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Phu Thai CAT Banks on Cyberoam for Productive Security
About Phu Thai CAT, Engineering and Construction

Phu Thai Industries Company Limited, is the Authorized Vietnamese Dealer for Caterpillar Inc. the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines.

With a dedicated workforce of more than 250 employees, combining both local knowledge and international expertise, PHU THAI CAT is equipped to provide a complete product distribution network and comprehensive product support through an extensive facility network which includes 2 Sales and Administration Offices and 3 Product Support Centres.

The lack of perimeter defense made the network vulnerable to external threats.So they were in need of Gateway firewall solution for first layer protection of the entire network.

Mr. Philip Nguyen,
MIS Director,
Phu Thai CATD

The MIS Director at Phu Thai CAT, Mr. Philip Nguyen outlined the basic requirements saying, “Internet is one of the most business critical resources for our organization.”

Protecting the Network Periphery & Tough IPS

The Phu Thai CAT network basically comprised of web and mail servers and with no focused doorway security outline. The company contains the important data that can be possibly targeted by attacks from external entities and outside access attempts. The organization, therefore, needed a gateway firewall to regulate user authentication and access control.

Controlling Surfing Practices

Unmanaged Internet access presents many challenges and introduces unnecessary risk. With unmanaged internet access, employees were distracted by non-work related or unproductive activities. The organization needed to know who was accessing what sites and as such needed an identity based filter and reporting system that would include the users’ online behavioral audit.

Also, the use of bandwidth- intensive applications such as streaming media or the downloading of music or videos by few employees would slow or shut down entire organizational networks. Installing a content filtering solution can eliminate these problems.

Continuous Network Uptime

Data is an important aspect of business and from this perspective; the business goal is to have continuous business connectivity. The combination of both the solutions was needed to protect the network. Continuous Internet connectivity with no breakdown or downtime was the most important requirement for Phu Thai CAT. In this regard, their business goal was to achieve continuous network uptime.

Also, the organization was looking for a solution which could bridge the geographical distance between the head office and the branches so that users could securely connect from any location and use the organization’s resources.

The Cyberoam Solution

After scouring the market for the correct solution, Mr. Nguyen decided to go for a UTM solution. After careful evaluation and deliberation of multiple products, he chose Cyberoam as he found it to be a robust solution, an ideal mix of best-of-the-breed solutions and backed by strong proactive technical assistance. Phu Thai CAT deployed five (5) Cyberoam appliances all in gateway mode.

The deployment details are:

Appliance Details Location
CR50ia Bien Hoa - One (1), Hung Yen – One (1), Cam Pha – One (1)
CR100ia Ha Noi– One (1)
CR200i Ho Chi Minh – One (1)

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Identity-based Security

    Cyberoam UTM delivered unexpected value additions such as the award-winning identity-based security feature which provides full visibility of user activities in the network. To elaborate, after integrating Cyberoam into the Phu Thai CAT network infrastructure, MIS team implemented its Active Directory Services (ADS) to include all Phu Thai CAT Internet users in the database and implemented Single-sign-on functionality so their online activities could be further monitored.

  • Firewalll

    Erected between an organizational network and the Internet at large, Cyberoam firewall prevents a malicious attacker who has gained control of computers outside the organization's walls from gaining a foothold on the inside. Cyberoam Firewalls seem to make sense because there is always a "fire" burning somewhere on the Internet. Cyberoam ICSA and Checkmark Certified firewalls allow the network administrator to define a centralized "choke point" that keeps unauthorized users (i.e., hackers, crackers, vandals, and spies) out of the protected network, prohibits potentially vulnerable services from entering or leaving the protected network, and provides protection from various types of routing attacks.

  • Web Content Filtering

    Cyberoam’s 82+ category tough Web Content filtering technology kept the organization’s internet resources effectively focused. The Content filtering features makes sure that all P2P and Instant Messengers are blocked and that there is no breach of data.

    As soon as the appliance was in the network, the uncontrolled surfing stopped. Cyberoam ensures that all unproductive and potentially dangerous surfing is denied. Malware laced sites are all blocked and no unauthorized downloads are permitted.

  • Continuous Data Availability

    Driven by business need of organization’s connectivity over Internet, Phu Thai CAT has three (3) ISP links. Cyberoam’s Multi-Link Manager intelligently load balances the traffic and manages link failover between the three (3) broadband links. These links terminate on Cyberoam. The Multi-Link Manager constantly monitors the performance of the links. In case of a link failure, the load is automatically transferred to the working link, seamlessly, which leads to 100% Internet uptime, and round the clock availability of requisite bandwidth. So the organization gets a transparent multilink management with no human interference.

    Cyberoam’s SSL VPN solution bridged the geographical distances between the organisation’s branch and head offices. This now ensures that the user can connect securely from any location and use the organization’s resources. On the way, it also bridges our connectivity and productivity requirements. Cyberoam gives us productivity-promoting, business-friendly security,” Mr. Nguyen concluded.

  • Useful Reporting

    Cyberoam’s reporting feature gives overview of what the users are up to in the network, including blocked sites visited, time spent on each site. According to Mr. Nguyen, “This has led to increased productivity as the staff knows that they are being monitored or restricted from accessing blocked sites.”