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Max Healthcare Depends on Cyberoam Security for Un-interrupted Medical Care
About Max Healthcare, Health Care

Founded in 1985, Max India Limited is a Public Limited Company listed in the NSE and BSE with a national accreditation delivering quality health care. It is the country’s leading comprehensive provider of seamless, integrated and world–class healthcare services, ommitted to the highest standards of medical and service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge and medical education.

Max Healthcare operates eight centers in Delhi & NCR, offering services in over 30 medical disciplines with super specialized services in Cardiac care, Neurosciences, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics & Gynecology. Max Healthcare has collaboration with Singapore General Hospital in the areas of medical practices, nursing, paramedical, research and training

Max Healthcare has a base of over 1000 leading doctors, 3000 employees, and 460,000 patients.

To fight blended threats, we need multiple solutions. We were looking for a Single Box, simple solution. In Cyberoam we met a perfect match. It is a Quick Configure and Fire appliance.

Mr. Nrapendra Singh Head
Network & Infrastructure
Max HealthCare

Max Healthcare has a firewall at the gateway. In the face of blended threats the IT department was looking for a comprehensive security solution that could blend
seamlessly into their existing network. Their primary need was:

1. Gateway Anti-virus
2. Gateway Anti-spam
3. Web Filtering

While there are a few dedicated security solutions available in the market, the organization was reluctant to deploy multiple solutions due to two main reasons:

a. Multiple solutions translate into steep capital and operating expenditure.
b. In spite of the high CAPEX and OPEX involved, the integration of individual solutions into the network, and the monitoring and maintenance of the same is likely to prove a major drain on the organization’s resources.

As an alternative to the multiple solutions the IT department decided to look into the Unified Threat Management appliance segment.

During a careful analysis of the existing UTM solutions, they found that while the UTM solutions did solve the above mentioned issues, they were plagued by two major drawbacks:

1. Inflexibility: Loss of granular controls over the end user and the security solutions bundled in a UTM.
2. Performance Loss: Most UTM solutions were a loose collection of multiple security solutions. They lacked a unified approach. Fragmented management of
member security solutions leads to loss of performance as each solution has to be fine tuned individually to counter blended threats.

“We were looking for a future proof UTM solution that has policy-based flexible control over the network resources while providing comprehensive security that can match the best-of-breed security solutions. We needed a solution that would be providing identitybased
security to control the end-user. We wanted hassle-free, business friendly security.” said Mr. Nrapendra Singh, Head, Network & Infrastructure, Max HealthCare.

The Cyberoam Solution

After careful consideration, Max Healthcare decided to deploy Cyberoam UTM appliances in their network. In their initial deployment in Oct 2006, they purchased
three (3) Cyberoam appliances. One CR50i Cyberoam appliance is installed in gateway mode for its Telemedicine section which has a dedicated network in Delhi.
The Telemedicine section uses MHIL TeleMed™ to capture primary and specialty medical data through data and images from state-of-the-art hospitals and send it to the remotest areas. This section cannot afford down-time and Cyberoam ensures uninterrupted medical care continuity by maintaining a malware and spam-free

Out of the two CR500i appliances, one was placed in transparent mode and another was used as a proxy in the Corporate Office. Recently in Aug 2008, Mr. Singh decided to upgrade the Cyberoam deployment in the corporate office. In the new deployment two (2) CR500i have been placed in High Availability (HA) – Active Passive mode in the corporate office. These appliances act as the gateway, with two (2) ISP links terminating on them. The users log into Cyberoam using the HTTP client.

“We chose Cyberoam as its security was at par with the best-of-the-breed solutions and yet it managed to provide good flexibility which took end-user’s identity in its
ambit. This provided clear visibility in the Internet usage trends,” Mr. Singh said.

Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark certified identity-aware firewall provides flexible control over network resource management. Cyberoam firewall is laced with Fusion technology. This technology gives Mr. Singh a unified configuration control over Cyberoam’s anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, intrusion prevention and bandwidth management modules. In other words, this is a unified control over the security, productivity and connectivity requirements of Max Healthcare.

Cyberoam scans the Internet and mail traffic for virus and spam. Cyberoam’s antivirus and anti-spam have one of industry’s best detection rates ensuring that the
corporate network is virus and spam free. Cyberoam’s anti-spam solution uses Recurrent Pattern Detection ™ (RPD) technology to detect spam. The patterns are
derived from the mail’s distribution and structure.

Cyberoam’s 82 filtering categories provide granular web filtering policy-based control over the surfing of the corporate staff. The employees are segregated into groups as per their professional profile. The Internet access is thus regulated as per their profile requirements. Cyberoam ensures that the surfing environment is professionally and productively focused, all the time.

As the organization has two ISP links, they have used Cyberoam's multi-link management feature to load balance the traffic between the two links and also provide a failover option. This feature guarantees Max Healthcare with total business connectivity.

Talking about post-sales technical support, Mr. Singh said, “We are happy and satisfied with Cyberoam’s prompt and problem-centric post-sales technical support. We are happy we chose Cyberoam UTM.”