Reis Makina, Turkey, Europe
Reis Makina Satisfied with Cyberoam's Checkmark Certified Web and Application Filtering Solution
Reis Makina, Hardware

Reis Makina is one of the biggest and wellknown companies in Turkey's Hardware sector. They are the main distributor and importer of 63 different European Brands in hardware sector.

Their mission is to be a leading and the fastest growing company in international market by caring uppermost customer satisfaction with well-educated human resource.

Cyberoam Web filtering database is quite comprehensive. I completely trust Cyberoam to protect our network from the dark side of the Internet

Mr. Hasan Yilmaz
IT Manager
Reis Makina

Having heavy usage of the Internet for business activities at Reis Makina, the installation of an efficient network security solution was on top priority. Explaining about the organization's Network Security requirements Mr. Hasan Yilmaz, IT Manager at Reis Makina said, "We needed a Unified Threat Management solution that would provide us with effective Web and Application filtering."

According to Mr. Yilmaz, the issues that they faced were:

Need for Content Filtering

According to Mr. Yilmaz, the down side of having your business heavily dependent on the Internet is that it exposes your network to a wide range of harmful entities like Virus, Malware, Spyware, Adware etc. He wanted to protect the Reis Makina's network from the dark side of the Internet. Hence, the search was for a solution that would provide him with effortless content filtering. Moreover, he wanted the web categorisation to be simple and straightforward enough to adjust the settings without the need to rely on external support.

Mr. Yilmaz said, "We were looking for a solution that could protect our users from harmful and inappropriate content on the Internet".

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Yilmaz looked into a number of solutions by major network security vendors, including Cisco, to address their business requirements. Reis Makina was in search of a solution that could provide them with best-in-class content filtering at reasonable price. After a thorough search and analysis of all the available options, they were deeply impressed with Common Criteria - EAL4+ certified Cyberoam. Moreover, they found Cyberoam's content filtering abilities to be of top class. They purchased One (1) CR 100ia and deployed the Appliance at their Head Office in Istanbul in Gateway Mode.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Perimeter Level Protection

    Cyberoam's Checkmark and ICSA certified firewall offers stateful and deep-packet inspection to provide granular access control over Internet and network resources. The Firewall governs how the Internet traffic is filtered, to mitigate the risks and losses associated with security threats to the company's network.

    Cyberoam's Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) feature delivers a strong line of defense at the network perimeter, through 4500+ updated signatures against hackers, remote exploits, backdoor activity and other zero hour attacks. In addition, Cyberoam's IPS also acts as an Application Firewall, supplementing organizational efforts to curb business data leakage through open proxies, IM or P2P applications.

  • Web and Application Filtering

    Cyberoam's Check Mark certified Web and Application Filtering feature delivers comprehensive network and data security while offering web protection, maintaining employee productivity, meeting regulatory compliance and preventing data leakage.

    Cyberoam's Web filtering database has more than 100 million sites neatly grouped into more than 89 categories. The Layer 8 Identity-based surfing policies based on user, group, work function, web category and duration or time of the day deliver high flexibility and web security and content security.

    Moreover, the feature is coupled with Bandwidth Management feature, which ensures bandwidth availability and data transfer limit based on duration and schedule of access for specific web categories. In other words, Cyberoam limits rather than blocks nonproductive sites.

    Expressing his satisfaction, Mr. Yilmaz said, "Cyberoam Web filtering database is quite comprehensive. I completely trust Cyberoam to protect our network from the dark side of the Internet".

  • Complete Network Visibility with Cyberoam iView

    Cyberoam's on-appliance reporting offers visibility into user and system activity, allowing Mr. Yilmaz to take instant and preventive action to enhance web content security and productivity.

    Some of the key features include 4-eye Authentication, Traffic Discovery, Internet Bandwidth Usage Monitoring, Top Accessed Categories and Google Search Reports. To top it all, the Reporting module comes at no additional cost.

  • Assured Business Continuity

    Cyberoam provides best-in-class Multi Link Management feature. Cyberoam supports multiple rules and protocol based ISP Gateway Fail-over, ensuring uninterrupted business activities for Reis Makina. In addition, Cyberoam's Multiple ISP Load Balancing feature, backed by weighted round robin algorithm helps Mr. Yilmaz in optimal usage of the Multiple ISP Links to accelerate performance and cut operating costs.

  • Threat-free Remote Access

    Cyberoam offers the option of SSL VPN, IPSec VPN, LT2P and PPTP over its Network Security appliances, providing secure remote access to organizations. Cyberoam's Layer 8 aware VPN solution offers Identity and work profile-based access policies. Mr. Yilmaz said, "Cyberoam's SSL VPN solution is quite useful for people accessing the company's network resources from remote locations.".

  • To Conclude

    "Cyberoam has all the features that we were looking for. The best thing is that despite being loaded with tons of useful features, it works like a charm", said Mr. Yilmaz.