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Cyberoam helps KRIS Flexipacks in Optimal Bandwidth Utilization
About KRIS Flexipacks Pvt. Ltd., Manufacturing

KRIS Flexipacks Pvt. Ltd. (KFPL) has been an integral part of Flexible Packaging industry’s exponential growth for over 27 years. KFPL is an Asian leader in providing customized solutions in the Flexible Packaging domain, by successfully fulfilling customer needs with its high quality packaging products that optimize efficiency and increase profitability.

KFPL has a pan India presence with state-of-the-art ISO & GMP certified Plants and a network of Sales Offices. They service a large, ever-growing client base comprising the who’s who of Indian and global giants from their Plants located in the West at Daman, in the North at Nalagarh and in the South at Bangalore. KFPL caters to market segments across Foods, Beverages, Personal Care, Home Care, Health & Hygiene, Pharmaceutical, Agro-sector and others

Cyberoam is definitely worth the investment. Its post sales support and ease of troubleshooting/configuration is just best in the industry.

Mr. Mahesh Mhaske
Manager - IT
KRIS Flexipacks Pvt. Ltd.

KRIS Flexipacks relies on Internet for a wide range of business activities including marketing, research and Email communication with clients and among employees. “We were looking for a solution that could provide us with efficient bandwidth management along with granular control over online activities of network users”, said Mr. Mahesh Mhaske, Manager - IT at KFPL.

According to Mr. Mhaske, the issues that they faced were:

Bandwidth Clogging

Uncontrolled and unmonitored surfing and downloading was a major issue. It choked the network bandwidth. The bandwidth intended for critical business activities was stuck up by unproductive web and application usage. In addition, unrestricted upload/download of streaming media added to the problem. This led to a highly undesirable situation where even the genuine websites became almost inaccessible and the speed of the network became slow. Hence, deficiency of network bandwidth and wastage of time had a bad impact on overall productivity of the organization.

Lack of User Monitoring

As per the corporate policy of KRIS Flexipacks, all their employees’ Internet activity and behavior should be strictly monitored and in case of any violation, the user and the administrator ought to be alerted proactively. They believe that Internet is a very useful tool but it just like every other thing; it too has pros and cons. The major con here is misuse of Internet in unproductive and undesirable web and application surfing by employees. Mr. Mhaske quoted, “We needed a solution that could give us complete control and visibility of network activities by all the employees.”

The Cyberoam Solution

KRIS Flexipacks looked into a number of network security solutions including FortiGate and Dell SonicWALL. The search was for a solution that could satisfy all their business requirements. After searching the market for the perfect solution, they laid their eyes upon Cyberoam and purchased One (1) CR 200i, Three (3) units each of CR 25ia and CR 15i and One (1) NetGenie SOHO appliance. They deployed all the Cyberoam appliances in Gateway Mode. After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Perimeter Level Protection

    Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark-certified firewall offers stateful and deep-packet inspection to provide granular access control over Internet and network resources. KRIS Flexipacks operates the Firewall between the Internet and the organization’s network to establish a secure environment for the organization’s computers and network resources. In addition, Cyberoam’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) feature delivers a strong line of defense at the network perimeter, through 4500+ updated signatures against hackers, remote exploits, backdoor activity and other zero hour attacks.

  • Network Bandwidth Managed

    Mr. Mhaske said, “Cyberoam’s beauty is that it runs on an Identity-based security platform, which helps us to have full visibility of user activities in the network.” He has configured Web and Application-filtering policies based on individual users and their roles in the organization, which have resulted in optimal utilization of internet bandwidth and human resources. In addition, Cyberoam’s QoS feature allows Mr. Mhaske to restrict bandwidth usage by implementing bandwidth policies based on User, Firewall Policy, Web Category and Application. He has implemented QoS/Traffic shaping of Video Conferencing and Mail traffic i.e. both are given priority over other network traffic.

  • User Activities Monitored

    “Cyberoam’s Reporting is something that we are very fond of. It provides a great deal of complex information in the simplest way possible”, said Mr. Mhaske. The Reporting Module includes a plethora of useful features like 4-eye Authentication, Traffic Discovery, Internet Bandwidth Usage Monitoring, Top Accessed Categories and Google Search Reports, which enhances the visibility of a User’s online behavior.

  • Spam and Virus Free Network

    Cyberoam’s Anti Spam technology, powered by Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD), works out of the box and with the least human intervention. It provides Spam detection rate of over 99% and a false positive rate of 1 in 1.5 million. In addition, it blocks Spam in any language regardless of the content. The Anti Spam feature is also equipped with Virus Outbreak Detection, protecting the organization’s network against any zero day attack.

    Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Module inspects the entire web and mail traffic, including SMTP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. Its comprehensive Virus detection rate of 99.5% ensures that no Malware or Spyware creeps through the network edge and the network is fully safe against all types of Malware including Rootkits, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Backdoors, Keyloggers and more.

  • Effective Multi Link Management

    Cyberoam provides best-in-class Multi Link Management feature. Cyberoam supports multiple rules and protocol based ISP Gateway Fail-over, ensuring uninterrupted business activities for KRIS Flexipacks. In addition, Cyberoam’s Multiple ISP Load Balancing feature helps Mr. Mhaske in optimal usage of the Multiple ISP Links to accelerate performance and cut operating costs.

    Cyberoam’s intelligent way of traffic distribution ensures that no link is overburdened, which in turn has led to increased bandwidth scalability. In addition, Cyberoam’s best-in-class Automatic ISP failover feature has improved user performance because of zero downtime. “We have Two (2) ISPs in our organization. Each ISP link is assigned a weight of One (1). The Automatic Gateway Failover and Load Balancing feature is quite useful for us”, quoted Mr. Mhaske.

  • To Conclude

    “Cyberoam is definitely worth the investment. Its post sales support and ease of troubleshooting/configuration is just best in the industry”, said Mr. Mhaske.