Petroleum Services Company W.L.L Kuwait, Middle East
Petroleum Services Company Counts on EAL4+ Certified Cyberoam for Bandwidth Management
About Petroleum Services Company W.L.L, Oil and Petrochemical Services

Petroleum Services Company W.L.L. (PSC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sultan Ben Essa Sons Holding co. Their services range from sales and representation of international products, consultancy and Engineering service. PSC works towards supplying and servicing the industry. Over the years, they have developed a unique expertise in the market of specialized field of industries in oil, petrochemical, and power generation.

In conjunction with engineering and contracting companies, they undertake turnkey projects. Moreover, with the assistance of their subsidiaries and associate companies, they have the advantage of being able to provide additional support as and when required.

Petroleum Services Company deployed Cyberoam for Internet Bandwidth Management. Read more to know how EAL4+ certified Cyberoam, with its industry-leading networking and security features like Bandwidth Management, Web & Content Security and Email Security helped them fulfill their business requirements.

Mr. John Lobo
Petroleum Services Company

Being a leading and modern day service provider of oil, petrochemical, and power generation industry in Kuwait, the Internet helps them immensely in their day-to-day activities. With the heavy usage of the Internet in the company, its non-stop availability was of top most priority. "We were in need for a solution that would help us in easy and efficient management of our Internet bandwidth", said Mr. John Lobo, the IT Administrator at PSC.

According to Mr. Lobo, the issues that they faced were:

Internet Bandwidth Misuse

The Internet bandwidth is a very expensive and, at times, scarce resource for organizations. In a time when the businesses are growing rapidly, the dependence on the Internet is increasing two-fold. Mr. Lobo desired that enough bandwidth is available to all their employees, at all times. Hence, began the search for a bandwidth manager that could provide improvement in bandwidth utilization, and in effect could yield increased productivity. "We were looking for a bandwidth management solution that could help us prevent its misuse and help us in its optimal utilization", said Mr. Lobo.

The Cyberoam Solution

PSC was in search of a solution that could help them prevent bandwidth misuse and to ensure sufficient bandwidth availability for productive purposes, at all times. After careful evaluation of all the top network security products in the market, they found Cyberoam to be the ideal solution to address their business challenges. They purchased One (1) CR 200iNG Appliance and deployed it in Bridge Mode at their Head Office at Kuwait.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Network Bandwidth Managed

    Cyberoam's Bandwidth Management feature offers Identity-based bandwidth controls, preventing congestion and bandwidth abuse, optimizing bandwidth and delivering higher ROI. The solution prioritizes business-critical applications and users with granular Layer 7 and Layer 8 controls. In addition, Cyberoam's QoS feature allows the flexibility to implement bandwidth management policies on a number of criteria including User, Firewall Policy, Website, Web Category, Application or Application Category.

    Mr. Lobo says, "Cyberoam's bandwidth management offering is worth the investment. The ability to assign user and application based bandwidth saves us a great deal of time and the bandwidth itself".

  • Web and Content Security

    Cyberoam's Check Mark Level 5 certified security features deliver comprehensive network and data security while offering web protection, maintaining employee productivity, meeting regulatory compliance and preventing data leakage.

    Cyberoam provides a great deal of options to set surfing policies including user, user group, work function, web category and duration or time of the day. This in turn, delivers high flexibility in implementing web and content security policies.

    Coupled with Bandwidth Management, which ensures bandwidth availability and data transfer limit based on duration and schedule of access for specific web categories, Cyberoam limits rather than blocks non-productive sites.

    Moreover, Cyberoam Web Filtering blocks file uploads and downloads over HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, ensuring data leakage prevention and meeting HIPAA, CIPA, PCI DSS compliance requirements.

  • Email Security

    With industry leading Gateway Anti-Spam solution, Cyberoam protects organizations against data, compliance, productivity and financial risks. Cyberoam Gateway Anti-Spam offers 99% accuracy and a less than .0001% false positive rate, eliminating the risk of critical business mail loss. The solution covers all email protocols including SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. The Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD)- based Anti-Spam technology offers real-time Spam protection against zero-day Spam attacks that carry the highest threat level during the initial few hours.

    More importantly, it is one of few UTM vendors to provide Outbound Spam Protection. This protects organizations from recurring incidents of outbound spam in their networks thus avoiding consequences of outbound spam.

    Mr. Lobo happily quoted, "Since its deployment, Cyberoam has blocked thousands of Spam from hitting our mail server, saving us a lot of bandwidth".