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Cyberoam UTM: Single Package Security Key for Hayselden Barnsley
About Hayselden Barnsley, Automobile

Hayselden is one of UK's longest established retailers. Hayselden Volkswagen, two names that are synonymous with motoring excellence. The Hayselden family have had a successful relationship with Volkswagen for nearly 50 years, as Volkswagen’s reputation has grown over the years to become one of the world’s most respected companies, their reputation in South Yorkshire and within the motoring fraternity has grown too.

The Hayselden group is built on solid foundations and values that you would expect from a family run business, loyalty, dedication and the very highest levels of customer care.

The network covered sensitive information which was under constant threat from spyware and DoS attacks. So they needed a strong Firewall solution.

Mr. Lindsay Henson
Sales Manager
Hayselden Barnsley

Mr. Lindsay Henson, the Sales Manager at Hayselden Barnsley was looking for a reliable Internet security platform to protect the organization and its users. “We needed a solution which would give us highest ROI while addressing our major security concerns – all in a single box”, Mr. Henson said. The concerns are listed below.

Guarding the Network Gateway

Hayselden’s servers contain the applications, and data that can be possibly targeted by attacks from external entities. Servers in their networks host clients and employees’ information which had to be protected against outside access attempts. The organization, therefore, needed a gateway firewall to regulate user authentication and access control.

Protection against Malware

In the absence of gateway antivirus, users surfing the Web are constantly exposed to the danger of malware infestation. The employees and staff was especially concerned about the possibility of their network being made vulnerable to further attacks through accidental visits to malware-laden website/blog pages or unsafe downloads. These malware enters the gateway in the form of mail traffic, unsafe data transfer, and unsafe surfing as well as browsing. These attacks had the potential to modify productive documents and knock down significant data. As a result the productivity suffered.

Monitoring Website Access

“There are millions of potentially harmful sites harboring illegal or inappropriate content and we needed to ensure that employees connecting to our network would be protected with the most advanced Web filtering technology.” said Mr. Henson. They needed strong web filtering solutions which could control all Internet access and give informative reports on Internet usage.

VPN Connectivity

Hayselden has evolved into an organization with independent networks at many sites supporting a large number of users. The primary challenges for Hayselden were to provide access to sensitive data across a more secure and stable VPN and to improve the management reporting on Internet usage and accessibility.

The Cyberoam Solution

After experiencing a range of products and after going through a trial demo by Arcus Technologies, Hayselden Barnsley decided to try Cyberoam UTM and it blend seamlessly into the network infrastructure and resolved all problems. Hayselden Barnsley purchased One (1) Cyberoam CR50ia and One (1) CR25ia UTM appliance which was deployed in gateway mode at their head office.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Identity-based Security

    Cyberoam UTM delivered unexpected value additions such as the award-winning identity-based security feature which provides full visibility of user activities in the network.

    To elaborate, after integrating Cyberoam into the Hayselden Barnsley network infrastructure, Mr. Henson used its Active Directory Services (ADS) to include all Hayselden Internet users in the database and implemented Single-sign-on functionality so their online activities could be further monitored.

  • Firewall Protection

    ICSA and Checkmark - dual certified Cyberoam’s stateful inspection firewall now cordons off Hayselden’s network against any unauthorized access. Hayselden’s users are given controlled access to network and internet resources, ensuring that no security loopholes are left open.

  • Malware Menance Mitigated

    Cyberoam's gateway anti-virus solution watches over the Web and mail traffic. All traffic, including HTTP, HTTPS and FTP and mail traffic over SMTP, IMAP and POP3, is scanned for malware and sanitised. All compressed files are decompressed and checked for any hidden malware. This level of all-round anti-virus security prevents virus, worms, spyware, Trojan and other malware outbreaks and translates into a clean network for the organisation.

  • Filtering Solution

    Cyberoam’s Web filtering solution, with more than eighty two (82) categories ensures that the employees do not access pornography, violence and other harmful content on the Web. Cyberoam blocks the pop-ups, phishing, pharming and other malware laden sites. All the harmful Trojans, cookies and scripts sites were also safely out of bounds for the employees. Mr. Henson commended Cyberoam as an excellent Web Filtering solution that does not compromise on needs of employees.

  • Business Continuity Restored

    IPSec VPN turned out to be an unforeseen benefit. The organization has now adopted Cyberoam’s IPSec VPN to ensure end-to-end business connectivity. The level of reliability is simply awesome.

  • Improved reporting – “Who is doing What?”

    One more additional feature of Cyberoam, attractive to Hayselden Barnsley was its powerful reporting capability. The reporting feature logs and reports details of any attempted violation, and offers appropriate functionality for the Mr. Henson to keep track of the organizational activities.

    To round it off Mr. Henson stated, “Cyberoam’s excellent Web Content Filtering Solution and reporting capabilities are the reason we chose it. The solution is good value for money and requires minimum administrative effort.”