PetroSetco Distribution Vietnam, Asia
Cyberoam Provides Secure Internet Access to PetroSetco Distribution
About PetroSetco Distribution, Retail Distribution

Petrosetco Distribution (PSD), a one-member limited liability subsidiary of Petrosetco is a leading distributor of Nokia mobile phones and other electronic telecommunication equipments for Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, BenQ, and Kingston.

PSD's mission is to bridge the distribution of genuine products by the brand prestige and fame to direct all agents across the country in the shortest time with high quality services to satisfy the most demand for increasing the product's consumers.

We needed a solution that would control unproductive and harmful surfing.

Mr. Le Dang Giao
Network Security Administrator PSD

The security scenario in PetroSetco Distribution stems from extensive use of Internet for managing their daily business activities. As internet being the backbone of the business, security over the business becomes the primary concern for the people at PetroSetco Distribution Distribution.

  • Confidential Data of their customers- Personal information of the customer is stored on their server as they order products on Secure Server.
  • Dealer’s Information - Also, dealer related information gathering functions, or other information regarding dealerships - such as geographical identifiers (like area codes, zipcodes) for area(s) served, type of business (retail/wholesale), telephone numbers, email addresses, and website URL's are also required.
  • Database - Database of the dealers & customers as they need to follow up the orders and requests.

Securing all the contractual and confidential data which reside on their network was a high priority for them.

According to Le Dang Giao, Network Security Administrator at PSD, “We needed a solution that would control unproductive and harmful surfing”. The company was facing the following security and connectivity challenges related to its business activities.

Securing the Periphery & Strong IPS

Mr. Le Dang Giao wanted a solution that would control the entire Internet traffic and set up boundaries between the internal networks and the outside world. Servers in the internal networks hosted sensitive information related to customer’s data, dealers information and employee private details, which had to be protected.

Also, the sensitive servers were under constant threat from spyware, DoS attacks, fragmented and malformed packets, blended threats and more. Therefore, they needed a strong IPS solution which would be capable in retorting these threats.

Monitor Website Access

The organization wanted to monitor and restrict its users from accessing unproductive sites such as Music, Video, Social networking & Streaming media. Phishing, Pharming and nasty Websites also needed to be plugged away. Content filtering was needed to protect the users from accessing futile or deceitful websites.

Opening up access to all these futile and deceitful sites for all users resulted in bandwidth getting “choked”. They were not able to allocate bandwidth to individual users and groups of people from different departments and units. Bandwidth must be managed and prioritized to achieve maximum business advantage. They wanted to ensure productive use of bandwidth. In case of blended threats, the Mr. Le Dang Giao was looking for a solution that could block all illicit download over the Internet along with reporting feature for showing graphs and traffic results on specific sites accessed by staff.

The Cyberoam Solution

PSD looked into a number of security products including Fortinet in order to address their business challenges. The search was on for an appliance which would take care of their all above requirements. The company then deployed One (1) CR 100ia at the head office in Gateway mode.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • User Integrationy

    Cyberoam UTM adds up with a unique identity-based security solution which protects against insider threats by giving absolute visibility into “Who is doing What” in the network and allows creation of user identity-based policies. Mr. Le Dang Giao used Cyberoam’s Active Directory (AD) facility to achieve the task of integrating PSD’s users in the network through a wizard to trade in users.

  • The Barricade of Fire – Firewalll

    Cyberoam firewall is ICSA and Checkmark certified - provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. This helps to determine if a data packet should be permitted or discarded through the firewall to the internal LAN.

    Mr. Le Dang Giao used default IPS policies from the firewall rule to protect the network from DoS and spoofing attacks and other exploits. He also used IPS to protect their network, customer’s information, dealer’s information, their price list, and other confidential data from intrusion attempts.

    With a comprehensive database of 3000+ IPS signatures, Mr. Le Dang Giao now feels that the organizations data is well protected from several variants of spyware attacks, spoofing and DoS attacks in addition to keyloggers, Trojans and more. Cyberoam’s hardnosed promise to security and protection aided them perk up their network efficiency and performance.

  • Premium Filtering & Bandwidth Management

    “With Cyberoam’s Content Filtering Solution we can tailor, the web filtering policies to suit our needs,” notes Mr. Le Dang Giao. “We can even make customized policies and quickly push them out to the users. Plus, by eliminating traffic to undesirable sites, we can free up bandwidth for legitimate office activities.” With a database powered with 82 categories and more than 44 million sites, Mr. Le Dang Giao has matchless flexibility to configure security policies.

    Cyberoam also filters the usage of HTTPS based sites with the help of its keyword and URL filtering techniques as well as Signature based detection technique. Moreover, to control knave employees, SSL traffic filtering can be applied on individual user or group of users, single URL, group of URLs or entire URL category.

  • Superior Reporting

    Mr. Le Dang Giao adds, “We were unquestionably very pleased with this reporting module. Gaining simple view into applications with user name, source, destination, extent of usage, enabling them to zero in on naive users and systems easily is the best part of Cyberoam UTM.”

  • To Round it Off

    Cyberoam gave PSD the choice to implement a single-window security connectivity set-up across their whole enterprise infrastructure. Discussing regarding his Cyberoam experience, Mr. Le Dang Giao commented, “We are more than happy with the service which has been provided.”