Rolec SA Chile, South America
Cyberoam UTM Releases the Network Speed of Rolec SA
About Rolec SA, Manufacturing

In 1939, Rolec SA, an organization dedicated to the distribution of electrical goods and services was founded. Since its inception Rolec expanded its operations and incorporated a wide range of products, international brands and manufacture of electrical panels, thereby expanding its industrial markets. Today, ROLEC SA has established itself as a leader in the Chilean’s domestic market. It also maintained professional conduct, exhibited a high standard of quality of the products by applying advanced technology, giving the choice and reliability of the customers. Thus, ROLEC SA, is now about to turn 70 years serving customers and developing the country.

Being into Chilean’s domestic market, Internet acts as a major resource for Rolec SA. They use it for communication, publishing portals and research work to expand their business at other locations.

We used a solution for securing our network but that could not support the number of users we had and the network also remained tremendously slow.

Mr. Fernando Pérez Otárola Assistant Manager of Information Rolec SA

“We used a solution for securing our network but that could not support the number of users we had and the network also remained tremendously slow”, Mr. Fernando Pérez Otárola, the Assistant Manager of Information, at Rolec SA informed.

Rolec SA faced issues related to:

Weak Firewall

Rolec SA had a firewall that worked inaccurately and was open to many spoofing and other network attacks, often leading to network failure. Mr. Pérez said, “We had a legacy and inefficient firewall, provided by a company that was declared as a bankrupt”.

Sluggish Network

The organization had a miserable network speed as many of their employees misused the bandwidth available by uploading, downloading, watching videos and doing unproductive surfing. This affected the organization to such an extent that many legitimate applications could not be accessed at all. As a result business suffered.

No Control on Voluntary Spam

Mr. Pérez said, “Spam was a huge headache for us”. These unwelcome emails often lead our employees to spend a considerable amount of time in reading and deleting them. Apart from this, these emails unnecessarily consumed the available bandwidth. This increased the load on the server and led the network speed to slow down. As a result, bandwidth and productivity both were awfully held up.

Unsecured Inter-Office Connectivity

Many remote employees of Rolec SA access the resources located at the head office. Hence secure connectivity between the head office and the remote users was a matter of concern for Mr. Pérez.

The Cyberoam Solution

Rolec SA evaluated many solutions like Fortinet. Then after having a demo and being impressed by the quality, they purchased One (1) CR 200i and One (1) CR 15i appliance. They deployed both the appliances in Gateway Mode.

The business benefits are:

  • Optimized Bandwidth

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management solution solved the previous issues with slow network. It provides identity-based bandwidth allocation which prioritizes business-critical applications and users, ensuring smooth business continuity. Moreover it helps Mr. Pérez to create schedules based on the designation of the users, so that everyone gets the required amount of bandwidth.

    Mr. Pérez said, “Thanks to Cyberoam, our network is now much more stable, providing each one its own share of bandwidth”.

  • Strong Firewall

    Cyberoam’s Firewall is Checkmark Level 5 and ICSA Certified. It provides deep packet inspection for network based security thereby protecting the organization from DoS, IP Spoofing and other network attacks.

    With a database of 4000+ IPS signatures Cyberoam’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) automatically detects, blocks and drops the suspicious mail and web traffic ensuring complete network security. Its signature updating feature updates the signatures regularly and automatically, providing zero-hour protection against latest attacks.

    Mr. Pérez said, “We are now assured that no malicious traffic will sneak into the network by any means”.

  • Controlled Spontaneous Malware and Spam

    Cyberoam Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solution is CheckMark Level 5 Certified. This solution provides the company with web, email and Instant Messaging security against malware like worms, Trojans, viruses and spyware. It also scans the web, mail and VPN traffic to ensure that no malware sneaks into the network.

    Cyberoam’ Gateway Anti-Spam solution provides Recurrent Pattern Detection technology that is content and language independent. Moreover it provides protection against foreign characters and image-based spam with almost no cases of false positives. Finally, its Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD) feature protects the network against real-time massive virus outbreaks.

    Mr. Pérez said, “Cyberoam Anti Virus and Anti Spam solution solved one of our most critical problems”.

  • Restricted Internet Usage

    Cyberoam’s Web Filtering solution offers a comprehensive database of URLs categorized into 82+ categories, helping Rolec SA to block harmful websites, so that no employee can access them. Moreover its HTTPS controls block unauthorized, malicious and illegal websites over HTTPS, preventing unauthorized download, upload and data leakage.

    Mr. Pérez said, “We are now assured that all are sensitive data is now tenable from all attackers”.

  • Secured Inter-Office Connectivity

    Cyberoam’s VPN bridges the geographical distances between the head office and the remote user, and the branch offices. It ensures secure connectivity in such a way that no attacker can meddle with the data. Also, its Threat-free Tunnelling Technology makes sure that no malware can enter the network. Moreover, its VPN connection failover feature offers continuous connectivity for IPSec and L2TP connections across multiple ISP gateways, without manual intervention after the connection gets blocked. Mr. Pérez said, “Our VPN works fine giving continuous and uninterrupted connectivity”.

  • Useful Reporting

    Cyberoam’s reporting feature gives an overview of what the users are doing in the network and their surfing trend. Cyberoam provides 1000+ granular reports, helping the company to keep a track of each employee and know the work tendency. On the other hand the employees knowing that their activities are being monitored will work accordingly, leading to increased productivity.

    Mr. Pérez said, “A drastic change in productivity has resulted due to Cyberoam’s reporting feature”.

  • To Summarize

    Mr. Pérez said, “Cyberoam is a very powerful tool with all its features. It is very cost-effective and I would recommend it to all who are in search of a good network security solution”.