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Cyberoam Sanctifies and Optimizes Bandwidth for Istanbul Ticaret University
About Istanbul Ticaret University Istanbul, Education

ITICU is founded by Turkey‘s most prominent foundation that focuses on developing business and social life in Turkey - the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Apart from providing financial support to students, the university's education philosophy cooperates with the business world to promote entrepreneurship in students of ITICU. Programs offer theoretical knowledge supported with practice and compulsory internships. The staff at ITICU bears both an academic background and professional experience to match global standards.

Istanbul Commerce University is actively cooperating with several academic institutes in Turkey, in Europe and United States in order to enhance progress in the universal knowledge and science.

The university depends heavily on Internet for its administrative, communication and research needs. One of the most basic needs of internet is to provide the students with a global edge.

“ITICU needed to first prevent bandwidth abuse, and then intelligently manage it for education, research, global connectivity and administrative purposes.”

Mr. Izzet Sucu
IT Manager

Mr. Izzet Sucu, the IT Manager at ITICU was incidentally looking for a WAN Link Optimization solution. Stating why he was looking for it, he said: “Internet is an important resource. We found that even after adding bandwidth to the existing pool, the problem of slow surfing did not resolve. Legitimate downloads and surfing suffered. We were mulling the idea of implementing a bandwidth optimization solution.”

Mr. Sucu was actively considering deploying a bandwidth optimization solution. Meanwhile he was looking at all the issues facing slow internet connectivity. He realized that the university‘s network was often targeted by malware over the internet. Unrestricted surfing and downloads invited a deluge of malware and spyware. He soon understood that there was a clear difference between preventing bandwidth abuse and its management. The primary requirement was of a solution that prevents bandwidth abuse and the secondary requirement was to ensure that the bandwidth was optimally utilized.

The Cyberoam Solution

After scouring the market for all possible solutions Mr. Sucu zeroed in on Cyberoam. He chose to deploy a CR500i model of Cyberoam UTM in gateway mode. Explaining the logic of choosing Cyberoam, he said: “First we need a solution that would stop bandwidth abuse. Cyberoam has firewall, content filtering, antivirus and intrusion prevention solution. All these features would ensure total control and security over all Internet traffic and hence stop bandwidth abuse. Reporting and bandwidth management features would ensure that bandwidth is properly managed and accounted for.”

Preventing Bandwidth Abuse

Cyberoam is equipped with an array of multiple security solutions which are finely blended. Stateful Inspection Firewall ensures total access control. Combining the firewall with Intrusion Prevention Solution, it prevented any internal or external machine to launch a Denial-of-Service attack against the university‘s IT infrastructure. The anti virus and anti spam features ensured that all viruses, worms, and other forms of malware and spam were blocked at the gateway level.

As almost 60 to 70 percent of the mail that is spam is blocked, considerable amount of bandwidth is saved. Other star performer is the URL based Content Filtering. Cyberoam UTM is powered by a database of more than 44 million sites, neatly categorized into 86 categories. These categories provide the administrator with unlimited amount of flexibility to allow the users to access Internet. This feature immediately reigned in the surfing behavior of the users. All inappropriate, malware laced sites and illegal download are now blocked and bandwidth abuse is totally curtailed.

Optimizing Bandwidth Usage

Using Cyberoam‘s bandwidth management feature, the administrator can prioritize the bandwidth usage as per the university‘s Internet usage policy. The administrator can now control the amount of bandwidth each user uses. If required, individual upload and download limits can be specified.

One feature that has been a constant help to Mr. Sucu and his team was the On Appliance reporting feature of Cyberaom. With multiple comprehensive report formats available in this feature, the team is able to keep a tab on the online behavior of all the users and fine tune the security policies to match the university‘s compliance standards.

As a result now, the surfing speed has improved immensely without increasing the actual bandwidth. The staff and students can now surf satisfactorily. House-keeping calls to the IT department have dwindled down. With Cyberoam at the gateway, the bandwidth is always productively focused. Cyberoam‘s reports have helped the university to meet the government‘s compliance standards without any further investments or efforts.

“Purchasing Cyberoam helped us solve multiple issues, known and unknown. Slow surfing, slow downloads, insufficient bandwidth - all these issues are now history. We are completely satisfied with our decision to invest in Cyberoam UTM,”said Mr. Sucu.