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Impressed with Cyberoam’s performance, Hyundai Algeria Motors places it ahead of PaloAlto
About Hyundai Algeria Motors, Automotive

Hyundai Algeria Motors was established in 1997. They distribute machinery related to vehicles in Algeria, imported from South Korean firm Hyundai Motor Corporation, which is ranked sixth globally on the podium of automakers. Hyundai Algeria Motors has one of the broadest ranges on the market and now has over 45 distribution agents. The distribution agents include 37 professional staff that ensure the availability of spare parts, and 25 that provide after-sales service and more availability of genuine spare parts in the entire national territory.

I am very pleased with Cyberoam’s performance. The best thing about it is that it works better than many other overpriced and overhyped solutions.

Mr. Yacine Tabet
Infrastructure & Security Manager
Hyundai Algeria Motors

Being a leading player in the Algerian Automotive sector, the Internet is used in Hyundai Algeria Motors on a daily basis. Right from inter-office mail communication to communication with clients, distributors and partners, the Internet plays a key role in the day-to-day business activities of the organization. “We were looking for a solution that could help us block access to unproductive and harmful websites”, pointed out Mr. Yacine Tabet, the Infrastructure & Security Manager at Hyundai Algeria Motors.

According to Mr. Tabet, they faced the following issues:

Unrestrained Access to Unproductive Websites

According to Mr. Tabet, one of the most annoying aspects of having your business activities completely dependent on the Internet is its uncontrolled use by employees as a tool for non-business related activities. The employees spending most of their time in unproductive browsing, chatting and accessing social networking websites is highly undesirable for any business. The unrestrained and unmonitored access to Websites cost organizations a great deal both in terms of productivity and undesired wastage of network bandwidth.

Mr. Tabet worryingly quoted, “The need was for a solution that could help us put a stop on surfing of unproductive and harmful websites”.

The Cyberoam Solution

Hyundai Algeria Motors looked into a number of network security vendors to address their business needs. The search was for a solution that could provide them robust Web Filtering features, with ease of use.

After careful evaluation of all the available options, they decided Cyberoam was the best fit for them. They deployed Six (6) Cyberoam appliances in their network: Two (2) CR 750iNG in Gateway Mode, Two (2) CR 35iNG in Bridge Mode, and Two (2) CR 35iNGas Proxy Servers.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Perimeter Secured – Intrusions Eliminated

    The EAL4+ certified Cyberoam and its ICSA and Checkmark - dual certified Firewall offers stateful and deep-packet inspection by protecting Hyundai Algeria Motors’ internal networks from DoS attacks and IP spoofing attacks.

    Cyberoam’s Intrusion Prevention System has a customized database of over 4,500+ signatures which reach deeper than a Firewall and anti-virus to ensure second level protection for the Hyundai Algeria Motors’ network from blended threats, backdoor attempts and more. In addition, Cyberoam’s IPS also acts as an application firewall, supplementing organizational efforts to curb data leakage through open proxies, instant messengers and P2P.

  • Robust Web Filtering

    After a pleasant integration of Cyberoam with their AD server, Mr. Tabet has created Identity-based filtering policies to regulate the content accessed over the Internet. He has customized the filtering policies taking into account the corporate requirement of Hyundai Algeria Motors.

    Cyberoam’s content filtering database has more than 100 million sites neatly grouped into more than 89 categories. With User identity and time as additional parameters to bind with a Web Filter policy, he has granular control and unparalleled flexibility in implementing the organization’s strict policy of content accessed over the Internet.

    Mr. Tabet said, “Cyberoam’s URL Filtering feature is quite impressive. I am very happy as now we have full control over the websites accessed through the company’s network”.

  • Controlled Spam

    Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified Anti-Spam solution provides Spam detection rate of over 99% and false positive rate of 1 in 1.5 million. This ensures that legitimate mails reach safely to employee’s inboxes while Spam is kept at bay, leading to minimal business loss. This feature also offers IP based filtering solution that blocks the source that delivers the Spam emails.

    In addition, the RPD technology which is content and language independent, offers real-time protection from the very first moment a new mail virus outbreak emerges.

    After deploying Cyberoam Mr. Tabet said, “Thanks to Cyberoam, we now have clean and safe inboxes. In addition, our legitimate mails are no longer buried in a heap of Spam.”

  • On-appliance Reporting that does not slow down the solution

    Cyberoam offers on-appliance reporting with real-time logs and reports, saving the cost of deploying a dedicated reporting solution. The 1,200+ in-depth reports offer real-time visibility into user and network activities, helping organizations to manage security, display compliance and forensic analysis, unmatched by any network security vendor till date. Cyberoam reports include dynamic and animated reports, in-line graphs, and country maps.

    The best thing about the feature is that despite providing thousands of On-appliances reports, it does not affect the performance of the appliance.

    “On-Appliance Reporting is one of Cyberoam‘s most salient features and my personal favorite as well,” said Mr. Tabet.

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Tabet happily said, “I am very pleased with Cyberoam’s performance. The best thing about it is that it works better than many other overpriced and over-hyped solutions”.