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Cyberoam: A Virus-free and Spam-free Mailing Environment
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International Typesetting and Composition provides customized solutions to book publishers, including editorial, composition, art and media services. They provide services ranging from project management, copyediting, graphic designing and composition to web products like e-books, searchable PDF and online course material. ITC enjoys an excellent reputation for quality and on-time delivery. They have offices in New York, Florida and India. Their large and growing customer base includes McGraw-Hill, Thomson Learning, Taylor and Francis, Dearborn, Addison Wesley, UC Press and The World Bank among others.

“We wanted a virus and spam-free, safe e-mailing environment, complete security for the network and control over surfing and bandwidth management. A hassle- free and clean e-mailing system is our priority.”

Harshavardhan Reddy
Group Leader IT
International Typesetting
and Composition

"We have strict deadlines, so we cannot afford down-time under any circumstances. We wanted a virus and spam-free, safe e-mailing environment, complete security for the network and control over surfing and bandwidth management,” says Harshavardhan Reddy, Group Leader-IT. “A hassle-free and clean e-mailing system is our priority. We cannot, under any circumstances, risk being a source of malware,” he stated categorically.

Though Internet access is limited to a chosen few, ITC wished to provide corporate mail facility to all its users. A defenseless mail server would be a sure security disaster. So they wanted a strong and comprehensive anti-virus and anti-spam solution to take care of the security scenario.

The Cyberoam Solution

ITC had no prior experience of any integrated networking security solutions. After careful consideration, Reddy chose Cyberoam. It was a neat and compact package of the solutions that they needed.

ITC has multiple Internet ISP feeds, terminating at Cyberoam which takes care of Multi-Link management. The Multi-Link Manager constantly monitors the performance of the links. In case of a link failure, the load is automatically transferred to the working link, seamlessly, which lead to 100% Internet uptime, and round the clock availability of requisite bandwidth.

Cyberoam sits independently in the ITC network. ITC has Intel and Apple Macintosh machines in their network. Cyberoam's platform-independent login clients provide seamless access to Internet.

Content filtering is implemented using user-based policies. According to the user's productive need and corporate hierarchy, the user is provided selective access. Except a few senior executives, all the web mails and instant messaging sites are blocked for all the basic users.

“The ability to curb unnecessary traffic in the form of malware, spam, or content like, online radio, graphic files, ticker ads, streaming media, games and other distractions provides a much more productive network environment,” says Reddy.

ITC has a mail server deployed inside the intranet which is guarded by Cyberoam's anti-virus and anti-spam. Cyberoam's anti-virus solution scrutinizes all the mails sent and received by monitoring the respective protocols - SMTP and POP3/IMAP, in real time. This provides an infallible anti-virus security to the complete corporate network. The updating is completely automated and so the anti-virus module is always fighting fit.

Cyberoam anti-virus module also provides the facility to quarantine the mail that cannot be disinfected and key employees can be given access to their quarantined mails. This is a very useful solution as ITC does not lose even a single mail-based business opportunity.

To prevent malware from infiltrating the corporate security from web surfing, Cyberoam also guards the HTTP protocol, in addition to giving the destination username of virus-laden packets in the internal network. So while surfing the Internet, the authorities are assured that no infection will enter the corporate network even as they identify the user behind such surfing. In a nutshell, Cyberoam secures the whole corporate protocol spectrum, in real time without affecting business flexibility.

All the incoming mails are scrutinized for spam. A spam for one individual may not be spam to another. Cyberoam being an identity-based UTM, is aware of this and is able to differentiate between various users. Cyberoam anti-spam solution forwards the mail after marking it as “spam” or “probable spam”.

“Cyberoam has provided us with a one-stop, foolproof security solution. The anti- virus and anti-spam solutions are especially very effective. It is really good,” Reddy concluded.