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Cyberoam Widens Internet Security Cover to Roots Steel System
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Roots Steel International Company Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization offers an entire range of customized, high-performance Metal Building Systems and components for industrial, commercial, military facilities and institutional use. They specialize in providing design and detail engineering, project management, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service through their team with extensive experience in Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) and Steel Structure (SS) for construction and engineered products.

Having reached remarkable success in meeting and exceeding customer demands with the highest standards for quality products and services, they are now the regions emerging leader in the Metal Building Systems.

The network covered sensitive information which was under constant threat from spyware and DoS attacks. So they needed a strong Firewall solution.

Mr. Mohammad Amjad Alakkad
IT System Administrator
Roots Steel System

According to Mr. Mohammad Amjad Alakkad, IT System Administrator at Roots Steel System, the organization was facing the following security and connectivity challenges related to its business activities.

Safeguarding the Network Periphery

The company's gateway at the head office covered client information, project designs, confidential information, as well as plans of the company for subsequent years. These sensitive information were under constant threat from spyware, and DoS attacks and many more. It was also significant to put a stop to any incident of communication loss or data tampering due to earwigging attacks from outsiders.

Spam & Malware Menace

This was required to keep mails secure and in-boxes clean. Ideally it would be a 'deploy-and-forget' solution that didn't need to be 'trained' to identify spam mails. In this light, the spam filtering was required to be totally automated and perform irrespective of the language and content of the mail with an absolute minimum amount of false positives - as no organization can afford to lose a single business opportunity should a legitimate email being wrongly classified as spam.

A perimeter level anti-virus solution was required that could protect the network, scan and clean any malware or spyware over Web mail and scan all Web traffic to ensure the contents' sanctity. Moreover, all files transferred over the Internet would have to be scanned to ensure that they are malware-free.

Regulating Surfing Behaviour

The easy access to the Internet ensures that every employee touches a computer every day. This also brings about security problems as staff and employees are becoming more tech savvy.

With a diverse group of Internet users, it was impossible for the IT staff at Roots Steel System to set different Internet permission levels. Realizing that top-level management sometimes needed to view Websites that employees didn't need to access such as YouTube, or Yahoo! Video, Mr. Alakkad decided to look for a Web filtering solution.

“We needed to quickly find a solution that would allow us to easily keep track of the sites visited by the staff as well as securely protect our employees and management from unwanted Websites.”, said Mr. Alakkad

The Cyberoam Solution

Roots Steel System looked into a number of security products including Watchguard in order to address their business challenges. The search was on for an appliance which would take care of their all above requirements. So they felt that Cyberoam was the apparent choice. The company then deployed Two (2) CR 50ia at the Head Office and One (1) CR100ia at the Branch Office. All the appliances are deployed in Gateway mode.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Firewall

    “They have client records that contain a great deal of private information related to projects, and other data. We also have to safeguard our own business assets, administrative records, and financial information.” says Mr. Alakkad.

    Cyberoam firewall is ICSA and Checkmark certified - provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. Mr. Alakkad now felt the network is secure.

  • Spam Control

    Cyberoam's Gateway anti-spam feature enables the organization to filter out all their mails over SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols and automatically detect, tag, quarantine and block spam.

    Cyberoam's Gateway Anti-Spam solution has a spam catch rate of over 98% and absorbs a large portion of junk mails at Roots Steel System with its IP reputation filters before they hit the mail servers. At the next level, Cyberoam's RPD-based content-agnostic anti-spam solution offers protection against foreign characters and image-based spam with almost no cases of false positives. Finally, Cyberoam's Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD) feature automatically detects and block any new malware attacks emerging from emails and protects the organization against any zero day attack.

  • Browsing Check Accomplished

    Prior to Cyberoam deployment, there was no control on sites visited by Roots Steel System employees. However, all that changed with Cyberoam's Web filtering feature which ensures protection from inappropriate and insecure Web content, including phishing and other malware-loaded sites.

    Cyberoam's constantly updated database of millions of sites is divided into 82+ categories which includes pornography, P2P, entertainment and job search. By customizing employees's identity-based policies, the administrator provides selective Internet access and surfing rights based on the staff's working needs. This helped the organization in controlling the employee behavior on the Internet.

  • Superior Reporting

    Cyberoam's reporting feature gives summary of what the employees are up to in the network, including fruitless sites visited, time spent on each site. According to Mr. Alakkad, this has led to increased efficiency as the employees know that they are being monitored or restricted from accessing blocked sites.

    “In simpler words, I can say that Cyberoam UTM is just like a big single bunch of pack of security features.” said. Mr. Alakkad.