NAFT Services Company Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Asia
Cyberoam UTM Secures the Network of NAFT Services Company
About NAFT Services Company, Clientele Servicing

NAFT is a gas station operating company in Saudi Arabia founded in 1987. NAFT distributes petroleum products and services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. NAFT is part of an international group of companies owned by Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi and managed by MIDROC Holdings. They are recognized for the exceptional quality and reliability of its products and services. Naft Services Company is one of the leading service station chains in Saudi Arabia. Their mission is to offer wider variety of services being present in all major cites of Saudi Arabia.

The network covered sensitive information which was under constant threat from spyware and DoS attacks. So they needed a strong Firewall and IPS solution.

Mr. Mohammed Imthiyaz Haniffa
Business System Administrator
NAFT Services Company

The company was facing the following security and connectivity challenges related to its business activities.

Protecting the Network Periphery & Tough IPS

The NAFT’s network basically comprised of web and mail servers and project with no focused doorway security outline. The company contains the contract document and other client sensitive information and data that can be possibly targeted by attacks from external entities and outside access attempts. The organization, therefore, needed a gateway firewall to regulate user authentication and access control.

Also, the sensitive servers were under constant threat from spyware, DoS attacks, fragmented and malformed packets, blended threats and more. Therefore, they needed a strong IPS solution which would be proficient in retorting these threats.

Virus and Spam Control

NAFT Services suffered heavily on spam email. Many client systems were infected and this resulted into data loss. Therefore protecting their email servers was an important decision. The pervasiveness of malicious threats has created the need to protect all layers of the network - wherever information flows. Viruses are no longer the only menace. Organizations must contend with network worms, spyware and other insidious pests.

Monitoring Website Access

The company wanted to monitor and restrict its users from accessing unproductive sites such as Facebook and MySpace. “When users inadvertently or deliberately access sites containing inappropriate, illegal, or dangerous content, NAFT lose productivity, and in some cases experience degraded network performance”, said Mr. Mohamed Imthiyaz Haniffa, the Business System Administrator at NAFT Services. Thus, the organization needed an effective filtering solution which can help solve these problems by blocking access to inappropriate Web sites or those that can detract from employee productivity.

Business Continuity Concerns

One of Mr. Haniffa major requirements was continuous connectivity between their offices in Khobar, Madinah, Riyadh and Head Office. “Any downtime in our Internet connection would create quite a hassle among staff and management alike” said Mr. Haniffa. To avoid dependency upon a single link, they have 3 ISP links. So, balancing the internet traffic between the 3 links, and automatic failover in case one link went down was a critical need.

The Cyberoam Solution

NAFT Services looked into a number of security products including Symantec in order to address their business challenges. The search was on for an appliance which would take care of their all above requirements. The company then deployed One (1) CR300i at the head office in Jeddah, One (1) CR100i at their branch office in Riyadh and Two (2) CR50i at their branch offices in Khobar and Madinah. All the appliances were deployed in Gateway mode.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Identity based Security

    Cyberoam UTM delivered unforeseen value additions such as the award-winning identity-based security feature which provides full visibility of user activities in the network. To elaborate, after integrating Cyberoam into the NAFT’s network infrastructure, Mr. Haniffa used its Active Directory Services (ADS) to include all NAFT Internet users in the database so their online activities could be further monitored.

  • Firewall and Intrusion Prevention

    Cyberoam firewall is ICSA and Checkmark certified - provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam UTM can counter any Denial of Service attack. Mr. Haniffa now felt the network is secure.

  • Superior Protection Against Malware and Spam

    Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware solution secures the NAFT’s network by providing real-time protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, key loggers, spyware and more on all web (HTTP, FTP) and mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP) traffic.

    Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Spam, with a spam catch rate of 98%, checks all inbound and outbound mails for email spam, radically dipping bandwidth and resource utilization.

  • Safe Browsing

    NAFT Services needed the ability to instantly block web sites, enforce acceptable usage policies on their users and have access to audit trails for entire user activity. Cyberoam addresses all these issues and more, by providing a flexible content filtering solution that puts the network administrator firmly in control.

    Cyberoam has a content filtering database of more than 44 million Websites, categorized cleanly in 82+ categories, providing extensive control over Internet usage. All unauthorized downloads, P2P applications, pirated audio and video streaming and other harmful content is now safely blocked.

    Any phishing or pharming Website is disallowed to ensure that no personal information accidentally falls into the hands of criminals. The content filtering categories allow the organization to create policies to block access to sites associated with spyware, phishing, key-logging, malicious mobile code and malware. All content access over HTTP, HTTPS and FTP over HTTP is controlled, scanned and made malware free.

  • Utmost Network Uptime

    Business need of organization connectivity over Internet forced NAFT Services to have 3 ISP links. Cyberoam’s Multi-Link Load Balancing and Mechanized Failover cleverly deal with all the 3 links. The load of the entire Internet traffic is efficiently balanced among the 3 links. In case of breakdown of one link, the intact traffic is redirected to a backup link ensuring nonstop Internet connectivity and highest network uptime.

  • To Close

    “Cyberoam UTM Appliance offers the full UTM features that we need. It comes with very user-friendly GUI interface and setup is simple and straight forward. The main dashboard provides intuitive system overview and real time statistics on various internet activities. We chose Cyberoam because it is very User friendly, very cost-effective, feature-rich and provides good technical support. ” said Mr. Haniffa.