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Cyberoam UTM Provides Non-Stop Business Security and Connectivity to NDMC
About New Delhi Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation Govt. Organization

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is the Municipal Council of India’s Capital City - New Delhi. The NDMC regulates and superintends all matters pertaining to taxations, budgeting, revenue, accounts, contracts, audits, sanitation and public health, streets and public safety, etc. In other words, NDMC is directly responsible for the well being of the entire population that resides in New Delhi.

NDMC has installed computers in various departments, offices and in NDMC schools. It has set up an IT Infrastructure to provide a back bone to the entire administration and back office operations. It has designed and developed customized software for various departments of NDMC such as Health, Civil, Commercial, Accounts Departments and more.

NDMC resolved to intensify its efforts in providing better civic services to the citizens and a multitude of visiting patrons from all over the country and overseas.

We required a Unified solution that met our business security, productivity and connectivity requirements. Unified, because we want a solution that meets our expectations and is easy to configure and affordable to maintain.

Mr. K Murugan
Deputy Director, IT

NDMC was already using Cisco PIX. They wanted to replace this legacy firewall and also wanted to protect their 15 servers. A legacy firewall solution only cannot control indiscriminate surfing and blended threats originating on the Web. One of the main challenges faced was “unproductive” use of internet bandwidth. Opening up access to these sites for all users resulted in bandwidth getting “choked”. Hence selective blocking of sites was required. Elucidating about NDMC’s Internet security needs, Mr. K Murugan, the Deputy Director of IT at NDMC said, “We needed a gateway level solution for three specific purposes.” He explained NDMC’s requirements:

  • NDMC wished to replace its legacy firewall because the firewall has limited efficacy in combating blended threats.
  • For total business connectivity, the corporation has three ISP links. So they needed bandwidth management, multiple links load-balancing and link fail-over solutions. Load balancing was a key requirement as they used to carry out manual load sharing using static routes.
  • NDMC tried ISA Server 2000. However ISA Server could not manage network traffic. In the absence of web filtering and access accountability, the little bandwidth that was left was consumed by unrestricted surfing. This proved detrimental to the organization’s productivity. Lack of Internet usage accountability led to malicious sites being surfed, which in turn infected the organizations network. So they needed a good content filtering solution.

Talking about a consolidated solution, Mr. Murugan added, “We required a Unified solution that met our business security, productivity and connectivity requirements. Unified, because we want a solution that meets our expectations and is easy to configure and affordable to maintain.”

The Cyberoam Solution

After a demo of Cyberoam, his satisfaction culminated in the purchase of a Cyberoam 1000i appliance, which was deployed in gateway mode in their Delhi Head Office. Nearly 15 publicly accessible servers are placed behind Cyberoam which cater to their municipal school, all the mail servers and web servers.

Using the firewall feature, Mr. Murugan defined the Access Control List to the 15 servers deployed in the DMZ. This helps the corporation to regulate the people who can access the servers. The data on the servers is highly critical in nature. Any compromise can lead to serious interruption in the corporation’s functioning. Hence Cyberoam plays a tremendously vital security role by protecting the organization’s entire network. The solution provides granular access controls over Internet and the network resources. The firewall also provided a central point of control over the UTM security features making the solution user-friendly.

NDMC has deployed Cyberoam in gateway mode; all the three ISP links terminate directly on to Cyberoam. As per their bandwidth capacity, the links have been assigned 2, 4 and 10 weights respectively. Using the load balancing feature, NDMC trifurcated the Internet traffic between all the three links to guarantee continuous and total business connectivity. As the organization had 1000 internet users they required continuous business connectivity. Cyberoam’s multiple links load balancing and gateway failover helps them to make optimal use of their ISP links. The ISP link failover feature, ensures that the organization has end-to-end connectivity in case of a link failure. Using multiple complex failover rules, the administrator is able to achieve failover of the ISP link for its true business requirements.

Cyberoam’s Web filtering module also helped the organisation block inappropriate and unsafe Web content, including phishing and pharming sites. In addition to using the predefined categories, custom categories are created which the organisation wanted to block specifically. So the organisation has been able to block certain sites as per their requirements. Content filtering is implemented using user identity-based policies. According to the user’s productive need and corporate hierarchy, the user is provided selective access. Except a few senior executives, all the web mails and instant messaging sites are blocked for all the basic users. Internet access policies are custom designed to meet the professional requirements of the employees. Cyberoam provided an excellent content filtering solution based on users and their professional requirements. Cyberoam’s 82+ category strong Web Content filtering technology kept the organization’s internet resources productively focused. The ability to curb unnecessary traffic in the form of gambling, streaming media, games and other distractions provides a much more productive network environment. Deployed in a single location, the single Cyberoam appliance is able to meet all the diverse Security, Connectivity and Productivity needs of the organization.

Cyberoam’s On Appliance comprehensive reporting feature of Cyberoam gives Mr. Murugan clear visibility into all network events and provides access to the information related to, Who is using What and When in the network. The Internet search reports help him understand the users’ behaviour and usage trends which are saving NDMC a lot of time, energy and efforts. This helps him take timely measures to block any upcoming problem.

In short,”Cyberoam is a single box solution for all our security needs as it has the ability to protect data and deliver continuous service to customers. With security, Cyberoam also ensures productivity and connectivity.” Mr. Murugan concluded.