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Cyberoam Provides Security and Reliability to Oundle School
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Oundle School is situated in the quintessentially English market town from which it takes its name. The School's buildings, dating from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century, are dispersed throughout the town, which is, to a large extent, its campus. As a result, pupils pass through the streets continually as they go to lessons, games or other activities, and are not isolated from the local community.

The School's history goes back to 1556 when Sir William Laxton, Master of the Worshipful Company of Grocers and Lord Mayor of London, endowed and refounded the original Oundle Grammar School, of which he was a former pupil.

With bright new minds trolling the Internet, the school needed to ensure that their innocence was well protected.

It’s what a device like Cyberoam should be, plugin and forget, knowing that it will simply do the job that it’s been deployed to do.

Mr. Ian Peacock
Computer Services Director
Oundle School

Mr. Ian Peacock, Computer Services Director at Oundle School in Peterborough, was looking for a solution to replace his aging hardware, which was purchased 5 years earlier. Content filtering was one of the major factors when deciding on a new security solution, which was needed to protect the school’s 1000+ pupils from accessing unproductive or dangerous websites.

In case of blended threats, the Director was looking for a solution that could block all unauthorized download over the Internet. All Phishing, Pharming and malicious Websites need to be plugged. “As a Boarding School we required appropriate content filtering for all the pupils,” said Mr. Peacock.

The school authorities were also looking for an ideal solution that could cater to their compliance and reporting needs. The school authorities not only wanted harmful content locked out, but also wanted an audit trail of all the Internet activity for internal audit. They wanted a solution that could provide them with total visibility of all network events.

One other UTM was tried before the Cyberoam appliance, but it performed poorly on its web filtering, as well as its reliability. Some errant students were able to bypass the filtering by using Web based third party proxies for anonymous surfing.

The Cyberoam Solution

After speaking to Cambridgeshire based IT security specialists, Breathe Technology, he took delivery of a Cyberoam CR1500i evaluation unit. It is integrated with the Active Directory server for user authentication.

Mr Peacock found that the URL filtering was among the best available. Cyberoam’s Web filtering is strongly supported by more than 44 million websites neatly
categorized in 82 filtering categories. Web content filtering feature was easy to set up, with minimal adjustments, easy to manage without the need of additional IT support.

All harmful and malicious sites are safely out-of-bounds for the students. All third party proxies and other modes of surreptitious browsing are plugged. Unauthorised and harmful downloads are blocked. Cyberoam provides content filtering over HTTP and HTTPS. Hence the full web spectrum is covered. Cyberoam’s application layer filtering allows enterprises control over IM and P2P applications like Yahoo, Skype, MSN and more.

Cyberoam’s unique identity-based aspect to the Cyberoam UTM device allows Oundle School to easily set policies for different individuals or groups of users, allowing teachers and staff to have different access rights than the students. ”Post- Cyberoam, we have configured the web filtering policies to match the user’s functional requirements. So the security is transparent, productive and effective. Surfing quota time limits has also be put in place in order to allow access to non productive surfing during certain hours of the day.

Cyberoam also came with the added bonus - its inbuilt reporting functionally. Every student and staff Internet user’s internet activity could be closely monitored, with any compromising activity being stopped and an alert being sent to both the user and the administrator.

The CR1500i’s user-based bandwidth management feature ensures that the bandwidth is well managed amongst all the students. Category-wise bandwidth management controls the bandwidth utilization prudently and stops any heavy downloading from a minority of students compromising the bandwidth for the rest of the school.

The Cyberoam solution has performed so well, that Oundle School is looking into activating the Antivirus, Antispam and Intrusion Prevention System features in the near future. The modular setup allows the school to add features at a time that suits them, and when the budget allows.

Mr. Peacock concluded, “The Cyberoam CR1500i has performed extremely well and also more importantly has required no maintenance. It’s what a device like this should be, plug-in and forget knowing that it will simply do the job that it’s been deployed to do.”