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CCMS Aids NetActivity in Exploring Managed Services as a Revenue-Generating Business Venture
About NetActivity, IT Solutions

NetActivity is a leading provider of IT Managed Services in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, USA. It provides VOIP Services, IT Support and Cloud Services to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the area.

Mr. Harry Bhatia, the founder of Net Activity, has 20 years of experience in IT. From the times of Windows 2.x to Windows 2008, he has a vast networking experience. Harry has been involved in planning and migrating a very large number of users for Westinghouse and other organizations. His clients included DLJ New York, Dow Chemicals, Pepsi, EDS, KeyBank, Goodyear, and others. With his background in IT and business he has been able to bridge the gap to establish how IT can support business needs for their clients.

Mr. Harry Bhatia, the founder of Net Activity, has 20 years of experience in IT. With his background in IT and business he has been able to bridge the gap to establish how IT can support business needs for their clients.

Harry Bhatia

NetActivity has been an Authorized Cyberoam Partner since July, 2012 with a significant contribution to Cyberoam sales in their region during this period. On purchase of a Cyberoam Appliance, NetActivity provides Deployment Services to the customers, and post-sales Troubleshooting and Support Services. They managed all customer Cyberoam Appliances by accessing them remotely using customer credentials.

The issues that they faced were as follows:

Routine Tasks Consumed too Much Time and Effort

Since NetActivity engineers managed all Client Cyberoam Appliances manually, they had to give separate attention to every Appliance individually resulting in simple and repetitive tasks becoming time consuming and labour intensive. For each Appliance, they indulged in routine tasks like:

- Firmware and Signature Updates
- Overall Appliance Health Check-up
- Maintaining configuration backups of the appliance
- Maintaining records of customer IP Address and credentials
- General Troubleshooting

High CapEx and OpEx: Bottleneck to Become Security Service Provider

Providing specialized managed security services to customers required building of a high-tech Security Operations Center (SOC) involving high Capital Expenditure (CapEx). This proved to be a deterrent factor for Mr. Bhatia in exploring managed services as a revenue-generating projection of his business.

Furthermore, the time and resources involved in managing individual client Appliances increased Operational Expenditure (OpEx). Sometimes, they needed to send out their engineers to the client site to troubleshoot certain complicated issues that could not be resolved using their own infrastructure, which added to the OpEx.

The Cyberoam Solution

Cyberoam’s On-Cloud Management Service (CCMS) is able to deal with NetActivity’s above mentioned issues and more. CCMS provides an easy-to-use, time-and-resource-saving tool that is used to manage NetActivity’s Cyberoam Inventory.

The benefits that NetActivity noticed after using CCMS are:

  • Optimized Time and Resource Management

    CCMS helps NetActivity’s engineers to easily manage all customer Appliances in a better way, in lesser time and cost. The benefits of using CCMS are:

    - No need to manage each appliance separately. CCMS allows them to group similar appliances and push any configuration or security policies to all appliances in a group simultaneously.
    - It allows bulk upgrades of Firmware and Signatures in multiple Appliances as compared to upgrading each appliance individually.
    - CCMS can be configured to take automatic backup of Appliances’ configuration and stores them on the cloud. This eliminates their need to take backups manually and maintain them in their local servers.
    - There is no longer any need to maintain customer’s sensitive information like IPs, credentials, etc. separately. All that they need to remember is the CCMS login credentials.
    - CCMS provides the facility of easy and flexible troubleshooting of client Appliances remotely.

  • No CapEx, OpEx Bottlencks

    CCMS provides a FREE on-cloud Security Operations Center (SOC) with a ready-to-use and mostly automated infrastructure.

    It considerably reduces the cost of maintenance per appliance because most of the tasks involved are automated or require minimal configuration. Also, CCMS reduces site-visit costs by allowing troubleshooting and issue resolution remotely.

  • Proactive, Flexible Support to Customers

    CCMS ensures that alerts for subscription expiry, Anti Virus Attacks, unhealthy surfing patterns and the like are sent to administrators well before time. This enables them to provide Proactive Support to customers, informing them of anything worrisome in their network which needs to be taken care of before it causes trouble. This is opposed to their previous Reactive approach wherein engineers either had to manually keep track of each Appliance under him/her or could only provide services after the crisis has struck.

  • New Business Opportunity -Recurring Revenue Model

    NetActivity has harnessed CCMS’s potential of providing timely, efficient managed services and built a Recurring Revenue Model out of it. Using CCMS, NetActivity provides Firewall As a Service facilities to their customers, making it a revenue-generating projection of his business. On the other hand, they use CCMS to monitor and manage customer’s network and VPN connections.

  • To Conclude

    “CCMS is a great Central Management and Monitoring Solution. Similar solutions from SonicWall and others cost a great deal of money, while Cyberoam has given a better version of it for FREE”, said Mr. Bhatia.