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Cyberoam UTM: One Box Security Solution for Paras Pharmaceutical
About Paras Pharma, Pharmaceutical

Based in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India), Paras Pharmaceutical Ltd. was founded in 1980. The company has consistently launched successful pharmaceutical, cosmetic and healthcare products like Moov, BoroSoft, DermiCool, ItchGuard, Livon, Mrs. Marino, Recova, Ring Guard, Stopache, D'cold and Krack. A carefully selected line of attack has helped it exploit the market gaps.

Paras' strong national distribution network comprising C&F agents and 1700 stockists enable it to cater to more than 8 lakh retail outlets. With a manufacturing facility located in Himachal Pradesh, Paras enjoys a global presence in 45 countries.

The company felt a need for secure Internet connectivity and a VPN solution to create a secure network infrastructure for its present as well as future business needs.

At least half of your mail traffic was spam which we wished to sanitise. Like any other corporate, we also intended to inculcate productive and safe surfing habits in our employees. We were looking for a one box Security, Productivity and Connectivity solution.

Mr. V.V. Iyer
IT Manager
Paras Pharma

Mr. Vaidyanathan V. Iyer, Manager-IT, says: “Our requirement in the initial phase of the project included deploying Firewall, Content Filtering, Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti- Spam solutions, Multiple Link and Bandwidth Management. After post-deployment stabilization, in the second phase, we want to create a DMZ and relocate all our application servers, including the ERP server, to it. The servers should be accessible to users at the manufacturing facility over the VPN.”

The manufacturing plant at Himachal Pradesh and the Head Office at Ahmedabad had two WAN links each. Mr. Iyer wanted a dedicated WAN link for mail traffic and another dedicated link for Internet surfing at both these locations.

He needed the bandwidth management solution primarily to ensure proper bandwidth allocation and secondly to check bandwidth abuse by users through indiscriminate surfing and potentially harmful downloads. The latter required a Content Filtering solution.

“At least 30 to 40 percent of our inbound mail traffic was spam. Every day, our inbox was inundated with unwanted and, at times, embarrassing mails! The problem got aggravated because users were actually opening spam emails to read them. Our users were at a high risk of phishing attempts. Also, the incoming spam led to unacceptably high storage costs for the organization. An efficient Anti-Spam solution was badly needed in the system", informs Mr. Iyer.

Viruses and malware entering through emails and due to unrestricted surfing and downloads posed another big threat to the network. They severely impacted the speed and also ate into the organization's bandwidth. Frequent system crashes increased the number of calls to the IT helpdesk.

"We are a Pharmaceutical company, not an IT company. We were looking at a one-stop solution to our problems which was easy-to-use and configure. Multiple boxes in the network add to the complexity. We wanted a single box solution," says Mr. Iyer.

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Iyer was familiar with Cyberoam from his previous organization which also used Cyberoam UTM for Internet security, "I knew it was dependable and would deliver a unified solution for all our needs."

Paras deployed a CR25i Cyberoam appliance at its HO in Ahmedabad and a CR50i appliance at Himachal Pradesh. Both were installed in Gateway (route) mode.
After the Cyberoam installations, the entire mail traffic is routed through the VSNL link while the Internet traffic is routed through another ISP link at both these locations. Cyberoam's Bandwidth Management features including application/protocol, source/destination IP and time/schedule-based bandwidth management, ensured maximum bandwidth optimization at Paras.

Cyberoam's identity-based Content Filtering solution allowed Mr. Iyer to create user identity-based rules based on the work profile. The Content Filtering solution has a comprehensive database of URLs, classified into 82 categories, giving powerful protection against unproductive surfing. Malicious download, spyware and malware are rare in the organization's network now.

Cyberoam's Gateway Anti-Virus covers Web surfing (HTTP), downloads (FTP), and mailing (SMTP, IMAP, POP3) in its scanning ambit, blocking all unwanted and harmful traffic at the perimeter. The Gateway Anti-Spam solution of Cyberoam delivers a virus outbreak protection. This feature ensures that Paras Pharma’s network is tightly secured even in case of mail-based Zero Day attack. Apart from offering clean inboxes, the Anti-Spam feature made sure that no business mails were treated as Spam. Strong spam rules were put in place but Mr. Iyer did not have to worry about the loss of any business mail as Cyberoam's Anti-Spam solution has the industry’s best false positive rate – 0.000006%. The virus and spam quarantine feature ensures that no important business emails are lost. Self-Service quarantine feature removes users’ dependency on the administrator to check their quarantined mails.

Paras Pharmaceutical has successfully blocked the Instant Messaging application on its network. Cyberoam’s application and content filtering features block all attempts to access and download IM sites. Intrusion Detection and Prevention feature ensures that if any user manages to get an IM installer, the application gets blocked at the perimeter level.

The application servers of Paras Pharma are under development. Once they are ready, a DMZ zone will be created and the application servers will be deployed in it. The manufacturing facility at Himachal Pradesh and the Head Office in Ahmedabad will then be connected over a leased line through a VPN tunnel.

“I have known Cyberoam for the past four years as a trustworthy network security solution that provides total security with ease of management in a single box and high Return over Investments,” Mr. Iyer.