Société Générale Viet Finance Vietnam, Asia
Cyberoam Secures Société Générale Viet Finance – The Largest Consumer Credit Arm
About Société Générale Viet Finance, Consumer Credit / BFS

Société Générale Viet Finance (SGVF) was licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam in 2007 to operate in consumer credit with 100% foreign capital under financial corporations and Société Générale, France. With an initial investment of 20 Million USD, SGVF is one of the leading companies in the field of consumer credit.

It provides finance in vehicles, electric - electronic consumer lifestyle products, building material and interior decoration.

The organization was looking for an Internet Security solution that can give them uncompromising security at wire-speed performance.

We needed a one-box solution to solve our needs. ASA and FortiGate both failed to deliver.

Mr. Vo Remy, Manager,
IT Department

Mr. Vo Remy, the IT Department Manager at SGVF was not happy with the existing FortiGate 100A because:

  • FortiGate’s performance was creating a bottle-neck in the network.
  • FortiGate’s antivirus detection and neutralizing rate was dismally low and the network was frequently infested by malware.
  • FortiGate does support SIP protocol which is used in VoIP communications. However, in practice it dropped packets and the communication quality was
    patchy. This was affecting the communications with their Call Centre. It was a serious business loss.

To cover FortiGate’s security, Mr. Remy had also deployed ASA 5510, in front of FortiGate. But this still failed to alleviate the situation as ASA does not give SGVF userbased micro level control over Internet surfing and the content accessed over it.

Both the solutions failed to specify bandwidth for surfing, mailing and Web-based applications. Most important, Mr. Remy needed to have user-based bandwidth management.

“Security is not optional,” said Mr. Vo Remy, “We needed a one-box solution to solve our needs. ASA and FortiGate both failed to deliver. If we deployed multiple solutions to serve our needs, it would increase the network complexity and lead to high capital and operational expenditure. We needed a simple and effective solution.”

The Cyberoam Solution

SGVF has its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City. After a careful study of the available solutions in the market, SGVF decided to deploy CR Series of Cyberoam Unified Threat Management Solutions. On the advice of Mr. Vo Ta Tu from INET Solutions, Cyberoam distributors in Vietnam, the manager of SGVF, Mr. Remy, purchased One CR250i for the Ho Chi Minh City-based Head Quarters. The solution is deployed in Gateway mode.

Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark certified firewall is driven by Identity, IP address and Services. The firewall also provides a single point control over the UTM features like content security, productivity and connectivity. This provided unparalleled ease and flexibility.

  • User based Content Control and Security

    SGVF integrated Cyberoam with Active Directory servers to authenticate the users and also implemented Automated Single Sign-On. Hence the users are now able to seamlessly log into the network and are transparently protected.

    They have divided the department into multiple groups and have given role-based access. Certain higher level management has special access privileges to certain websites.

    Cyberoam’s URL based content filtering provides the flexibility to SGVF to configure user identity-based filtering policies. It also protects the bank’s network infrastructure from pharming attacks, spyware laced sites and harmful downloads.

  • Protection from Mail and Web-based Malware

    Furthering content security, Cyberoam’s gateway anti-virus and anti-spam solutions ensure that no malware sneaks in from the Internet. Cyberoam is able to block more than 90% of Spam. Web surfing and downloads are scanned in real-time to ensure that they are clean. All mail transactions are secured by a unique Virus Outbreak Detection feature. This second layer of signature-less mail based malware detection protects SGVF’s customers, employees and infrastructure hours before traditional anti-virus solutions provide anti dotes against Zero Day attacks.

  • Intrusion Protection

    SGVF’s application servers and database servers deployed in the DMZ are secured by Cyberoam’s intrusion prevention feature. Tunable IPS policies lend SGVF with the flexibility to configure multiple IPS policies to meet the business requirements, without compromising on their security. It also protects SGVF against any internal or external DoS attacks.

  • Bandwidth Allocation

    Using Cyberoam’s bandwidth management feature Société Générale can now allocate desired bandwidth as per the professional requirements. As the security solutions ensure that the bandwidth is productively put to use, SGVF now divide bandwidth between their application and database servers, surfing and mailing solutions. They also allocate user-wise bandwidth as per requirement. This ensures end-to-end connectivity for all the users.

  • On-Appliance Reporting

    With no external support or extra cost, Cyberoam’s On Appliance comprehensive reporting ensures that SGVF has complete visibility of all network based events. Identity-based reporting and real time Traffic Discovery reports help SGVF analyze the user’s surfing habits and preemptively spot behavior anomalies.

    “Since its deployment, unlike FortiGate, Cyberoam has been able to give wire speed performance. We soon plan to invest more in Cyberoam appliances to protect our other operations. The most important quality of Cyberoam is its unobtrusive businessfriendly wire-speed security. Cyberoam All-in-One solution is running very well and can change people’s mind about the performance of UTM solutions,” Mr. Vo Remy said.