Holiday Inn Hotel, Barnsley, England, United Kingdom
Cyberoam Ensures High-Speed and Secure Internet Access to Holiday Inn, Barnsley
About Holiday Inn, Barnsley, Hospitality

The Holiday Inn Hotel Barnsley is a modern hotel off the M1 motorway located between Sheffield and Leeds in England. It is one among the Holiday Inn brand of hotels forming part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).

The first Holiday Inn opened in August 1952 at 4941 Summer Avenue in Memphis, the main highway to Nashville, United States of America. Today, the Holiday Inn chain of hotels is one of the world's largest hotel chains with 238,440 bedrooms and 1,301 hotels globally. While Internet is an amenity offered to the guests, it is equally a business enabler.

We provide high-speed Internet access as one of the basic facilities to our guests. Hence constant Internet connectivity and decent Internet surfing speed is of utmost importance to us

Mr. Jason Hiley
Group General Manager
Holiday Inn Hotel, Barnsley

“We provide high-speed Internet access as one of the basic facilities to our guests. Hence constant Internet connectivity and decent Internet surfing speed is of utmost importance to us,” said Mr. Jason Hiley, Group General Manager at Holiday Inn Hotel, Barnsley. Apart from being used by guests, Internet is also used for business purposes like accounting, maintaining their websites, online reservation system, keeping track of daily check-in and check-out, and keeping a link with the parent group, i.e., Holiday Inn Group of Hotels. So, Internet security was among the hotel‘s highest priorities. Prior to Cyberoam installation, they had the following concerns regarding network security:

Poor Internet Speed

“Frequent complaints from customers about poor Internet speeds got us quite worried and looking for different network solutions”, said Mr. Hiley. Their network had no mechanism in place that would manage Internet bandwidth optimally. Unruly surfing of the Internet by hotel-staff and guests alike took a toll on their bandwidth usage. Furthermore, upload and download of bandwidth-intensive data, such as streaming video and audio, further choked bandwidth resulting in slow speeds or complete network jams.

Uncontrolled Internet Access

Mr. Hiley wanted to restrict Internet access and surfing by employees to avoid them from being distracted by social networking, gaming or other such websites. In his words, “They could be on facebook or other sites when they should be working!” A certain amount of restriction also needed to be put on Internet surfing by guests. Illicit websites, such as those hosting pornographic or violent content, needed to be completely corked to protect their guests and avoid any legal repercussions as a result of irresponsible surfing by a guest.

Limited Secure Remote Access

Certain employees like senior management and other officials needed to be given secure remote access to internal network resources even when they are not on-site. This would encourage flexible working culminating into improved sales and management.

The Cyberoam Solution

“Mr. Hiley looked into a lot of network security solutions including Juniper SSG but ultimately gave the go-ahead to Cyberoam. They deployed One (1) CR 25ia in Gateway Mode. After the deployment, the following business benefits were noticed.

Network Periphery Secured

Cyberoam‘s ICSA and Checkmark certified firewall provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. This helps to determine if a data packet should be permitted or discarded through the firewall to the internal LAN. Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam UTM can counter any Denial of Service attack. With a comprehensive database of 4000+ IPS signatures, Mr. Hiley now feels that their network is well protected from several variants of spyware attacks, spoofing and DoS attacks in addition to keyloggers, Trojans and more.

Optimal Internet Speed

After deployment of Cyberoam, Mr. Hiley overcame their bandwidth-choking issue by implementing Quality of Service (QoS) policies. With the help of Cyberoam‘s QoS policies he was able to manage and distribute total bandwidth by allocating and limiting the maximum bandwidth usage of users. By creating policies based upon users as well as firewall rules, he was able to ensure that critical business activities always get required bandwidth irrespective of volume of Internet traffic. The guests get their own share of allocated bandwidth which ensures decent Internet speeds. “QoS ensures high quality customer internet access which does not impact on corporate activity”, said Mr. Hiley

Internet Access Reined-in

Cyberoam‘s 82+ category strong Web Content filtering technology kept the hotel‘s resources productively focused. Mr. Hiley said, “Being able to choose what sites to allow access to and what sites to block was an essential feature for us when deciding on a Web filtering product.” The Content filtering feature blocks all P2P and Instant Messengers ensuring employee productivity. It does not allow any breach of data thus safeguarding guests as well as employees.

Totally Secured Remote Access

Cyberoam‘s SSL VPN facilitates secured remote access of network resources by the management even when they are not in the premises. Secure connectivity to the local network from any location, anytime facilitates flexible working. Highly encrypted traffic enforces security over the Internet and ensures that no malware sneaks through.

To Conclude

“Cyberoam has played an important role in increasing our customer‘s satisfaction with Internet connectivity, thus, bringing us more business”, said Mr. Hiley.