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Cyberoam Provides Secure Unclipped Creative Flight to Mudra
About Mudra Group, Marketing Communications

The Mudra Group India’s leading integrated marketing communications group, offers a customized and collaborative approach, which helps clients build enduring and profitable brands. We utilize our deep understanding of consumers, brands and media to deliver Inventive Brand Solutions through our four agency networks - Mudra India (Branding & Communication), DDB Mudra (Influence & Behavioral change), Mudra Max (Integrated Engagement & Experience) and Ignite Mudra (Partnerships for Entrepreneurs).

The Group has one of the country's widest networks with eight full service offices and 26 Strategic Business Units (SBU's).

The SBU's are divided among our 4 agency networks and they comprise of

Mudra India: Mudra West, Mudra North & East, Mudra South offer Business Solutions through Advertising, Water - Strategy & Design Consultancy services, Maatra - Localisation & Pre-media services and Tantr - Content Creation.

DDB Mudra: DDB India - Business Solutions through Advertising, Tribal DDB India - Interactive & New Media, Rapp India - Data Driven Marketing Services and DDB Health & Lifestyle - Health & Lifestyle communication.

Mudra Max: Connext - Business Solutions through Media, Primesite - Out-of-home Solutions, Prime Wayfinding - Navigation Solutions, Prime Retail - Retail Design & Visual Merchandising, Prime Consult - Outdoor Environment Consulting, Kidstuff - Promotional Marketing, StreetSmart - Ambient Out-of-home Solutions, Radar, Multiplier - Trade Marketing, Terra - Rural Marketing, Videotec - Brands + Entertainment, 10 Integrated - Sports Marketing, Celsius - Integrated Events Management and ClearChannel Mudra - Global Out-of-home Solutions

Ignite Mudra: Ignite Mudra is India’s 1st agency partnering Indian Enterpreneurs.

Founded in 1980, today our footprint covers over 1,75,000 villages and 4000 towns across 21 states in the country. The Group currently has 1100 employees in 26 offices.

Optimal and productive bandwidth usage was our most pertinent requirement. We needed a solution that would prove to be a catalyst in this process.

Mr. Sebastian Joseph
Executive Vice President
& Head Technology
Mudra Group

Mr. Sebastian Joseph, Executive Vice President & Head, Information Technology, Mudra needed a solution that could address the challenges they faced across multiple locations viz.

  • Internet policy implementation – optimal usage of bandwidth
  • Internet redundancy and load balancing
  • Secured access - firewall and VPN
  • integrated user management with existing HR database
  • Integrated reporting with existing HR application
Internet Policy Implementation

Mudra has an I.T. Policy in place that clearly spells out the internet policies. In the absence of a proper control mechanism it was difficult for him to implement the policies.

One of the main challenges faced was “unproductive” use of internet bandwidth especially during prime time. Some users required access to certain sites to help them in their work – music, video, social networking, etc. Opening up access to these sites for all users resulted in bandwidth getting “choked”. Hence selective blocking of sites was required. Similarly all web based emails had to be blocked since all official communications are to be done only through the official email system.

Illegal and spyware infected downloads, drive-by malware-laced websites and blended threats entering through Internet gateways needed to be curbed. Spyware often slowed the machines and left the choked network gasping for bandwidth. Instant messengers (IM), P2P, ultra proxy, etc. compounded the problems.

Internet Redundancy and Load Balancing

all major locations have redundant internet bandwidth from multiple internet service providers. This ensures high availability for emails and internet bandwidth. To ensure optimal use of multiple bandwidth links, it had to be terminated on a single device that would take care of load balancing as well as fail-over.

Secured Access

Mudra needed secure VPN connection for its various branches for internal communication and application access over Internet. The user, logging into any branch office should be ensconced in a single security policy microcosm, irrespective of the place of his logging. Some of the employees, specifically I.T. Resources, login to the main servers for troubleshooting from outside offices. This necessitated secured VPN access.

Integrated User Management with HR Application

Mudra operates from multiple de-centralized locations. The core I.T. function operates from a central location. All entry and exit triggering point for an employee is their HR application. In fact, their HR application acts as a sort of single-sign on server. Whenever an employee joins and the details get entered in the HR application the user details need to get automatically created in the respective UTM device at the respective location. In the same way whenever an employee leaves the organization his/her details need to be automatically removed from the respective UTM device. This ensures a process driven user management.

The user details were synchronized with all UTM devices across all locations at pre-defined intervals. This ensured accessibility to roaming users irrespective of the location.

Integrated Reporting with HR Application

Mudra follows a transparent HR policy. All relevant employee details are accessible to each employee through their HR portal. They required a transparent reporting system. The internet policy reporting had to be integrated with their HR portal. An employee can view his/her internet policy reports, through the HR portal, and thus bring in the required transparency.

The Cyberoam Solution

To address the challenges faced by Mudra, Sebastian and his team decided to deploy Cyberoam UTM – CR100i appliances at multiple locations. All the Cyberoam appliances are deployed in a Gateway mode.

Cyberoam Firewall provides a security access control over all the network resources. Cyberoam’s purpose-built hardware and security hardened OS provides Mudra with breakthrough performance, connectivity and security.

Apart from stateful packet inspection and address filtering, Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark certified, Enterprise Class firewall provides protocol filtering and anomaly detection capabilities and weeds out harmful network traffic, ensuring total business connectivity and security to all users. The Denial of Service protection of Cyberoam Firewall secures Mudra network from internal and external hacking attempts.

Mudra implemented IPSec VPN amongst its branches and mobile users using Cyberoam. This now ensures that the user can connect securely from any location and use the organization’s resources. Threat-free Tunneling technology driven VPN ensures that all the traffic is securely encrypted and no malware sneaks through it.

Cyberoam achieves optimal bandwidth ROI using a dual pronged approach. First, Cyberoam’s Web content filtering solution curbed all non-productive surfing. The content filtering solution is based on a database of 82 categories and more than 44 million URLs. This gives the administrator team the flexibility to create professional profile-based Internet access policies. All Instant Messenger sites are controlled, so are all the HTTP and FTP based file transfers.

All P2P application sites are blocked, controlling spyware entry from this widely used application. The Internet pipe, which was initially clogged by unrestricted surfing, is now enough to meet the entire Internet needs of the organization. This did not compromise on the functional and creative aspects of the organization. All relevant audio and video streaming is now much smoother and hassle free. All the site based restrictions can be implemented for individuals, groups and as per time bands.

The second benefit of Cyberoam is its bandwidth management solution. The extremely granular solution vests the administrator with the policy based power to grant and prioritize bandwidth to a user or service as per convenient time band.
Pre and Post Sales Technical Assistance is one of the most encouraging factors of Cyberoam. They empower the client to achieve technical self sufficiency.

Multilink Management feature of Cyberoam enables the administrator to load balance traffic and provide Internet redundancy in case of a link failure.

The On-Appliance sophisticated monitoring and reporting mechanism in Cyberoam helps Sebastian and his team to perform timely and accurate in-depth risk assessment, which has time and again, proved to be quite productive for Mudra. Reports available enable him to modify access policies based on the business requirements. The user’s network access rights and usage details are integrated with the organization’s HR application to promote top level visibility.

“One of the most encouraging factors in Cyberoam is its pre and post sales technical assistance,” Sebastian opined. Without promoting handholding, Cyberoam’s technical assistance team encourages transparent knowledge transfer to the end client. This assistance is aimed to make the end client technically self sufficient.

“Cyberoam provides security without clipping the creativity of our employees. The solution has blended seamlessly in Mudra and its culture and work practices. It is indeed a dependable solution,” said Sebastian.