Salam Gaz, Morocco, Africa
Cyberoam Replaces Checkpoint to provide Data Security and High Availability to Salam Gaz
About Salam Gaz, Oil & Energy

Salam Gaz is positioned as a leader in the field of logistics and filling of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Packages. They are considered as one of the most competitive and most innovative suppliers in the Morocco’s domestic market of LPG conditioning.

In the framework of the Energy Strategy of Morocco, Salam Gaz contributes by investments for new infrastructure, modernization of existing industrial facilities and increasing their capacity. Salam Gaz continues to mobilize all its resources to achieve its vision and play a leading role in the profession of LPG Packaging in Morocco.

The comprehensive set of features Cyberoam provides at a reasonable price makes it a true All-in-one solution. Being loaded with tons of useful features, Cyberoam has set new standards for performance.

Mr. Rafiki Mohammed
Network & Security IT Manager
Salam Gaz

Highlighting the need for a total security solution, Mr. Rafiki Mohammed, the Network & Security IT Responsible at Salam Gaz said, “We were looking for a reliable, high performing and affordable total security solution that could help us tackle concerns related to business continuity and data privacy”.

According to Mr. Mohammed, the issues that they faced were:

Need for a Feature-packed and Reliable Security Solution

“Our previous solution had limited functionalities and suffered from regular Hardware failures, which in turn, cost us a great deal of time, money and productivity”, said Mr. Mohammed. He added, “What we needed was a total security solution that was feature-rich yet affordable, scalable, and reliable”.

Data Privacy Issues

From loss of brand reputation to regulatory fines, the negative impacts of data breaches are clear. Just a single incident of data loss can eat upon a business's competitive advantage, weaken consumer confidence, and result in fines or penalties from regulators. Moreover, the rapid proliferation of BYOD has further added to the problem - increasing the opportunity for data loss and t heft. Mr. Mohammed said, “We are living in a time where data is money. Thus, curbing data loss and ensuring data privacy becomes one of the top most priorities for any organization”.

Business Continuity Concerns

Hardware failure such as a failure of the power supply, hard disk, or processor is the main reason behind the failure of Internet security system. For any organization that is heavily dependent on the Internet for business activities, downtime of even a single minute can lead to a great deal of business loss. Not to forget the bad effect it leaves on the reputation of the organization. For Salam Gaz, the need for multiple appliances running in High Availability was an absolute necessity.

The Cyberoam’s On-Cloud Management Service Solution

Before Cyberoam deployment, Salam Gaz had CheckPoint in place. According to Mr. Mohammed, the appliance suffered from regular hardware failures and had limited functionality for a UTM. Hence, they decided to replace CheckPoint with a more feature-rich, reliable and affordable UTM appliance. Cyberoam, with its competitive pricing and the comprehensive set of UTM features, caught their attention. They purchased Thirty (30) appliances in total and deployed Two (2) of them at their Head Office in Rabat and the other Twenty Eight (28) in many of their Branch Offices. They deployed all the appliances in Gateway Mode.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Cyberoam - Security built around User’s Identity

    Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliances offer comprehensive security to organizations at an affordable price. As a product, it is unique among UTM appliances worldwide with its Identity-based security, which links user identity to security right from authentication to policy setting, controls and reporting.

    Multiple security features integrated over a single, Layer 8 Identity-based platform make security simple, yet highly effective. Cyberoam, with its Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) and multi-core technology carries the ability to combat future threats to organizations’ security.

    Mr. Mohammed said, “Cyberoam’s Identity based architecture is innovative, refreshing and quite helpful”.

  • Gateway level Data Leakage Prevention

    Cyberoam’s data leakage prevention solution offers Layer 8 Identity-based policies based on username and work requirement to help protect sensitive corporate data, preserve customer data privacy. In addition, it helps organizations meet regulatory compliance and security requirements while retaining work flexibility. Cyberoam network security appliances (UTMs and Next Generation Firewalls) offer gateway data leakage prevention controlling data transfer over email, web mail, file upload and file transfer applications.

    Mr. Mohammed said, “Cyberoam’s data leakage prevention coverage is quite comprehensive; including protection over Email, websites and applications”.

  • Assured Business Continuity

    Cyberoam UTM’s High Availability feature assures a reliable and continuous connection to the Internet as well as security services such as Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Virus Scanning, Web Filtering, and Spam Filtering services. Using Clustering Technology, two Cyberoam appliances can be configured to function as a single appliance and provide High Availability in Active-Active or Active-Passive modes.

    “High Availability has always been a top priority for our business, but it was not supported in the previous appliance we deployed. Now, we count on Cyberoam for smooth switch-over in case one of the member appliances fails”, said Mr. Mohammed.

  • Advanced Threat Protection and Networking Features

    Cyberoam offers best-of-breed network security. It features a Stateful Inspection Firewall; Intrusion Prevention System; full Gateway Anti-malware suite; Anti-spam; Web Content Management; SSL VPN; Web Application Firewall; and controls for instant messaging applications, among many other security and reporting features.

    Cyberoam provides assured WAN connectivity across multiple WAN links, 3G, Wimax and IPv6 connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi LAN access, preventing network failures. Some of the key connectivity and routing features include: Server Load Balancing, Multiple ISP Load Balancing, Rule based ISP Gateway Fail-Over, High Availability (Active-Passive / Active-Active), Dynamic Routing (RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPF, BGP) , 802.1q VLAN Tagging, VLAN over WAN, Security over WiFi (WLAN), 3G/4G and Wimax (WWAN) Support.

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Mohammed happily quoted, “The comprehensive set of features Cyberoam provides at a reasonable price makes it a true All-in-one solution. Being loaded with tons of useful features, Cyberoam has set new standards for performance”.