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Parul Group of Institutes Trusts Cyberoam for Complete Network Security
About Parul Group of Institutes, Education

Parul Group of Institutes is a group of 17 self-financed Institutes with Engineering, Pharmacy, Ayurved, Management, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, and Education faculties. These institutes are located in Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Rajkot, in campuses sprawled across 100 acres, with more than 15000 students and 1000 teachers.

Parul, a registered Trust, was established in 1990 by Dr. Jayeshbhai K. Patel, a man of great vision and acumen who has gone to a great extent to achieve his goals. The primary goal of the Trust is to ensure the rights to “education, health and employment” to the most underprivileged strata of society.

The Trust is driven by the philosophy that 'knowledge is the most solid means of empowerment'. Some of their endeavours include three Homoeopathic Medical Colleges, two Engineering Colleges, two Polytechnics and one Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology in various districts of Gujarat. Along with the above, the Trust also has two Pharmacy Colleges, MCA and MBA programmes and an Institute of Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

We wouldn‟t want our students to be exposed to any kinds of cyber threats that constantly loom over the internet

Mr. Snehal Darji
Systems Head
Parul Group of Institutes

Nowadays, Internet is extensively used in educational institutions for the benefit of students as well as faculty. Internet is a mammoth repository of information through which students and faculty can carry out extensive research in their fields of study and expertise. Furthermore, Internet allows institutions to have a global presence and attract students from all over the world. Through E-Learning and Distance Education, institutions can provide quality education to students globally. Hence, it is an ideal platform for Parul Institute to achieve its goal of ensuring quality education to as many students as possible.

According to Mr. Snehal Darji, Systems Head at Parul Institute, they were facing the following network security and connectivity challenges.

Insecure Network Gateway

It is the responsibility of any institution to provide its students with secure and hassle-free internet access. “We wouldn‟t want our students to be exposed to any kinds of cyber threats that constantly loom over the internet” said Mr. Darji. Hence, the topmost priority of Parul Institute was to have an effective security mechanism in place at the Network Gateway itself. This would barricade the entire network from various forms of spyware, DoS attacks, fragmented and malformed packets, blended threats and more.

Business Continuity Concerns

One major requirement of Parul Institute was constant connectivity. “Any downtime in our Internet connection would create quite a hassle among students and teachers alike” said Mr. Darji. To avoid dependency upon a single link, they have 2 ISP links. So, balancing the internet traffic between the 2 links, and automatic failover in case one link went down was a critical need.

Unruly Web Surfing

Although Internet is a tremendous tool for research and communication, it also acted as the biggest distraction to students. In the absence of restrictions on Internet surfing, students were tempted to download bandwidth-intensive music and video files, and constantly surf unproductive sites like social networking sites. Mr. Darji wanted to establish effective measures to control access to the Internet and protect the students from accessing unproductive or dangerous websites. Also, he needed a decent reporting solution that would help him to keep track of internet usage patterns of the students.

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Darji was in the lookout for a network security solution that would take care of all their requirements and would give a good ROI. After scrutinizing a number of products, he zeroed in on Cyberoam. The institution then deployed One (1) CR500i at their Main Server in the Parul Group of Institutes Campus, in Gateway Mode.

After deployment, they noticed the following improvements:

  • Network Gateway Secured

    Cyberoam's firewall, ICSA and Checkmark certified, provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam UTM can counter any network-based attack. Mr. Darji now felt the network is secure.

  • Malware and Spam Kept at Bay

    Cyberoam UTM's Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solutions ensure real-time protection against Viruses, Worms, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware and other blended threats. Network attacks are a thing of the past as Cyberoam delivers clean web and mail traffic to the Parul Institute network.

    Cyberoam's Gateway Anti-Spam solution has a spam catch rate of over 98%. Spam is almost completely eradicated from incoming mail traffic using 3 technologies:

    • IP Reputation: Doesn't allow entry of mails from suspicious sources.
    • Recurrent Pattern Detection: Blocks spam in any language regardless of the content, e.g. image, audio, video or zip-based spam.
    • Real-time Blacklists: Bars entry of mail traffic from blacklisted sources which is updated at real time.

    “After deploying Cyberoam, we saw an overnight drop in the volume of junk mail, and that led to an immediate freeing up of our network bandwidth,” said Mr. Darji.

  • Maximum Network Uptime

    Academic need of college connectivity over Internet compelled Parul Institute to have 2 ISP links. Cyberoam's Multi-Link Load Balancing and Automated Failover intelligently manage both these links. The load of the entire Internet traffic is effectively balanced among the 2 links. In case of failure of one link, the entire traffic is redirected to a backup link ensuring continuous Internet connectivity and maximum network uptime.

  • Controlled Web Surfing

    Cyberoam's 82+ categories tough Web Content filtering technology kept the colleges' internet resources effectively focused. The Content filtering feature makes sure that all P2P and Instant Messengers are blocked and that there is no breach of data. Cyberoam helps manage students and staff‟s access to websites, minimizing lost time on the internet, and lowering operating costs. It also helps enforce internet usage policies based on bandwidth needs to prevent business losses and other issues that result from limited access to mission-critical applications.

  • Knowing “Who is Doing What”

    “Comprehensive Reporting is one of Cyberoam's most celebrated features,” said Mr. Darji. The sophisticated monitoring and reporting mechanism helps him and his team to perform regular and accurate in-depth risk assessment. Reports available enable him to modify access policies based on the academic requirements. The On-Appliance reporting module includes features like Traffic Discovery, Internet Bandwidth Usage Monitors, Top Accessed Categories and Google Search Reports, which enhance the visibility of a user's online behavior.

  • Rounding it Up

    Expressing his satisfaction after deployment of Cyberoam in Parul Institute's network, Mr. Darji said,” Cyberoam has given us the best value against money.”