Homefield College England, United Kingdom
Cyberoam Replaces Websense and SonicWall as an Integrated, All-in-One Solution
About Homefield College, Education

Homefield College, situated in a village between Leicester and Loughborough, UK, is an Independent Specialist College (and a charity) that is dedicated to providing for individuals with a range of learning difficulties. The College helps these specially-abled individuals in learning how to access the community and its facilities. The majority of students are on the autistic spectrum.

The college provides a variety of courses like:

- Residential education placements
- Day education placements
- Supported Living Long term residential care
- Short courses and part-time courses

We needed an efficient solution that would allow us to keep a firm hand upon all Internet activities and is easily manageable

Mr. Paul Drage
IT Manager
Homefield College

Teaching students how to safely and efficiently use the Internet is part of the college’s curriculum. Furthermore, the college ensures that whatever exposure the students have to the Internet, even outside the classroom, they do not encounter anything inappropriate or harmful. “We needed an efficient solution that would allow us to keep a firm hand upon all Internet activities and is easily manageable”, said Mr. Paul Drage, IT Manager at Homefield College. They faced the following issues.

Management of Multiple Security Solutions

Homefield used separate security solutions for their various Internet needs. They used a Websense software for web filtering and a SonicWall appliance for firewalling. Managing both the solutions simultaneously was becoming a hassle for Mr. Drage. “We were looking for a replacement to our Websense; something that was both economical and catered to our complex web filtering needs. Also, we wanted to replace our SonicWall (as it was legacy) with something more suited to the times”, he said.

Need of Controlled Internet Access

“As an adult residential education college, it is necessary for us to provide the students with access to the Internet as and how they require. But, at the same time, we need to consider their safety and ensure that they are not exposed to such content over the Net that is not suitable for their viewing, such as something related to violence, adult content, etc.”, said Mr. Drage. He wanted a solution that would allow him to keep a perfect balance between providing sufficient Internet access and blocking harmful content.

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Drage was introduced to Cyberoam by SmarterWays, a Cyberoam Reseller. SmarterWays Ltd, based in Burton upon Trent, offers IT and web services to small and medium sized businesses across a range of industries, providing cost effective and efficient solutions that help to optimise your professional goals.

SmarterWays helped Mr. Drage scrutinize the varied features that Cyberoam has to offer which made him realize that Cyberoam is a bonus over and above what he wanted. “What especially sold me on Cyberoam was the fact that I can novate 2 solutions that I originally had with a single, integrated, more efficient one”, said Mr. Drage. They bought One (1) CR 100ia and deployed it in Gateway Mode at their Data Center. After Cyberoam installation, the following benefits are se

  • Fortified Network Boundary

    Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark - dual certified stateful inspection firewall keeps guard like an undaunted sentinel at the college’s network gateway. Any unauthorized access is denied at the Gateway itself so there is no scope of illegitimate pilfering of data or harm to internal resources. Students are given controlled access to network and internet resources, ensuring that no security loopholes are left open.

  • Cyberoam – An All-in-One Solution

    Not only does Cyberoam firewall the network perimeter, it provides a myriad of other features like Web Filtering, Application Filtering, VPN, IPS, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Multi-link Load Balancing, QoS, Web Application Firewall, and many more; all in One Single Box. Mr. Drage could replace both their Websense web filter and SonicWall firewall with a single, easy-to-manage Cyberoam appliance.

  • Disciplined Internet Access

    Cyberoam UTM’s web content filtering feature controls Internet access in the entire Homefield network by blocking inappropriate and unsafe Web content, including phishing and other malware-laden sites. This is done through a constantly updated database of millions of sites divided into 82+ categories including pornography, P2P, entertainment. Moreover, Cyberoam’s identity-based filtering allows setting of individual user Internet access policy, surfing quota, time limits and bandwidth restrictions.

    For instance, at Homefield, they allow students access to social networking only during lessons that teach them how to use it safely. This is the case until they feel sure that students have understood the risks and then they are allowed to use it in their own time. With the help of Cyberoam Internet Access Time controls and Web Filtering, Mr. Drage is able to customize Internet access policies to cater to such individual needs.

  • To Draw A Close

    “The reason why we chose Cyberoam over other solutions is that its cost when considering all the features and functionality available is outstanding. Cyberoam allowed us to implement a Complete Internet Security Solution without breaking the bank”, said Mr. Drage.