Intercom Programming and Manufacturing Company Limited, Ghana, West Africa
Cyberoam UTM - A One Box Solution for IPMC
About Intercom Programming and Manufacturing Company Limited (IPMC), I.T. Industry

Rated among Top 10 of Ghana Club 100 businesses and in its 20th year of successful business of I.T Products distribution, I.T. Solutions and Training, IPMC, is one of the largest I.T companies in West Africa. It is the premier partner of Cyberoam, HP and other global I.T. vendors. With expertise in IT infrastructure technologies, it provides support across an Enterprise ranging from High End Server, Storage Technologies, LAN/WAN setups and end user devices. It also offers a vast array of IT and related services at large MNC firms, telecommunication and banking entities and government agencies and SMB‘s as well.

IPMC, being into I.T. industry relied on Internet to a large extent for communication, research and general surfing.

Unrepressed and unmonitored Internet usage and unsecured network had become a discouraging factor for us, affecting productivity enormously.

Mr. David Saade
Head of Enterprise Support

Mr. David Saade, the Head of Enterprise Support, at IPMC said, “Unrepressed and unmonitored Internet usage and unsecured network had become a discouraging factor for us, affecting productivity enormously”.

IPMC faced issues related to:

No Security at the Network Perimeter

Being devoid of a firewall, IPMC was unable to block all unwanted traffic and secure their network from the DoS, IP Spoofing and other network attacks. As a result they often faced many intrusions and network failure. Mr. Saade said, “Securing network at the perimeter was a matter of concern for IPMC”.

Unrestrained Web Access

The users abused their unrestricted Internet access by spending a major amount of time in surfing social networking sites, downloading videos, music and such other entertainment-related websites. Due to these bandwidth-hungry websites, often legitimate applications became devoid of Internet bandwidth. As a result, productivity and bandwidth both were held back.

Mr. Saade said, “It was very difficult for us to manage and control the web activities of the user”.

Unsecured Connectivity between Branches

IPMC has many branch offices and there are many users on the move that access the ERP, Email and file servers located at the head office. Hence, secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity between the head office and the branch office and the remote user was a matter of concern for Mr. Saade.

Lack of User Visibility

Mr. Saade wanted to keep a track of user activity in the network. They did not have a reporting solution that would give them reports, based on which they could control the surfing behaviour of users.

Mr. Saade said, “We were unknown to the activities going on in the network”.

The Cyberoam Solution

IPMC searched the market to meet their security requirements. Having considered many solutions like Cisco and Checkpoint, Mr. Saade ended his search on Cyberoam. They purchased Ten (10) Cyberoam appliances, all of which are deployed in Gateway Mode. The models and locations of the appliances are given below.

Appliance Model Location Office Identity
CR 50ia Adabraka Head Office
CR 50ia Ring Road Branch Office
CR 100ia Ring Road Branch Office
CR 35ia North Labone Branch Office
CR 35ia Takoradi Branch Office
CR 50ia Dansoman Branch Office
CR 25ia East Legon Branch Office
CR 25ia North Legon Branch Office
CR 100ia Graphic Road Branch Office
CR 50ia Tema Branch Office
CR 25ia Link Branch Office

The business benefits are:

  • User Integration

    Mr. Saade said, “We integrated Cyberoam with our Active Directory as well as used Cyberoam‘s Local Authentication to include the IPMC users with the network”. This feature greatly helps him to create policies for controlling the activities based on identity of the users rather than IP Addresses. Thus it helps him to know what is going on in the network.

  • Complete Network Security at the Perimeter

    Cyberoam‘s Firewall is Checkmark Level 5 and ICSA Certified. It provides stateful and deep packet inspection for network based security thereby protecting the organization from DoS, IP Spoofing and other network attacks. It also provides a Fusion technology that enables to create policies for multiple features through a single interface. This simplified the administration of multiple appliances.

    Mr. Saade said, “We are now assured that no malicious traffic will enter the network by any means”.

  • Restrained Web Access

    Cyberoam‘s Web Filtering solution provides a comprehensive database of 82+ URL categories thereby preventing the users from accessing any unproductive websites. It‘s wonderful safe search engine feature blocks the websites containing harmful contents such as pornography, violence etc. so that the employees don‘t access such websites even unintentionally. Moreover its identity based controls helps in creating schedule based on the user‘s designation, thereby preventing productivity loss.

    Mr. Saade said, “With Cyberoam at my Internet gateway, I am assured that all my employees are productively focused”.

  • Secured Connectivity between Branches

    Cyberoam‘s VPN bridges the geographical distances between the head office and the remote user, and the branch offices. It ensures secure connectivity in such a way that no attacker can tamper with the data. Also, its Threat-free Tunnelling Technology makes sure that no malware can enter the network. Moreover, its SSL VPN solution provides Anywhere, Anytime and Any Device VPN connectivity that enables the remote users to securely access the resources from anywhere.

    Mr. Saade said, “Cyberoam‘s VPN has enabled the remote users and the branch offices to connect with the head office securely and easily”.

  • Complete Visibility- Who is doing What?

    Cyberoam‘s reporting feature enables the company to know “Who is doing What?” across the network and remote locations. Cyberoam‘s on-appliance reporting solution eliminates the need for independent reporting solution thereby reducing cost and need for extra peripherals. By providing 1000+ granular reports, the company can keep a track of each employee and know the work trend. Hence based on the trend, the company can also tweak the business policies to stop the surfing habits of the users. Moreover its live log viewer feature helps Mr. Saade greatly for troubleshooting.

    On the other hand the employees knowing that their activities are being monitored will work accordingly, leading to increased productivity.

    Mr. Saade said, “Cyberoam‘s reporting solution has helped us a lot in knowing the users surfing trend and taking actions accordingly”.

  • To Wind Up

    Mr. Saade said, “Cyberoam is a true UTM as it gives everything from routing, VPN, Anti Spam in a single box! Its installation is even easier. Our ROI has also increased very quickly.”