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Kenya Tourist Board relies on Cyberoam Unified Security Solution for its Security
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The Kenya Tourist Board is a State Corporation whose mandate is to market Kenya as a tourist destination both locally and internationally. The tourism industry is by far the largest single foreign exchange earner in Kenya. Tourism forms a vital foundation for the country's economy and highlights two of Kenya's most unique features: wildlife and beaches. A solid infrastructure coupled with a devotion to wildlife conservation has propelled Kenya to the forefront of the regional tourism industry.

Our sensitive information was under constant threat from spyware, and DoS attacks.

Mr. Paul Kathambana
ICT Manager
Kenya Tourist Board

Tourists and travel agents alike turn to the Web as their first source of information on a potential destination for themselves or their clients, and they use email for fast, efficient and inexpensive communication to have their questions answered.

According to Mr. Paul Kathambana, ICT Manager at Kenya Tourist Board, the organisation was facing the following security and connectivity challenges related to its activities.

Basic Perimeter Protection & IPS

Security of corporate data is crucial for Kenya Tourist Board internally as well as to its external customers. This sensitive information was under constant threat from spyware, and DoS attacks. It was also significant to put a stop to any incident of communication loss or data tampering due to eavesdropping attacks from outsiders. So they needed a strong Firewall and IPS solution to fight against these attacks.

Virus Control & Spam Attacks

"It's very important for my business to be able to communicate with our industry partners as well as potential visitors from other countries. The organization was looking for a gateway anti-virus solution & anti-spam solution to prevent both web and email-borne malware from entering the network. For this, they wanted their anti-virus solution to scan viruses for HTTP and FTP over HTTP/HTTPS traffic on the web. The spam problem was even more serious as a large number of unwanted mails with objectionable subject lines consumed a lot of bandwidth and would disrupt the network.

Controlling Surfing Practices

As one of their most critical issues, Kenya Tourist Board wanted to raise workplace productivity by putting a complete end to indiscriminate Internet surfing by its internal users. It also wanted the solution to ensure precious bandwidth is not wasted on downloads of audio, video and streaming files and nuisance applications and instead, diverted to more productive use. Moreover, Mr. Kathambana knew unbridled surfing represented an added layer of threat through malicious sites such as phishing and pharming which had to be resolved.

VPN Connectivity

Kenya Tourist Board has evolved into an organisation with independent networks at remote sites supporting many users. The primary challenges for the organisation were to provide access to sensitive data across a more secure and stable VPN. Internet is relied on profoundly to allow remote sites VPN access back to the main office.

The Cyberoam Solution

Kenya Tourism looked into a number of security products in order to address their challenges. The search was on for a new appliance which would have a large number of IPS and Anti-Virus definitions, and good anti-spam solution. The organisation then deployed one (1) CR 50i at the head office and two (2) CR 15i at the branch office in bridge mode.

All the appliances are subscribed for Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Content Filtering and VPN subscriptions too.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Firewall & Strong IPS

    Cyberoam firewall is ICSA and Checkmark certified - provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. It filters out potentially harmful incoming or outgoing traffic. Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam UTM can counter any Denial of Service attack.

  • Solving the Spam and Malware Concern

    Cyberoamís Check Mark Certified anti-virus solution scans the Web surfing (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP) and mail traffic (SMTP, IMAP, POP3) to ensure that no malware sneaked in. All FTP transactions are also scanned for total security.

    Check Mark certified anti-spam solution ensures that not a single SPAM mail made it to the internal inboxes. The spam is neutralized at the gateway. Continuous spam protection was installed and had instantaneous effect.

    Also, the intelligent anti-spam solution required almost no human intervention to put it on war footing. Signature-less Virus Outbreak Detection technology protects the organization against any mail-based Zero-Day attack, hours before traditional signature-dependent solutions.

  • Web URL Filter

    The organization needed to know who was accessing what sites and as such needed an identity based filter and reporting system that would include the userís online behavioral audit. It would also be required to block harmful spyware/malware infested sites. One of the most important vectors of worry was the employee productivity. The productivity might be affected while spending precious time in unproductive surfing and messaging. They needed strong web filtering solutions which could control all Internet access and give informative reports on Internet usage.

  • Virtual Private Network Connectivity

    Cyberoam's SSL VPN solution bridged the geographical distances between the organization's branch and head offices. This now ensures that the user can connect securely from any location and use the organizationís resources. Highly encrypted traffic enforced security over the Internet and ensures that no malware sneaks through.

  • To wrap it up

    "Tourism is a service industry. We need to provide prompt service and we rely on the internet to communicate securely with our industry partners and potential visitors from all over the world and Cyberoam helps us in achieving our mission." said Mr. Kathambana.