Pemda Depok Indonesia, Asia
Pemda Depok – A Government Body Relies on Cyberoam for its Security
About Pemda Depok, Government Body

In 1976, a Local Government Body in Depok City began construction of housing followed by the construction of campus of the University of Indonesia (UI), as well as increased trade and Services more rapidly for the society’s prosperity.

Their main vision is to build and manage infrastructure facilities and adequate infrastructure evenly and improve the quality of family, education, health and society's prosperity.

The lack of perimeter defense made the network vulnerable to external threats such as Denial-of-service attacks and IP spoofing. So they were in need of Gateway firewall and Intrusion Prevention solution for first layer protection of the entire network.

Mr. Agus Setiawan
IT Head
Pemda Depoks

Below mentioned are the challenges faced by Pemda Depok related to its business activities:

Securing the Periphery & Warding off Intrusion Attacks

Mr. Agus Setiawan, the IT Head at Pemda Depok wanted a solution that would control the entire Internet traffic and establish clear-cut boundaries between the internal networks and the outside world. Servers in the internal networks hosted sensitive information related to their projects and employee private details, which had to be protected.

They were also looking for an IPS tool to minimize the chances of cyber-criminals gaining visibility of internal network resources through hacking, remote exploits, Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and other unpredictable attacks. The management was concerned that even a single successful intrusion could lead to unbearable consequences for their business. Therefore, they needed a strong Firewall & IPS solution which would be capable in retorting these threats.

Spam Problem

Organizations are also one of the main targets for unsolicited email and same is the case with Pemda Depok. Almost 70 percent of all email messages received by Pemda Depok were spam. Junk email is not just a drain on organization’s email resources, it is also the channel through which many viruses, worms and other forms of malware are spread. This unrelenting rise in spam and unsolicited commercial email was having a detrimental effect at Pemda Depok. So, they were looking for an anti-spam solution with high spam catch rate which would scan mails across all protocols including SMTP, POP3 and IMAP and keep false positive rate low.

Regulating Surfing Behavior

As one of their most critical issues, Pemda Depok wanted to raise workplace productivity by putting a complete end to indiscriminate Internet surfing by its internal users. It also wanted the solution to ensure precious bandwidth is not wasted on downloads of audio, video and streaming files and nuisance applications like Yahoo Messenger and instead, diverted to more productive use. Moreover, Mr. Setiawan knew, unbridled surfing represented an added layer of threat through malicious sites such as phishing and pharming which had to be resolved.

The Cyberoam Solution

After scouring the market for the correct solution, Mr. Setiawan decided to go for a UTM solution. After careful evaluation and deliberation of multiple products, he chose Cyberoam as he found it to be a robust solution, an ideal mix of best-of-the-breed solutions and backed by strong proactive technical assistance.

Pedma Depok deployed five (5) Cyberoam appliances all in gateway mode.

The deployment details are:

Appliance Details Location
CR25ia DISDUKCAPIL - One (1)
CR200i KOMINFO – One (1), DISDUKCAPIL – One (1), Taxation – One (1)
CR1000i KOMINFO – One (1)

  • Firewall & Stopping Intrusions

    Pemda Depok operates Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark Certified Perimeter Firewall between the Internet and the organization’s network to establish a secure environment for the organization’s computer and network resources. Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam UTM can counter any Denial of Service attack. Mr. Setiawan now felt the network is secure.

  • Spam Free Internet

    Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified Anti-Spam solution offers 98% protection against zero-hour attacks with .0001% false positive rate, minimizing the threat of business mail loss.

    Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) powered signature-less anti-spam technology works instantly on deployment, with the least human intervention and is language independent. Also, Reputation-based filtering makes decisions based on comprehensive information about the source of the message. Reputation filters rely on objective data to assess the probability that a message from any given IP address is spam. This saves a lot of bandwidth & protects users from spam, viruses, phishing, and spyware threats.

    Moreover, it also blocks spam in any language regardless of the content, e.g. image, audio, video or zip-based spam. The anti-spam feature is also equipped with Virus Outbreak Detection. This protects the organization against any zero day attack.

  • Web Content Filtering

    Cyberoam’s 82+ category tough Web Content filtering technology kept the organization’s internet resources effectively focused. The Content filtering feature makes sure that all P2P and Instant Messengers are blocked and that there is no breach of data. Cyberoam helps manage employee access to websites, minimizing lost time on the internet, and lowering operating costs. It also helps enforce internet usage policies based on bandwidth needs to prevent business losses and other issues that result from limited access to mission-critical applications.

  • Conclusion

    "Cyberoam UTM is comprehensive security solution. It not only boosts connectivity and productivity, but it also prevents significant Internet bandwidth wastage,” says Mr. Setiawan.