to protect the company’s network from DoS & spoofing attacks and other exploits. Mr. Murari was also pleasantly surprised to control the traffic by using the MAC Address apart from the IP Address and user’s identity.

  • Blocking Intrusions

    Mr. Murari used Cyberoam’s intrusion prevention system to protect the organization from any internal or external intrusion attempts on the LAN and web/mail servers. The solution with its comprehensive database of signatures provides powerful zero-hour protection against spyware, Trojans, spoofing and DoS attacks, malicious code transmission and backdoor activities, thus, mitigating any potential threat from hackers.

  • Malware and Spam-free Network

    Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Virus solution, with the industry’s best malware detection rates, scans mail and web traffic - SMTP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP and FTP protocols, thereby, ensuring that the traffic is clean and the network is fully secure against malware including rootkits, viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, backdoors, keyloggers and more.

    Moreover, the anti-virus even blocks attachments for specified file types such as executables, media files, PDF, zipped files etc. before these blended threats can damage. According to Mr. Murari, this has solved a major irritant of regular malware attacks, thus, ensuring speedier, gateway-level resolution of these issues without the need to involve IT support at the user desk every time, thus, saving productive time of the organization.

    Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Spam solution with its content-agnostic feature blocks spam in any language regardless of the content, e.g. image, audio, video or zip-based spam, therefore greatly reducing spam problem. On top of it, Virus Outbreak Detection feature secures the network against any Zero-hour mail-based attacks.

  • Productive Surfing Enforced

    In order to solve the problem of unrestricted surfing in the organization, Mr. Murari configured Cyberoam’s web content filtering feature which selectively blocks web access in the organization without affecting productivity. This is done through Cyberoam’s constantly updated database of millions of filtered sites divided into 82+ categories including pornography, P2P, entertainment and job search.

    The users are now able to access only those sites which are permitted by IT guidelines of the organization whereas all unauthorized sites are prohibited. The filtering blocks all malware-laden sites, P2P, Instant Messengers, illegal audio, video, streaming media and other bandwidth-guzzling downloads. Phishing and pharming sites are also no longer a cause of concern.

  • Bandwidth Unbound

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management feature is used to manage and prioritize available bandwidth for optimum business advantage. Mr. Murari can selectively assign bandwidth to business critical applications and starve the unproductive ones. Excellent Auditing

  • On-Appliance Hassle- Free Reporting

    Cyberoam UTM’s is laced with a unique feature that provides On-Appliance reporting at no extra cost. Using this feature Mr. Murari can now view more than 1200+ pre-defined reporting templates. User-based reporting is one feature that stole the show.

  • Constructive Technical Support

    The robust and flexible solution of Cyberoam is backed by a strong technical support team that provides both Pre-Sales and Post-Sales support. This feature reinforced Mr. Murari’s confidence in the product.

  • Conclusion

    Talking about his Cyberoam experience, Mr. Murari said, “Cyberoam has the ability to single-handedly offer many useful features at an affordable price. They are indeed able to deliver what they promise.”