PathCare, Nigeria, Africa
PathCare Nigeria Relies on Cyberoam for Efficient Inter-Office Communication
About PathCare, HealthCare

PathCare Nigeria commenced operations from its Central Laboratory in Lagos in October 2004 with the objective of making a positive impact on the health of Nigerians. It provides pathology services of an international standard. It is the first ISO accredited (ISO 15189) medical laboratory in West Africa. It is committed to provide fast, accurate and reliable results by adhering to strict quality assurance programs and constantly monitoring its operations.

PathCare hosts an Email Server, terminal server and EMR application in their network that has clients connected from 14 locations. Hence, Internet plays a vital role for their business.


“Since Internet plays a vital role for their business, continuous and secured connectivity is one of the major necessities.”

Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju
IT Manager

Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju, the IT Manager at PathCare Nigeria said, "Since Internet plays a vital role for their business, continuous and secured connectivity is one of the major necessities."

The security issues that they faced were:

No Connectivity between Offices

Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju said, "There was no VPN solution that could connect our remote offices with the Head Office. As a result, the resources at the head office could not be accessed. Moreover, often our inter-office communications were solely dependent on MPLS links that connected various offices, but were very expensive. Hence, we faced many difficulties in communication, holding back our business benefits."

Flooding Spam Mails

Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju wanted to control the downpour of Spam mails onto the network. He was highly annoyed with these mails as they not only flooded the inboxes but also affected the employee's productivity. Moreover, they even occupied unnecessary space on the server, leading to choked bandwidth. Also, some Emails contained malware which walked into the network quietly causing needless network issues.

Unlimited Internet Usage

Often Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju felt that an invaluable resource, Internet, was not utilized productively. There was a high probability of employees getting diverted from their tasks by accessing social networking sites, downloading/uploading videos, music and doing other non-work related activities. As a result, many times legitimate applications could not be accessed due to inadequate bandwidth. Moreover, some websites were malware-laden that entered the network secretly and caused destruction, affecting productivity.

Bandwidth Clogging

Many a times the available bandwidth was used in non-productive tasks like: upload/download of music, videos, games and accessing other bandwidth hungry websites. This affected the business to such an extent that genuine websites became almost inaccessible and the speed of the network also became slow. Hence, deficiency of bandwidth had a bad impact on productivity.

The Cyberoam Solution

PathCare Nigeria considered and had demos of many solutions including Netgear, Cisco and Linksys to meet their security requirements. But of all, they found Cyberoam to be the best with respect to functionality and budget. They purchased Ten (10) appliances and deployed all in Gateway Mode. The models and locations of the appliances are given below.

Appliance Model No. of Appliances Location Office Type
CR100ia 1 Victoria Island, Lagos Head Office
CR25ia 8 Ibadan, Warri, Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt Branch Offices
CR15iNG 1 Lagos Branch Office

Post deployment of Cyberoam in their network they found the following benefits:

  • Availability of Secured Inter-Office Connection

    Cyberoam's VPN bridges the geographical distances between the head office, remote user, and the branch offices. It ensures secure connectivity in a way that no invader can intervene with the data by any means. Also, its Threat-free Tunneling Technology assures that no malware slips into the network. Moreover, its VPN connection failover feature offers continuous connectivity for IPSec and L2TP connections across multiple ISP gateways.

    Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju said, "Cyberoam has enabled us to use VPN, reducing the dependency of expensive MPLS solutions to a great extent. It has also improved communication and increased operational efficiencies of the organization".

  • Spam Mails Blocked at the Entrance

    Cyberoam's Gateway Anti-Spam solution provides Recurrent Pattern Detection Technology that is content and language agnostic. Moreover it provides protection against foreign characters and image-based Spam with almost no cases of false positives. Finally, its Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD) feature protects the network against real-time massive virus outbreaks.

    Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju said, "Cyberoam's Anti-Spam solution has taken care of the Spam mails, providing clean and spam free inbox."

  • Limited Internet Usage

    Cyberoam's Web Filtering solution blocks the undesirable content with its comprehensive database of 82+ categories so that no one can access them. Thus, it protects the employees from harmful content like porn and violence. Cyberoam's Application Filtering blocks all malware-laden sites, P2P, IMs, illegal audio, video, streaming media and other bandwidth-intensive download. Moreover, Cyberoam with its identity-based filtering, allows the administrator to create schedules and assign Internet access policies, and bandwidth restrictions to individual user based on a certain criteria.

    Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju said, "Cyberoam's Web and Application Filtering solution has blocked the non-productive web sites and harmful content, increasing productivity."

  • Bandwidth Managed

    Cyberoam provides identity-based bandwidth allocation which prioritizes business-critical applications, ensuring smooth business continuity. Moreover, it helps Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju to create schedules and policies based on the designation and need of the employees. This controls the time in which the staff can have access to the Internet and limits the volume of data which an employee can upload, download or both.

    Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju said, "Cyberoam's Bandwidth Management enables us to manage the available bandwidth wisely and efficiently".

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Oladimeji Lagunju said, "Cyberoam is a good product, providing all the required functionalities within our budget. It has also helped us to achieve Return on Investment."